Wrought iron railings for stairs (45 photos): melody, frozen in metal

The black forged railing contrasts beautifully with the white interior.

Black wrought iron railings contrast perfectly with the interior white color

The possibilities of a metal decorator are very diverse. Lightness and freedom lines, saturation and delicacy, natural motifs and ornamentality – all this can be quite simply and effectively translate in a plastic, flexible and at the same time – thorough and hard metal. Some interior decorations, such as renaissance or empire, it is simply impossible to imagine without art forging.


  • Forged rails: installation sites
  • Wrought iron railings: stylistic features
  • forged railing: installation features

Amazingly elegant patterns can be made from heavy metal.

You can create surprisingly elegant patterns from heavy metal.

Forged rails: installation sites

Forged stairs are durable, easy to clean, they can be install on almost any surface (brick, concrete, tree, etc.). They allow you to add charm and luxury to the interior, look harmoniously both inside and outside the building, emphasizing refined taste and style of the owner.

Forged railings look harmonious and restrained

Forged railings look harmoniously and restrained


Thanks to the variety of shapes, the forged railing is excellent fit into any interior

But there are places where the forged railing will look especially spectacularly:

  • country house – front Y-shaped wide staircase, with massive handrails and voluminous balusters, on which you can rise from the spacious living room to the rooms on the second floor – she creates a solemn and luxurious atmosphere. Forged railing can install also on the outer staircase that leads to the upper floors houses

Metal goes well with wood.

Metal goes well with wood

  • duplex apartment – duplex urban apartments give way by area of ​​a country house, so a screw is suitable here stairs – it takes up a little space. Forged spiral stair rails are usually simple and concise, their pattern – interwoven thin rods, freely light transmitting. It may seem that the stairs are literally floating weightlessly in the air

A beautiful wrought iron staircase can be the highlight of your interior

A beautiful wrought iron staircase can be the highlight of your of interior

  • public building – the manufacture of forged railings, for example, for cafe, can become his signature chip, adding romance and the charm. Railings with elegant rosettes and a light fit here. lace. Suitable for a respectable restaurant or hotel classic style railing with massive balusters and lush an ornament.


Thanks to its stability and durability, the forged railing is excellent suitable for public places

The clear advantage of wrought iron railings is that they perfectly emphasize the style of the interior.

The clear advantage of forged railings – they are excellent emphasize the style of the interior

Advice! For the house where they live small children, forged rails should not have large gaps and holes between decorative elements.

Wrought iron railings: stylistic features

Forged stair railings inside the house can be maintained in any stylist, it is only important to observe the use of elements and forms inherent in this style:

  • classic – luxurious openwork railings, decorated symmetrical refined monograms. Massively involved floristic motifs – laurel leaves, vine, also widely represented forged figured components imitating columns or sculptures
  • Symmetry that will make your climb the stairs much nicer

    Symmetry, which will make your climb up the stairs

    • Rococo – a distinctive feature of this style – elegance pattern and its asymmetry with respect to the vertical axis of the whole composition. In this style you will not find straight lines and symmetry. Even lines that visually appear straight have some bends. Rococo wrought iron railings look chic lace, in which there is no free space, everything is occupied bouquets, flowers, leaves and birds. The main focus is on fantasy articulation of patterns and individual elements


    Thanks to a unique pattern, forged railings turn into piece of art

    Created by the craftsman, forged railings are of particular value.

    Created by the craftsman, the forged railing is a special value

    • Baroque – a style that is very difficult to translate into modern conditions, any departure from the canons, a small error turns the interior is in complete bad taste. In baroque, forged railing is luxury combined with a large number of decorative elements. Geometrically complex patterns are formed from curls, which alternate with flowers and leaves. Characteristics – two curls, that come from a single (common) center, as well as an acanthus leaf developed form, accompanying rods. In this case, individual rods never intersect, they can only touch each other friend. The French school is characterized by a revival of curved lines rods, geometric regular spirals are strengthened, gradually turning into a C-shape, non-standard used tetrahedral and flat rods, bas-reliefs, masks and other motives.

