Which company is the best washing machine: rating 2019 models

There are a lot of questions to be decided, choosing such a necessary, useful and very expensive item household appliances like a washing machine: which company is better, how much and what programs do you need, what kind of download, spin speed and etc. Let’s try to figure out together how to make a justified a choice.


  • How to choose a washing machine: basic parameters
  • Review of washing machines: ranking of the best and most reliable 2017 models

Automatic washing machine - the most important assistant in the house

Automatic washing machine – the most important assistant in at home

Rid your machine of exposure to constant dampness, which is good for its long-term work

Rid your machine of exposure to constant dampness, which good for her long lasting performance

How to choose a washing machine: basic parameters

The strict elegance of the washing machine makes you admire its design

The strict elegance of the washing machine makes her admire design

First of all, the main point that you should decide on is this is a form factor of a typewriter, more precisely – a loading method – vertical or frontal (horizontal). Vertical machines more compact (already, and they take up less space), they are suitable for small bathroom (kitchen). But most front cars have a removable top cover, so this machine can “embed” in the kitchen, covering the top with a countertop, or just use the lid as an extra shelf. Loading “vertical” – usually within 5-5.5 kg, but the front more spacious cars – up to 12-14 kg. Reliability and quality there are no special differences in washing, it all depends on the manufacturer.

A washing machine looks equally great in a kitchen or bathroom.

The washing machine looks equally great in the kitchen or the bathroom

And a few more important points:

  • linen weight – a machine is enough for a family of 3 people “carrying capacity” up to 3-4 kg, for 4 people you will need a car more – 5-6 kg. It is important to consider that manufacturer’s parameters are calculated for cotton underwear, for synthetics, the indicator should be divided by 2, for wool – by 4. If if you want to wash voluminous, big things like blankets – you’ll need machine with a loading of 10 kg

Front models capable of processing up to 10 kg of laundry in one cycle

Front models capable of processing up to 10 kg in one cycle linen

  • treasured letters – in the description of the washing machine are often found letters indicating energy class, wash class and class spin cycle. The closer the letter to the beginning of the Latin alphabet, the class cars above, the best option is A, A, A, although in terms of energy efficiency maybe A +, A ++

Best to take a class car

It’s best to take a class A or B car, but notice что особой разницы между ними при стирке вы не увидите, но сможетесэкономить немного денег

  • programs – ideally, for each type of fabric there is its own washing program. In fact, the difference between the two insignificant, therefore, a machine with 10 programs and 20 the functionality is approximately the same. Good when the machine has the program “Wool”, “Hand wash”, “Quick wash” (suitable for lightly soiled laundry, up to 30 in duration min), “Delicate wash”, “Soak”, etc. Experience shows use, with a very large number of functions, practically half of them remain unclaimed

When choosing programs, try to move away from the principle

When choosing programs, try to move away from the principle “the more – тем лучше” и попробуйте выбрать то, что вам действительнопригодится

  • spin – the higher the number of revolutions, the more the laundry at the exit is drier. But at the same time, there is almost no tangible difference between 800 and 1000 rpm. In addition, in order to ensure an extraction of over 1000 revolutions, it is necessary install special, high-speed engines that immediately leads to an increase in value

Some models of washing machines allow washing in cold water as well as in warm

Some models of washing machines allow you to wash in the cold water is just as good as warm

  • tank material – better, of course, stainless steel, it is capable of serve 50-60 years. Question – will the machine work so much? So that the plastic tank justifies itself, moreover, stainless the drum is much more noisy

One of the amenities

One of the conveniences of a “vertical” washing machine is the ability добавить или вытащить вещи прямо во время стирки

How to choose a washing machine – recommendations and tips on video

Review of washing machines: ranking of the best and most reliable 2017 models

1. BOSCH WLG 20061 OE


Perhaps one of the best models on the market for the price is “budget” Bosch, but at the same time in terms of washing quality and functionality is in no way inferior to top models. Primarily – compact, only 40 cm deep. Classic front loading, washability per cycle up to 5 kg of linen, class power consumption – A. A feature of the model is a drum made by 3D-AquaSpar technology, thanks to which the laundry during washing hydrated profusely. Plus – additional water supply through cuffs hatch, when rinsing from the fibers of the fabric, the powder is completely removed. Imbalance control allows you to evenly distribute the laundry the entire volume of the drum, reduces noise and vibration. Spin – 1000 rpm



