Why a chainsaw is bad or does not start: reasons and solutions from the masters

Almost all power drives of chainsaw technology recent years are equipped with easy-start and electronic systems ignition, decompressors and booster pumps. To the question why the chainsaw doesn’t start with such a rich snap, service specialists do not give an unambiguous answer.

Depending on the class and purpose of household and professional models are installed similar in design high-octane carburetor power units motor gasoline with a small admixture of engine oil for two stroke engines.


The working volume of chainsaw engines varies from 26 to 60 cm3, power ranging from 1 to 6 plus hp Characteristic The feature of chainsaw drives is maximum compactness, convenient service, access to tuning points. Standard the resource of budget models is 1500 hours, branded – more than 2 000


  • 1 Features return chainsaw
  • 2 Limitations on self-tuning the warranty instrument
  • 3 Possible causes of a problem start
  • 4 Failure Detection Technologies
  • 5 Mechanical seizure of the piston or crank mechanism
  • 6 Checking the flow of the combustible mixture and the ignition system
  • 7 Pro recommendations for controlling the working mixture
  • 8 Consequences of operation on rich and poor mix
  • 9 Air intake and silencer condition
  • 10 Checking the tightness of the carburetor connection with body
  • 11 Flushing the carburetor and checking the condition of the jets
  • 12 Fuel storage recommendations

Features of the return of chainsaw

Check the tool purchased in the store at work, I can not always, since even reputable trading organizations, citing for lack of conditions and fire regulations, pre-sale training reduce to a minimum.

  • Each new model may be structurally different from previous developments. Therefore, the start of preparation by the owner first launch tool, preceded by study guide operation. The work is carried out in accordance with the recommendations manufacturer.
  • If a new tool has obvious damage, do not it starts or is understaffed, it is desirable to return the chainsaw to the seller.
  • The store must accept defective goods, exchange for identical model or refund. Non-refundable chainsaws with obvious signs of disassembly or operational damage.

Defective new chainsaw to be exchanged at the place of purchase for for 14 days. After this time, take effect warranty obligations to eliminate for free Tool malfunction in the service center.

Restrictions on self-tuning the warranty instrument

Faulty chainsaw

Even with an easy-start system, relatively tight Starts a new non-run-in technique. Disassemble the manual starter until the expiration of warranty service and repair is not recommended.

  • For service providers, such a refinement may be an occasion for refusal of a free replacement that failed a more valuable equipment.
  • With the independent elimination of minor flaws, such as “not gas comes in “or” the air intake is loose ” sanctions do not apply.
  • Practice shows that problems with starting chainsaws budget assortment appear after 2-3 years of operation. In this situation, the owner has to put up with additional repair costs or rely on your own locksmith skills.

Due to higher quality materials and factory assembly, Launching problems for branded models are much less. Not however, the recommendations in this article may be useful for owners of medium and high class chainsaws.

The information received will tell you the direction of solving the problem, when the Chinese chainsaw does not start. Almost all chinese chainsaw imports are based on European models, therefore design and operational differences insignificant.

Possible causes of a problem start

In most cases, the following occurs:

  • unskilled tuning of the fuel system;
  • malfunctions in the ignition;
  • dirty air intake filters.

Most often, the chainsaw will not start up cold or bad starts after prolonged storage, refueling substandard fuel, the presence of a large gap in the electrodes of the spark plug.

In the private sector, the peak of operational failures falls on time after winter and in late autumn, after completion intensive work on the preparation and sawing of fuel wood.

Failure Detection Technologies

There are developed in the process of many years of use full-fledged search algorithms for the most characteristic failures and malfunctions. Resolve Launch Issues Prescribe specific health check sequence fuel system and ignition. What to do first?

Mechanical seizure of the piston or crank mechanism

This malfunction occurs due to the piston sticking in cylinder or destruction of the crankshaft bearing. Such happens when the engine overheats or runs for a long time clean gasoline.

In the first case, it is recommended to cool the power unit, after Why pour a few drops of engine oil into the spark plug hole. The engine in most cases manages to wedge, but the consequence This incident could be the appearance of scoring on the piston. On the chromed mirror surface cylinder tack not reflected.

