Writing desk (47 photos): how to choose a good one work table

Elegant white table in a minimalist design

Elegant white table with minimal design

Desks in recent years have lost their important role in the interior. More and more of them are replacing tables for computers or other compact work surfaces. Less and less classic classrooms with massive desks. However, it is a beautiful table that can give interior refinement and style.


  • Types of desks
  • Materials for the desk

Wooden desk in vintage style

Wooden desk in vintage style

Elegant desktop in black

Elegant desktop in black

Functional desk

Functional desk

Original table made of wood

Original table made of wood

Solid wood desk

Solid wooden desk

Laconic white desk

Laconic white desk

Types of desks

The writing desk occupies a dominant central place in the design of the working area. It can be located in the home office, at work, in a children’s room in a dedicated work area, in library and spacious office. Over the years, design and exterior the look of the desk has changed a lot, the desk has evolved and acquired an increasingly complex design and additional elements. Initially, the desktop was a simple design of countertops mounted on four legs. Today manufacturers offer more sophisticated models numerous functional elements and interesting by design.

Transforming table with adjustable height

Height-adjustable convertible table

A table in an original modern design - stylized as a car cabin

Table in an original modern design – stylized as car cab

Modern desk in a modern interior

Contemporary desk in a contemporary interior

A yellow table with drawers - practical and elegant

Yellow table with drawers – practical and elegant

Original desk in the style of the avant-garde

Original avant-garde style desk

What are the different types of tables for work?

  • Corner writing desk. The most compact writing model the table is angular. This design is a way out for most residents of modern apartments who cannot boast a large area. Corner table can be located in any corner of the room, there’s enough room for a small amount writing supplies. Most often, such a model is chosen for small children’s rooms.

Corner desk - a compact solution for a small room

Corner desk – a compact solution for small the rooms

  • Desk with a superstructure. Light and airy option – advanced design of the classic table model. The add-in is a built-in small shelves that are included in the design of the table. This is a very convenient and compact option. for modern housing. On the shelves you can easily place the most essentials, work accessories and books.

Desk with a superstructure - spacious and functional

Desk with a superstructure – spacious and functional

  • Corner desk with superstructure. Leader among compact and convenient desktops. Combines the benefits of angular tables and tables with a superstructure. Even in the smallest apartment it’s easy find a place for such a piece of furniture.
  • Corner table with superstructure - functional storage of office supplies

    Corner table with superstructure – functional storage office supplies

    • Spolkami. Unlike a table with a superstructure, shelves can just go complete with a desk. It’s easy a design that will not burden the interior. Shelves can be any number, and their location is determined by the owner himself.

    Shelves and a desk are made in the same style

    Shelves and a desk are made in the same style

    • For two. Very comfortable design for two. Extended table has a symmetrical arrangement of the working area and additional items (shelves or drawers). It is convenient to use such a table in nursery for two children. Often furniture is used for two. spouses having a common job.

    Double table - the perfect solution for two creative people

    Double table – the perfect solution for two creative people

    • Saschikami. The most classic version of the workplace, which is ideal for any office – it’s simple a desk with drawers. Most often, such a model put in the offices of directors, spacious libraries and any classic interiors. Solid wood table with drawers – This is an indicator of the good taste of its owner. So simple but while a reliable model will never go out of style. In the last Over the years, the use of round tables has become particularly relevant. Noble lines give the furniture elegance, and numerous boxes – functionality.

    Massive desk with storage drawers

    Massive desk with storage drawers

    • Add-ons and lockers. Roomy table fits for the workplace and storage of many little things. Add-in is an ideal place to store books, and in the lockers you can tidy up stationery and small items. Most often this model is chosen for offices, but there are also compact home options.

    Multifunctional design from a desk and storage cabinets

    Multifunctional desk and cupboard design for storage

    • Desks for children. May have a different design in depending on the age of the child. Typically for children choose with many drawers and shelves for storing textbooks and notebooks. Children’s furniture can “grow” in height with child – often tables have extendable legs.

    Modern desk in the children's room

    Modern desk in a children’s room

    Materials for the desk

    Modern manufacturers offer tables for writing and work from a variety of materials. Choose a table from the overall design rooms and destinations of furniture.

    • Most often, desks are made of chipboard (chipboard). Compressed sawdust is the most budget option. When choosing a job, you should consider not only about his design, but also about the health of his family. Pressed sawdust for the manufacture of chipboard are glued with resin, which contains formaldehyde – a toxic compound that is released into air. You should not purchase such furniture for children’s rooms.

    Desk made of chipboard - practical and economical

    Particleboard – practical and economical

    • Tables with glass countertops. The perfect solution for small rooms. Glass is an airy and lightweight material, it does not will visually make even the smallest cabinet heavier. Choose durable tempered glass that will be protected from chips and strokes with a special film. Though glass countertops look very exquisite, they are rarely used in the manufacture of written tables. The fact is that glass is a cold material, not frequent and prolonged contact of the hands and arms is recommended with glass. Strongly not worth buying glass headset for children, it can be dangerous.

    A table with a glass top - elegant and elegant

    Glass top table – elegant and elegant

    • MDF is another common material for manufacturing desks. MDF is a wood fiber plate, which is made by pressing fine wood shavings. Urea resin acts as glue, which does not contains harmful impurities. MDF is slightly more expensive than chipboard, but much cheaper than natural wood. Such furniture is easy can be used even in children’s rooms.

    MDF table is environmentally friendly and can be used in a children's room

    A table made of MDF is environmentally friendly and can be used in kids room

    • Tree. Furniture from the array is not only the most environmentally friendly, but also the most sophisticated and durable. A wooden table can become a real heirloom, it can easily be restored, Perfectly fits into any interior. It looks especially luxurious massive wooden object in an office or library, made in classic english style. Try to avoid wooden furniture with an excessive amount of coatings, as in them contains many unhealthy chemicals. Most often desks are made of cherry, walnut or beech. Especially expensive and status models are made of leather and metal.

    A table made of wood - expensive and solid

    Natural wood table – expensive and solid

    Whatever work place you choose for your apartment or for the office, focus on its design, workmanship and the size. The right furniture will make the work area comfortable, and the whole room – stylish and beautiful.

    Asymmetric modern desk

    Asymmetric contemporary desk

    Elegant desk with roomy pull-out shuhlyady

    Elegant desk with roomy pull-out shukhlyady

    An original table from a wooden board - stylish and modern

    The original table from a wooden board – stylish and modern

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