“A real hardworking” Bosch “- excellently erases, quiet, excellent wringing, but doesn’t skip all over the bathroom. ”

Ivan Yurievich:

“Simple operation, basic functions in stock. One minus – a plastic drum. ”


“The main disadvantage is that there is no display about when it will end washing – you can only guess. For the rest – it erases well, in including delicate fabrics. ”

If you have no problems with the place, then it would be logical to also purchase a tumble dryer in addition to a washing machine

If you have no problems with the place, then it will be logical purchase of a tumble dryer in addition to a washing machine

2. Electrolux EWW 1686 HDW


Washer with dryer, a great solution for those who don’t has the ability to hang clothes to dry. Although when you consider that after the spin, whose speed is 1600 rpm, the laundry will be and so almost dry. Great for a large family – at the same time it is possible to wash up to 8 kg of linen, to dry – up to 7 kg, and also for those who want to wash large items, such as blankets. what I would like to note separately – affordable price for this class washing machine. Thanks to the installation of an inverter motor, economically consumes electricity – class A. Of the other benefits – imbalance control, leakage protection, delayed start, protection from children, Russian-language menu.



“For a long time they were looking for a machine with drying, their choice is small, but at the same time prices are literally going wild. This one liked both the price and feature set, and download. Washes fine. ”


“It dries well, only one moment – do not stuff the machine “to the eyeballs”, all 7 kg – linen will be very dented. At half load can’t even be ironed. ”


“Not completely washed out of the powder from the cell, missing anti-dust filter, as in other machines with drying. ”


Choose detergent for the type of laundry and type of soiling – this is the guarantee that the powder is better at its task, and you get cleaner laundry

3. Bosch WIS 28440

Among the embedded models (even though they are in the market and in the minority, but to leave them unattended would be incorrect) championship again give to the Germans from Bosch. Spacious (7 kg, washable) large things, such as blankets) a washing machine with A + energy efficiency with foam and imbalance control function, protection against children and an extraction of 1400 turns, 15 programs of washing, leakage protection, washing program correction depending on laundry weights, stainless steel drum.



“Wash perfectly, even when spinning at 1200 rpm it turns out almost dry. I wash blankets, pillows, even large ones children’s toys are excellent. ”

Vera Sergeevna:

“The machine erases well, quietly, but there is one drawback. I use a delayed start (more profitable to wash at night), but at the end she has such a loud squeak that almost all wake up homework. Even with all the doors closed, it’s perfectly audible that the machine finished working. ”

The built-in washing machine will help maintain the overall interior design.

Built-in washing machine helps maintain overall design of interior

4. Electrolux EWF 1408 WDL


Very roomy model – for one wash cycle you can wash up to 10 kg of laundry, but it’s very energy efficient – class A ++. One of the advantages of the model is the processing of laundry with steam, which, on the one hand, significantly refreshes it, removing odors, on the other, it greatly simplifies subsequent ironing, straightening folds. The machine has a built-in sensor that weighs loaded laundry and, based on the data received, calculates the required amount of water and powder. Has all the necessary washing programs (if desired, the user can correct them, shortening / lengthening washing time), including silk, and for the quality of washing wool machine received a gold certificate from Woolmark (International Wool Secretariat). Shortened washing program – 15 min, spin – 1400 rpm.



“Amazingly erases, very carefully treats wool. A rare feature for front-loading machines – you can stop washing without problems (disconnecting from the network, waiting, etc.) load laundry. ”


“Useful feature – the machine adapts to the user. So you set up one program – the machine will remember it and will use.”


“Roomy drum without much size increase. But price and design could be nicer. ”

It is safe to wash pillows (even feather ones) in a washing machine.

It is completely safe to wash pillows (even downy ones) in the washing car

5. Samsung Ecobubble WW9000


To date, perhaps the most advanced in technological plan machine. User contact is reduced to minimum – before each wash there is no need to fill powder (air conditioning) tank. The machine can be refilled once “under “” (tank volume is enough for about a month quite active washing), and she herself determines how much she needs. Аyou can control the machine using a smartphone – by setting necessary application, it will be possible to turn on the machine and receive all current process information. About washing quality – even washing in cold (20C) water allows you to remove stains that other cars output, starting from 40-50C. Large load – 12 kg, spin – 1400 rpm, power consumption – A ++, screen – touch, 5 inches diagonally.



“The car is shine, stylish design, it looks very dignified, a rarity for washers. Works fine, quiet, full delight!”


