Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen

Provence style

Provence style

Every woman is the guardian of the hearth who seeks to twist cozy nest. In modern stores you can buy a lot ready-made home accessories, but needlework will never come out of fashion, because in addition to artistic value, it carries a charge positive energy. Today we will study an interesting idea – weaving baskets. The vine is considered to be the best material, but not so simple, no less difficult to deal with without experience. However there is a great low-cost alternative is to replace it with newspaper the tubes!


  • Weaving Methods
  • Training
  • What do we need?
  • Making a vine from newspapers
  • Simplest idea
  • Punnet
  • Square
  • Do by box
  • Design options
  • About Primer and Paint
  • Useful tips from experienced needlewomen

Paper box for jewelry

Jewelry box made of paper

Weaving Methods

Beginner needlewoman should have an idea of ​​the main binding options.



Types of weaving:

  1. Layered – racks are made that bend around two working tubes, while one passes under them, and second from above. 14 Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen
  2. Spiral – the base is made and through her tubules are threaded in a clear sequence solid next. Paper weaving technique is becoming very popular.

    Paper weaving technique is becoming very popular.

    A small basket of improvised materials

    A small basket of materials at hand

  3. Rope – the tubes are intertwined and with racks, and among themselves.


Every mistress in the house will have old newspapers or magazines. Someone uses unnecessary books, but we can do without them, because they created for reading and it would be sacrilege to spoil someone’s work. Decide on the tools and materials.

Even from simple materials, you can create masterpieces.

Even simple materials can create masterpieces

What do we need?

  • Newspapers or magazines
  • glue;
  • spoke;

Necessary materials and tools

Necessary materials and tools

  • regular clothespins;
  • scissors;
  • paper cutting knife;
  • stapler;
  • cardboard or old box;
  • paint or stain;
  • varnish.

Pretty box decorated with flowers

Pretty box decorated with flowers

DIY laundry basket

DIY laundry basket

Making a vine from newspapers

Cut strips about 10 x 30 cm in size. Each the workpiece must be twisted into a tube: for this we take a thin spoke, put it at an acute angle and wind a cut piece on it paper.

Advice! You can cut with scissors, but much more convenient use a clerical knife.

In parallel, we use glue, coating it with the tip of the workpiece, so that he did not spin. In the process of making twists, you need to draw attention to an important point: one end should be wider than the other, to be able to lengthen the ends and form correctly трубочку.Strip

Разметка полос


Strip cutting

Important! The tubes need to be twisted as tightly as possible – this provides durability. If the material is hollow, the basket will soon fail.

There is another simpler option: no tubes needed twist, they are finely folded along many times to get similarity of thick ribbons of the same width. Further of them you can making a braid is an excellent basis for the bottom and walls. Such the method is easier to twist, but it looks no less original.

Simplest idea

Weaving a square basket

Square basket weaving

We use the second method of manufacturing the material by folding. First we make the bottom – we put the strips together criss-cross method, and when we reach the desired size, we fasten tips with a stapler. Then weave the walls – we make 4 layouts the same height, correlating dimensions with the parameters of the bottom. Also fasten stapler ends, remove excess parts.

Advice! For beauty, glue the upper edges of the solid paper strip. Additionally, you can make a pen.

Now we paint our product and let it dry for a better look and strength can be varnished basket.

Round basket of tubes

The wooden handle looks very interesting

The wooden handle looks very interesting

On a note! Baskets of twists are much more beautiful, they are larger resemble a vine.

Work Stages:

  1. We start from the bottom. We take ten tubes, we cross – two pairs vertically and three in a horizontal position –and weave in a circle of the eleventh working. It is doubled, one end goes bottom, second on top, then, on the contrary, in this way we weave 2 row. When the working tube ends, it must be extended, – for you need to insert a new one into the previous one – and you can weave further.
  2. Having finished two rows, we bend the ends of the tubes to the center, weave 4 more row, directing the tube from the center.
  3. Next, you can insert large wooden beads, stringing them on vertical tubes, then weave again several rows. Creating a paper decor with your own hands

    DIY paper decor

  4. We cut off the unnecessary ends and fill them in with a knitting needle, forming a fringing.
  5. Before you remove the excess, you should leave three tubes each opposite a friend for a pen if it was planned. They are interconnected and braided by another twist.
  6. Next, paint the finished basket, dry and varnish. IN as a decoration, you can use the decoupage technique and apply picture.

