Which design is right for your office?

Office interior design is not an easy task, but without a doubt necessary. You create an internal corporate world, concluding a pleasant atmosphere, conducive to productive work and visible results.

To competently approach the design of interior space, it is necessary to distinguish between working areas. In standard offices, as a rule, There are 5 main areas:

  1. The reception
  2. Different departments of employees
  3. Head office
  4. The meeting room
  5. Lounge (kitchen)

The reception


Reception area is the face of your organization. More representative and the more interesting it will look, the more customers you see in your office. To create a successful reception room interior, you need to choose a decent reception desk.

The cost of beautiful wear-resistant reception desks is not necessary should be a huge amount. There are many options for affordable price with excellent performance. For instance:

Reception Zoom

Receptionist Zoom


Reception Rapid

Reception Style

Receptionist Style

Pay attention to the quality of production materials and the thickness of the countertop – the thicker, the longer the selected furniture.

Mostly reception desks are made of chipboard, in some cases – made of real wood. May include glass or plastic inserts.

Different departments of employees

First of all, it is necessary to observe the uniform style of the office. The workspace of employees can be protected with special sound-absorbing screens. Stylish and thoughtful.

At the workplace, each employee should be comfortable ergonomics:

  • a curbstone (it can be both rolling and attached);
  • comfortable office chair in which a person can work all day without straining the spine and observing the correct posture;
  • a cabinet for documents (so that all the most important papers are under by hand);
  • appropriate equipment (computer, phone, etc.).

An excellent choice for furnishing any interior is furniture for staff Xten.

This series of furniture has a wide original model near and fairly low price.

Head office


Characteristics of choosing suitable solid furniture in the office leader are based on the same factors as for staff.

Focus on the table – it should be as comfortable as possible for you. It can be made from the usual chipboard, in individual cases – from MDF, glass, more expensive tables are made from natural wood. The support can be like ordinary wooden, so and metal frame.

When choosing a suitable chair, focus on its comfort. The product should be soft, but in moderation. It is desirable that it has swing mechanism with the ability to lock in any convenient for you position. Well thought out ergonomics of a chair will allow keep your back healthy. Also focus on wheels: if they will be rubberized, silence and quick movement around the office you are provided.

The interior design of the cabinet can be either classic or modern. In the first case, strict features prevail and restrained style. Great choice for such an interior at a bargain price will become an office Torr Z.

Typically, a meeting room has minimalist design: the most necessary and nothing more.

Conference tables are made from the same materials as tables for offices and staff. There are many variations. small or elongated, rounded or square patterns. They are also adhere to a modern or classic stylist.

A good choice may be tables for negotiations and meetings from the Swift and Yalta furniture series.

furniture series

furniture series

Lounge (kitchen)


Recreation area, it’s the kitchen, should meet your needs (dining table, several comfortable chairs, fridge, microwave oven, etc.) and be created in the same style with the rest of the office.

There are modular kitchens from which you can easily to collect an individual option suitable for you.


You can develop the interior of your office yourself. But if you do not want to waste your time, there are special services for designing office designs.

These services make up a small amount and as soon as possible create an original office interior based on your wishes and preferences.

Materials for the article are provided by the online store office furniture “Express Office”

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