“I’ll just announce the price – about 2.5 thousand dollars for this technical excellence. ”

Always read the instructions on the packaging of any detergent and follow it, this will help the washing machine last longer

Always read the instructions on the packaging of any detergent and follow it, it will help the washing machine last longer



Another hardworking and practical German “laundress”, perhaps not very outwardly attractive, but otherwise beautiful. A famous proverb says that in order to make a statue, you need to take a stone and cut off all unnecessary. So did the Siemens, abandoning excessive functionality and leaving optimal set of functions, including washing wool and mixed tissues. Loading – up to 5 kg of laundry, warning system excessive foaming, including water supply, control imbalance, spin – 1000 rpm, energy class – A, leakage control. And all this at an adequate and reasonable price.



“Cool device, without all these bells and whistles like” bubble washing “,” water ionization “, etc. – a little sense from them, and the price is growing. Everything you need for home washing, plus – “thin”, only 40 cm, very well in the kitchen. ”


“Attempted to extend the drain hose – supplied short, there is no possibility to replace, I had to use adapters and clamp. ”


“Super short wash – 15 min, class. Good opportunity freshen things up. Moderate water consumption – only 40 liters per cycle.”

The washing machine can make a loud noise even if it is installed correctly, but today there are more and more models with quiet washing.

The washing machine can make a loud noise even if installation is correct, but today more and more models with quiet wash

7. LG F80C3LD


Washing machine from the middle price category, with all advantages typical of LG cars. Primarily – direct drive engine with a 10 year warranty. Add here intelligent control system that adjusts program, the amount of water and washing powder, depending on the weight of the loaded laundry. Plus – child protection, foam control and imbalance, delayed start, A ++ power consumption, quick wash (30 minutes).



“Briefly – erases well, affordable price, simple management, quiet machine. ”

Yulia Vladimirovna:

“Still, it wasn’t worth saving on a display that displays time remaining until the end of the wash. In steel – LG is one of the leaders, as confirmed in this model. Compact enough, only 44 cm in depth. ”


“There are not enough revolutions – only 800. And one more thing – the tray, where the powder is poured, very little is put forward, do not pour conveniently.”

At one time, you can wash up to 5 kilograms of laundry, which would suit a family of 3-4 people

You can wash up to 5 kilograms of laundry at a time, which is quite arrange a family of 3-4 people

8. Zanussi ZWY 180


One of the best models of washing machines with vertical loading. Compact, designed to load 5 kg of laundry, 20 washing programs, extra rinse, unbalance control, power consumption – class A, leakage protection. Perhaps not enough revolutions at an extraction – only 800 rpm, but for a “vertical line” it normal rate.



“No frills, reliable, wash quality, not noisy, narrow (40 cm), so easily got up in the bathroom. ”


“No timer – very bad. And the designers have a specific quick wash – here it is 1.5 hours. ”

In the tray for washing powder, you can load not only powder, but also liquid products: shampoos and washing gels

In the tray for washing powder can be loaded not only powder, but also liquid products: shampoos and washing gels

9. Candy CT 1096/1 TXT


Another top-loading model, among others stands out for its attractiveness. Even with such minimal opportunities, developers managed to get an unusual exterior cars. 14 программ стирки, в том числе – особая Mix&Wash,allowing you to wash things without sorting them. Plus – special design powder compartments, water flow optimized so that powder is used until the last crystalline.



“Stylish, roomy – 6 kg, narrow.”

Pavel Igorevich:

“When spinning, it makes a very loud noise, but even at 1000 revolutions of the laundry is quite wet. ”

Vertical models take up less space than front ones

Vertical models take up less space than front models

10. Indesit WIUN 81


One of the best options in a segment budget. Super heavy (width – only 33 cm) the washing machine will fit even in a very small kitchen or bathroom. The machine has 15 basic (basic) washing programs for almost all types of fabrics. Energy efficiency – class A, laundry weight – up to 4 kg, auto balance, leakage protection.



“The best cars for the money can not be found. If you look Internet, it is often criticized, but it is fully responsible its price, you should not expect miracles from the budget model. Quality washing is good, although the spin is rather weak – just 800 rpm. ”


“I had to change the drain hose – well, it’s very short. I would like to adjust the temperature, but it is rigidly fixed mode selection. Very noisy, although put on rubber mat.”

To make the washing machine sparkle with new colors, you can paste it with self-adhesive

To make the washing machine sparkle with new colors, you can stick on self-adhesive

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