14 Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen Weaving baskets from newspaper tubes: workshops and tips for needlewomen

Advice! If in the process of weaving walls you can not cope with an abundance of protruding tubes that are constantly unwound, you can temporarily fix them with linen clothespins.

Square tub baskets

Decorative serving tray

Decorative serving tray

Classic method: cut two squares out of cardboard, glue to the first piece of the tube around the perimeter, glue on top the second piece of cardboard, this will provide a secure fit. Glue around the perimeter a new tube and weave the walls in a simple way weaving.

Important! We bend all the glued parts up, and if necessary, we fix with clothespins and lengthen in the process of work, inserting workers tube one into another. When the walls reach the desired length, the extra parts are removed and the needle is tucked in.

Products from paper tubes in a marine style

Nautical-style paper tube products

Do by box


The basis is taken any box with the edges of the same height. Turn it upside down, superglue at a distance of 4-5 cm fasten to the bottom of the tube, creating a kind of racks. Flip the bottom down, the tube stands are directed upwards.

Advice! So that they do not move, you can fix them rubber band.

By simple weaving we make the first row, opening each “stand” for next, then glue a new tube to the bottom, threading over vertical and below them, alternating sequence. Continue the process until the walls from the twists reach the edge of the base box. We fix the ends with glue, cut off the excess, fill the tails with a needle inside.

Design options

Basket of paper twine

Basket of paper twine

Having mastered the basics of weaving, you can experiment and learn new weaving methods and various auxiliary materials. For instance, braiding or using the vertical effect voids with which the basket looks more airy. Afterwards satin ribbons can be woven into these holes and knit bows.

Ideas! In bread baskets where handles are not planned, you can sew unusual inserts and lay inward, wrapping the edges. The perimeter can be decorated with lace.

Painting boxes with acrylic paint

Painting boxes with acrylic paint

Toning of paper tubes in the color of a natural vine

Toning paper tubes in the color of a natural vine

About Primer and Paint

Ready basket must be primed in several layers waterproof paint or PVA glue, which will have a little dilute with water. Apply with a brush with a dense pile. After primers the product should dry, then only painted outer side. The paint is also applied several times, the basket again dried, then varnished.

Advice! You can use stain – then the color of your creations will be as close to natural the vine.

Wickerwork painting

Wickerwork painting

On a note! The primer can be carried out in another way – not paint the finished product, and immediately give color to the tubes and weave from finished material.

Tinting blanks

Blank tinting

Many needlewomen use colored pages instead of newspapers. glossy magazines, then the basket takes on its charm, similar to a patchwork quilt, and resembles an ethnic style.

Useful tips from experienced needlewomen


In the process, unforeseen moments and ordinary nuances, understandable pros, but puzzling and beginners have difficulty. Experienced hand makers willingly share recommendations.

What you need to know:

  1. The distance between the racks, if you think a little basket should be no more than 2 cm, otherwise the design will be shaky and fragile.
  2. When you process joints, the tubes should be cut under sharp angle, then you need to drop the glue and insert into each other so so that the glue is inside, not outside.
  3. If you accidentally overdo it and the twists come out too tight and do not bend very well, refusing to take the necessary shape, they can be wetted from a spray bottle and placed in a polyethylene package. Then take one out of the bag and weave a basket. IN when wet, they will become malleable again, and after drying will be strong again.
  4. If you need increased strength, for twisting it is worth using Glazed magazines made of heavy coated paper. However be prepared to the fact that such tubes are subsequently more difficult to stain.
  5. The best tubes come from cash registers, but that’s expensive pleasure.


  • Sometimes simple sheets of printer paper are better than newspapers, as there is no font on them.
  • To connect the working tubes, PVA glue is best suited. It will take a lot, so it makes sense to purchase it in high capacity – so it will be cheaper.
  • It is better not to use glue with instant drying, because you will not have time to correct the design and it will not preserve the integrity in case of accidental deformation.
  • If you dyed the tubules before weaving and they became brittle, you can sprinkle them with water – this will save the situation.
  • The primer is best made from a mixture of PVA and water plus add there a little varnish – this will improve the resistance to water.
  • You can paint a basket of paint in cylinders – so it lays down more evenly.

Products from colored tubes look very impressive

Products from colored tubes look very impressive

Decorative paper basket

Decorative paper basket

Handmade picture from newspaper tubes is not just Creative work for home. It can be a great gift. for friends and parents, and also become an idea for a business. Professionalism comes with experience, and perhaps a simple handmade subsequently bring considerable income, and your new job besides money will give pleasure, which serves as the basis for life harmony!

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