What to do if the door is warped

If the door is skewed Table of contents:

  • 1 reasons for the skew door
  • 2 Misalignment due to door hinges
  • 3 Changing the geometry of the doorway
  • 4 swollen door

A door that suddenly stopped easily and without the slightest resistance to let you into a house or room – surprise unpleasant. And in such a situation, you should not rely on Russian maybe, hoping that this design will “change its mind” itself and return to the initial state. Much easier and more reliable for you personally. figure out what to do if the door is skewed and translate the chosen solution to life, that is, this very door to adjust.

The reasons for the skew door

Swelling of woodWood swelling

If the door is wooden, then the reason for the skew was, most likely, exposure to moisture. Water, falling into the thickness of the door, forced her swell, and as a result the door began to “cling” to the door a box.

A heavy wooden door may warp due to wrong hinges for her. Remember that whole wooden doors (which you could hardly tear off the floor while have not yet hung them in the doorway) should be hung on three, not on two loops.

But metal doors of deformation under the influence of water do not subject to. But they can also skew if they were the loops are incorrectly selected for their weight. Another reason for which can cause a skew of the metal door – this is her incorrect initial installation.

In addition, both wooden doors and metal doors can to be skewed due to a violation of the geometry of the doorway. This often occurs in new homes, which are still ongoing shrinkage of structures.

Skewed door hinges

Wrong loopsIncorrectly selected hinges

If the cause of the skew, in your opinion, was incorrect number of door hinges (or the use of hinges from more soft material than was necessary) you can go two ways:

  • firstly, just replace the loops with more powerful ones;
  • secondly, add a third (and if necessary, a fourth) a loop.

Door hinges without insertDoor hinges without frame

Now in construction stores you can find door hinges, which do not require insertion into either the door leaf or the box. Therefore, they can be installed in place without even removing the door leaf off loops (just remember to adjust the position first doors before fastening new hinges to it).

Perhaps a small washer will help to solve the problem, nestled in the middle of the door hinge. She will lift everything up the door the web is 1-2 millimeters (depending on its thickness) and the problem, will be resolved.

Changing the geometry of the doorway

Replacing the door frameDoor Frame Replacement

In this case, the probability that the door itself will stop to cling to the bottom or top of the door frame still exists. However while this happens, the door leaf can greatly get damaged.

Before you make the final decision – outweigh door, grind it (this is the case when it comes to a wooden door) or leave everything until you touch – pay attention to cracks between the door leaf and the frame. If they become very visible, the door is better to outweigh. Remember to also track whether the right angle between horizontal and vertical door frame elements. If the skew became strong, you have to change the door frame. You can also try just rearrange the old door frame, if you can do it carefully remove.

Swollen door

Re-hanging the doorRe-hanging the door

If a wooden door absorbed water and swelled, then not it is hoped that when dried, it will return to its former form. Most often, after exposure to water, the process begins warping, and the door still will not close perfectly. In this situations, you can also choose one of three solutions:

  • leave everything as it is in the hope that the door is still “change your mind”;
  • replace the door leaf;
  • replace the door frame.

However, first of all, you need to eliminate the reason why water got so close to your door. When it comes to doors inside an apartment or house, the reason usually is bad working ventilation. Most often, bathroom doors suffer from moisture, therefore, be sure to check if a piece of paper is pulled to the ventilation grill located there with one open window in the apartment. If there is no draft, then a ventilation issue will have to deal closely.

Most often, poor ventilation occurs in homes and apartments, in which were installed new plastic windows. No gaps which old wooden windows were famous for, led to apartment air from the street comes only with the window open. A since the windows are rarely open in winter, ventilation in the kitchen (if there is no electric hood) and in the bathrooms it stops work. To solve this problem, it is recommended to install on all windows exhaust valves (or just hold one window always ajar).

Visor above the front doorVisor above the front door

If the entrance wooden door has suffered from the effects of water, then you will have to make a visor over it (and if there is one, then expand so that during the rain drops do not fall on the door leaf). It is also recommended to cover a wooden door in several layers protective compounds for wood (from all sides, each time waiting for them to be completely absorbed).

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