What the master does for an hour

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  • 1 Who is the “husband for an hour”
  • 2 Who can work
  • 3 What can a husband do for an hour

Minor household damage occurs regularly, and sometimes appears the need for major repairs. But what if hang the shelf by yourself, screw in a light bulb or clean is the siphon difficult? In this case, it’s convenient to use the service “husband for an hour”, and the home master will quickly arrive on call and will help to carry out household repairs.

Who is the “husband for an hour”

Similar services are provided by:

  • individual masters who work for themselves, gaining customers by announcements;
  • representatives of small firms in which 4-5 work Masters
  • workers from large agencies with a rating system and You can leave feedback on the work done.

Masters found by ad is a lottery. Not all of them faithfully carry out their work, but their price tag is almost in two times lower. Masters from specialized agencies will fulfill their work for a higher cost, but they give a guarantee. Also, turning to the company, you can always be sure that the employee is not “throw”.

They provide assistance to pensioners, single women, people with disabilities and even men who cannot in to cope with any work alone.

Who can work

Among the masters of agencies that provide husband service for an hour, there are specialists of higher educational institutions, graduates technical schools, colleges. However, working on such a system can anyone who knows how to use the tool. Confirming no education certificates are required. The exception is work, associated with gas and wiring. On the right to fulfill such work requires permits.

The beginner can purchase all the necessary tools or rent. If the tool is large, then the last option is more convenient. A personal car will not be superfluous, since work has a traveling character.

If the master works without intermediaries, then he receives all the revenue same. An office is also not required.

What can a husband do for an hour

There are universal craftsmen who will fix the tap and the washing the machine will be installed, and the cornice will be hung, and the cabinet will be repaired. Is there highly specialized masters who perform, for example, only electrical work, therefore, when ordering a service, you need to discuss immediately the whole range of work. In general, the husband for an hour capable of:

  • replace leaking faucet, pipes, install a toilet bowl, sink, washing machine, boiler, shower;
  • assemble a cupboard, kitchen set or other furniture;
  • repair household appliances;
  • connect the Internet, configure a router, cable TV;
  • hang the chandelier, replace the wiring, install the outlet, switch, replace the bulb;
  • stick wallpaper, put linoleum, tile, laminate, nail skirting board, hang eaves or curtains;
  • install the hood, gas and electric stove.

Some still prefer to use the services of masters from the housing office. But using her husband’s services for an hour is much more profitable. IN unlike not always sober and interested in quality the provision of services to Uncle Vasya from the nearest Housing Office, husband for an hour It works on weekends and holidays, you don’t have to wait for days, otherwise and for weeks. He will arrive within a few hours and promptly will do the work. However, he is interested in doing his job quickly and efficiently to take advantage of the good recommendations.

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