If the measures taken have not given the proper result, the saw is subject to repair in a specialized workshop.

Checking the flow of the combustible mixture and the ignition system

First of all, you should make sure that there is fuel in the float carburetor chamber. After several attempts to start the engine, an inverted dry candle will tell you that the reason for a poor start in lack of supply of a combustible mixture.

Recommended Sequence action:

  • fuel filter check;
  • gas pipeline patency;
  • the cleanliness of the drain hole of the fuel tank cap;
  • carburetor float valve does not exclude closed position.

To clean the cylinder volume, it is necessary with the candle removed and Ignition off, make a few energetic jerks starter. In the absence of a new, obviously working candle, it is necessary to dry thoroughly and check for an old spark. Warming up it is not desirable over an open fire, since there is a high probability cracking of the insulator and its complete failure.

To check sparking, a candle with a dressed cap needs attach to the saw body and crank the crankshaft with a starter. Serviceable the candle gives a strong discharge, accompanied by a characteristic with a bang.

A small, red tint spark indicates a malfunction ignition unit, high voltage conductor or internal the resistor of the standard candlestick.

Pro recommendations for controlling the working mixture

Working mixture for chainsaws

If the performed verification did not give the desired result, go to check the ignition. An inverted wet candle indicates fuel surplus and lack of air, mixture that when starting floods a candle, in such a proportion even a powerful spark does not set fire to can.

To display the quality and quantity of air-gasoline mixture on optimal parameter, a wide range is used operational adjustments. The reason for the overflow of fuel in old chainsaws there may be a leakage of the fuel flow valve and carburetor float valve.

In standard situations, after a short purge cylinder with the candle removed or the decompressor turned on normal startup is fully restored.

The consequences of exploitation on rich and poor mix

Fuel for chainsaw

  • Due to engine running on a re-enriched mixture at the insulator a layer of a conductive carbon deposit is formed in the central electrode, capable of causing interruptions in sparking.
  • White or gray color of the center electrode insulator indicates a high temperature characteristic of a poor mixture combustion. Both options adversely affect traction characteristics and durability of the power drive.
  • Setting the carburetor to a lean mixture can cause phenomena when the chainsaw does not start up hot, in another embodiment – grabs, but does not start.

Confirmation of a normal, in a ratio of 16: 1, quality the air-fuel mixture serves as the brown color of the insulator and lack of carbon deposits.

Air intake and silencer condition

The cause of a problem start may be a filter clogged with sawdust. air purifier. If the engine starts when removed air intake, special care should be taken to clean the filter. A large amount of carbon in the muffler affects power and traction power unit, but the engine should start without any effort.

Checking the tightness of the carburetor connection to the body

When loosening the threaded fasteners, air leaks are formed, which leads to depletion of the gas-air mixture and accordingly, the deterioration of its performance.

To replace a damaged gasket it is recommended to use repair kit, if not available, gasket can be made from identical in thickness benzo-oil-resistant material.

Flushing the carburetor and checking the condition of the jets

If during the work performed, a stable start is not established, looking for a malfunction in the carburetor. In the absence of proper experience disassembly should be entrusted to an experienced specialist.

The reason for the difficult start may be, in addition to air leaks mentioned earlier:

  • nozzle contamination;
  • water entering the float chamber and depressurization itself float;
  • loose fit of the stabilizing float valve fuel level in the carburetor;
  • refueling the fuel system with a fuel substitute, or expired mixture.

Serious malfunctions blocking standard start, like air leaks through worn liners crankshaft, change in ignition angle, due to lack of appropriate tools and technological equipment, are eliminated in the conditions of repair shops.

Fuel Storage Recommendations

Fuel with oil component can be stored in metal Tare no more than one month. Old gasoline-oil mixture tends to to the formation of coking tar deposits, limiting mobility of piston rings.

Water enters the fuel system not only with gasoline, but also at large temperature differences it forms in the form of condensate on carburetor inner walls.

The presence of water in the fuel is manifested by white smoke from silencer, interruptions in the engine, its full stop when formation in the ice system.

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