Video: how to properly insulate a house

Now on the market there is such a wide range heaters, which is difficult not only to choose the right one, but also to understand how to properly insulate the house in a particular case. Turn to videos that will clarify some points.

Choosing a heater, probably many think what will happen with its different species in 10 years. You have the opportunity to see it with my own eyes.

In insulation, floors and attic are especially needed. Look how to properly carry out insulation work:

You could already see above what will happen to the insulation through several years after installation. Now we offer to listen to tips on insulation selection:

This is the second part of the video in which the conversation continues about the choice of insulation:

Insulation such as polystyrene is often used for floor insulation, see how to properly perform the necessary work:

Internal floors must also be insulated, especially if it is the overlap between the residential floor and the unheated attic. See how to insulate the ceiling of the second floor:

Sawdust is sometimes used to warm the attic floor, however, they can be insulated and walls:

Warming the foundation and basement also plays an important role. IN the next video details technology insulation:

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