What is an input distribution device (LIU)?

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  1. The purpose of the input distribution device (ASU)
  2. Where do they use ASU?
  3. VRU components
  4. ASU Standards

The purpose of the input distribution device (ASU)

Input distribution devices (ASUs) are used on various objects for reception and further distribution electricity to local consumers. ASU, also are intended to protect network consumers from emergency overload and short circuits. Using control devices, installed in the ASU, energy consumption records and control are kept proper load balancing over the network. At the request of the customer electricity meters can be installed either comprehensively, or for each individual consumer. Primarily, production of ASU is carried out for the normal operation of the device when connected to a mains voltage of 220 – 380V alternating current with a frequency of 50 – 60 Hz with dead ground.

Where do they use ASU?

The scope of the distribution systems is very wide. They are used on structures of all types. It can be both production facilities and residential (or public) facilities.

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Object power consumption parameters and accounting requirements, control and distribution equipment of ASU, as a rule, are provided by design documentation.

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Assembly of ASU occurs with strict observance of requirements customer, which ensures further reliable failure-free operation in the operation of the electrical network. Also popular is the production of ASU by standard models.

VRU components

ASUs are closed in a protective steel box one-sided panel on which control – accounting and distribution automatic electrical appliances. ASU can be one, two or multi-panel. If necessary, they gather in sections. Assembly of ASU can be carried out in floor or suspended performance. What is an input distribution device (ASU)?What is an input distribution device (ASU)? By existing standards rated for shock current, at short circuit, up to 20kA at rated insulation protection up to 1000V. Production of ASU provides compliance with international security parameters from touching parts of the device that are under electrical voltage. Given the nuances of the environment in which it is located facility, the assembly of ASU can be performed in various climatic options.

What is an input distribution device (ASU)?What is an input distribution device (ASU)?

ASU Standards

To order the ASU, the production requires the following documents:

  • single-line wiring diagram;
  • specification for installed devices;
  • a plan for the placement of ASU at the facility.

In modern factories, if necessary, produce necessary calculations to determine optimal performance VRU.

What is an input distribution device (ASU)?What is an input distribution device (ASU)?

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