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Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Them infrastructure includes automatic control electric light, air temperature inside, level humidity, etc. But all this is secondary, if not installed water leakage protection system.

What is it?

Equipment layoutLayout equipment

You may be familiar with a situation where a small breakdown in water supply system led to serious consequences. For instance, unfastened threaded connection, rotten mixer or pipe poured into a huge bill, the amount of which included the cost of not only own equipment, but also repair of housing of neighbors from below.

In short, the leakage protection system is combination of several modules that prevent flooding houses or apartments. They can all be divided into two main types:

  • Local. Partial protection against flooding. Installed on appliances that may become cause of an unpleasant situation. For example, it could be a pallet for a washing machine. It is connected to the electrical part of the device. If the water begins to overflow, it will raise a float, which closes the contacts and puts the washing machine in emergency mode fluid discharge. For this role, feed hoses with additional valve. When it breaks, water enters the protective the camera where the contact closure and activation of the shut-off mechanism. They can also be used for dishwashers and dryers. cars.
  • Large-scale. Include three main components: control unit, sensors and automatic locking mechanisms. The control unit is a central station, which receives signals from sensors and, if necessary activates valve actuators. Cranes are not installed for some a separate room (although this is also possible), but on pipes central input. Therefore, the entire house is completely blocked. Signaling devices can be either wired or wireless. At The last response time is much shorter, therefore, the system It works faster, and also uses less electric energy. They are installed in places that are at risk: under the washing machine, near the sink, near the bathroom or shower booths. No need to worry that if they are sprayed with bathing, then you will remain in the foam, you usually need to level liquid reached at least 1 mm over the entire sensor area. Nutrition of all the mechanism can be either from the network, or from batteries or batteries. An autonomous mechanism is preferable, as at the disappearance of electricity, this can be perceived as a signal, and feed will be shut off.

Device deviceDevice device

If it does happen that you spilled water on the floor and the sensors worked, then just take an ordinary hair dryer and dry the sensors well or use the forced key discoveries. In this case, the system will not respond to leaks in within an hour.

Today in the market there are several firms that are good established in the field of production of protection systems. Will be appropriate if you can compare systems before acquisitions.



At the moment, Aquastorozh is the most progressive system. In order to evaluate all the benefits, consider each module individually:

  • Central base. It is a small the chip on which the expansion slots are located. She supports both wired and wireless sensors, their total number can reach 20, i.e. one by one can be placed near every place in the zone risk. Power is supplied both from the battery pack and from network. There are 3 elements of standard C. There may be an additional kit is mounted, which will increase the autonomy of the entire systems up to 5 years (for wireless sensors with a standard module – 1 year, with an additional – 3). But even if they turn off the electric energy and the batteries will run down, enough accumulated charge for more than 10 openings and closures of valves. On the front panels are located two large keys that are designed to manual control of locking mechanisms. Also inferred a large number of LEDs that signal any breakage or actions taken.
  • Sensors In this kit they are made very simple but at the same time so reliable that after installation you can forget about their existence, because they do not need maintenance. A small stand is mounted on the plastic stand. a chip whose contacts are coated with a gold coating, therefore You can’t even stutter about the corrosive effects. To give they have a presentable look, from above they are covered with a beautiful cap from stainless steel. The principle of their action is that when water drops resistance and a signal is applied to central panel. The cable can be extended up to 100 meters. Wireless sensors in their design have the same chip, but, in addition, in the plastic case there is a module for radio communications. In addition, keys can be located on them. forced activation or deactivation of protection.
  • Ball Valves. Special elements with low resistance when turning the locking mechanism. It is very important that you do not spend a lot of time and energy on activation. The rotation is carried out using low voltage electric motors. Thanks to the small metal gearbox, transmission of rotational force is carried out. Every two weeks a test check occurs in automatic mode. This is done so that at a crucial moment the mechanism does not fail, and if there are any flaws or something could jam, then reveal it will be possible in the early stages. By the way, in the valves also a control system is provided. In the plastic block are two microswitches that indicate the base in which position in The valve is currently located.