    Thanks to the features of the production of forged railings, you can become the owner of a unique pattern

    Thanks to the features of the production of forged railings, you can become the owner of a unique pattern

  • Art Nouveau – arising on the border of the XIX-XX centuries, marks itself a combination of earthliness and simplicity with classic beauty, decorativeness and severity of architecture, flowing and austere forms. Art Nouveau forged railing drawing of an ornament with exact sustained symmetry of elements. Elements are arranged strictly linearly; composition allows the use of both flat and three-dimensional elements
  • Creating the design of your interior, use the aesthetic properties of the forged railing as much as possible

    When creating your interior design, use aesthetic properties of forged rails as much as possible

    • Empire – integrity, massive forms and monumentality, in The decor is widely represented by armor, shields and laurel wreaths. Also in various types of tapes and military items borrowed from ancient Greek / ancient Roman warriors. In general, the pattern is different fairly simple shapes, straight lines and linearity

    A simple pattern fits perfectly into the interior

    A simple pattern fits perfectly into the interior

    • Art Deco – a style that appeared in the 20s of the last century in Europe. Forged railings in this style are strictly symmetrical zigzag and step forms with the inclusion of various patterns ethnic background. Bold wide prevail in design lines that create the effect of a swift, unstoppable movement. The wrought iron railings created in the art deco style are a combination of restraint and luxury

    Create the illusion of movement using frozen forms

    Create the illusion of movement using frozen shapes

    • Gothic – aspiration upward, visual lightness and height. Such railings can be easily identified by a geometrically clear pattern, in which is based on the circle or its parts. For the “gothic” the railing is characterized by a lancet (arrow-shaped) end of the rod and a strictly limited set of decorative elements – shamrocks, grapes and lilies

    The combination of a few simple elements can rise above all your expectations.

    A combination of a few simple elements can rise above all your expectations

    • hi-tech – simplicity and functionality, stair railings with sharp and non-standard forms, a combination of metal and glass.

    Even without a pattern, forged railings are of high decorative value.

    Even without a pattern, forged railings represent a high decorative value

    Forged railing: installation features

    Installation of metal forged railings is a complex process, having quite important nuances, ignorance (non-compliance) of which threatens with serious problems:

    • railing installation is a rather “dirty” process, in which a lot of suspended particles and metal dust are deposited on interior items. Therefore, the installation of forged railings is better carry out before the start of finishing work, especially if provides for their additional mounting to the wall – shock and vibration loads can damage the finished wall covering

    Railings often change or install during major repairs

    Railings often change or set during large repairs

    В некоторых случаях установка кованых перил на "готовую" лестницу практически невозможна

    В некоторых случаях установка кованых перил на “готовую”лестницу практически невозможна

    • under the tile (flooring) to simplify installation supporting pillars, stack mortgages – square small metal sheets to which are perpendicularly welded metal pin. This pin goes through the hole, done in ceramic tile (or staircase) and to it will be mounted (welded) further vertical handrail rack. If in advance to execute the hidden and accurate fastening, then there is no need for anchor bolts and support platforms installed on the bottom of the vertical rack. Installation looks attractive – the rack imperceptibly “leaves” in floor

    Features of fastening forged railings are also determined by your chosen style

    Features of fastening forged railings are also determined by the selected Your style

    Reliable fastening is one of the most important conditions for the safe operation of forged railings

    Reliable fastening is one of the most important conditions for safe forged rails

    Advice! Railings without decor look faded, unattractive and rustic. But at the same time the elements making up a pattern or floral ornament should not remain sharpened – the edges must be carefully sanded, and the teeth – blunt, reducing the danger of getting hurt while climbing the stairs to zero

    One way to decor is to add special elements to the overall pattern.

    One way to decorate can be to add special elements on the general pattern

    • the railing must be installed and fixed firmly, not swinging. To add a margin of safety, you can attach the railing to the wall – a beautiful forged bracket will add reliability without ruining attractive railings.


    Thanks to the quality work, the fasteners can become completely imperceptible

    Choosing a forged railing, you choose the iron reliability and unique design

    Choosing forged railing, you choose iron reliability and unique design

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