Aquastorozh system componentsAccessories Aquastorozh systems

At its core, it is a constructor that can be complemented by any modules available commercially. Installation can be done on its own, it boils down to a few basic steps:

  • Installation of shutoff valves. It is carried out right after the counter for water (in some places it is allowed to do this before counter). Joints must be sealed with tow or teflon tape.
  • Installation of the controller. It can be placed in any convenient location. It is attached to the wall with a special bracket.
  • Sensor Distribution They fit near any equipment, in which is supplied with water, as well as near the water points.
  • Combining all the elements in one system. This is carried out using wires or wireless technology.

Sensor Aquastorozh ExpertSensor Aquastorozh Expert

Sensors with break protection are available in the Expert modification. IN normal configuration when a wire break occurs system. An additional capacitor is built in here, and if contact disappears, the central panel beeps that that an error has occurred.



The principle of operation of the Gidrolock system is largely similar to the previous one. It also has three main modules, but there are some differences.

  • The central controller is much smaller and located in a sealed plastic case. Front panel not so interactive. There is one switch on the side face. Food is carried out from a network in 220 V. The chip provides unit for charging the battery that is involved in the absence of the first source. Implemented support for 20 wired sensors. They are connected using terminals, not special connectors. Additional findings are available under switch that can be forced to open and close cranes. When triggered, a piercing sound signal.
  • Sensors In addition to wired, supported and sensors with signal transmission over the air. To use them, An additional module will be needed. He can go in a separate case or installed inside the main unit. In order to the system realized that it has at its disposal wireless devices, you need to “train” her. For this, two contact specified in the instructions. After that the sensor wetted by water. A successful connection will be notified by the LED. Further test start is carried out. When the battery runs down in the sensor, the controller notifies you by the blinking of a green indicator. At this number of flashes indicates the serial number of the device, which simplifies its identification.
  • Cranes. They can be of different diameters, in depending on customer needs. Case material stainless steel is selected, it can serve for a long time. The servo drive is significantly larger than the previous system, which may be critical when mounting in tight spaces.

Hydrolock AccessoriesAccessories Hydrolock

Installation is carried out in the same way as with Aqua guard, but additionally have to take care of the supply electric network. Have to spend more time on connection of all sensors.

The hydrolock also conducts a test run, but does it once in Week. In this case, the locking mechanism in the cranes provides a complete rotation around the axis, which allows you to get rid of coking, if it formed.



Neptun provides the user with a large selection of controllers. They can be with a wired and wireless channel. Implementation the housing depends on the specific kit and installation conditions. there is Din rail option. This means that you can mount it directly in the electrical panel next to the machines. In the role battery packs, as well as mains by 220 V. The advantage of this system is the ability to manually valve control. To do this, in some variations on the body Servo drives made special flags.

Sensors can be mounted directly on the floor. coating, but they will need to be deployed with the contacts up. When triggered, a sound and light signal is emitted. Time from the moment of signaling until the water completely shuts off vary from 5 to 20 seconds and it depends on which valves manufacturer apply in a specific case. maybe interaction with alarm systems, fire systems, and also a smart home system.

Servo NeptuneServo Neptune

The Neptune system has some of the most powerful servos. on shutoff valves. The torque during rotation can reach 16 Nm, this value is comparable to the effort of a household screwdriver. Power is supplied only at the moment of operation and only in the value 12 V.



This option requires the least investment compared to all previous ones. No need to connect an electrical system or any other batteries. The system is a mechanical device that is made of stainless steel. A spring is installed inside to hold the cone-shaped sleeve. As soon as the water flow exceeds 13 liters per minute, the difference in pressure increases, which presses the sleeve against protruding element, and feed stops. The installation is very is simple. It is enough to mount this small pipe between faucet and hose that fits with the faucet or other appliance. So it is necessary to do with each parsing point.

All described methods of protection against leaks have proven their worth. as reliable, able to cope with the tasks. On the what exactly to choose, will depend on your budget, number of premises, as well as the need to integrate with other elements of a smart home. With a skillful approach, you can implement alerts via SMS messages, which will always allow keep abreast of what is happening or remotely interact with all system.


Leakage protection system: what is it and is it worth it use? This will be discussed in the video:

Watch a video about the water leakage protection system Aquastorozh:

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