Video: how to glue the wallpaper

In this work, it is necessary to take into account the features of technology: how cut off the wallpaper, prepare the walls for gluing, align the glued sheet etc. We recommend that you read the materials in this article, to do the job at a high level and get decent result.

Below you can watch a master class on decal non-woven Wallpaper. Shown cutting, selection of wallpaper pattern:

Wallpaper is not always glued to a flat surface, sometimes you have to to glue corners and other curved objects. Look how stick wallpaper in difficult places:

Sometimes it happens that the picture on two adjacent sheets of wallpaper does not match. If this happened for one reason or another, see how to make a pattern mismatch invisible:

In apartments recently quite often installed stretch ceiling. But how to arrange the adjacency of wallpaper to the stretch to the ceiling? See in the following video:

Are you going to stick wallpaper on the ceiling? We invite you to familiarize yourself with list of necessary tools and execution technology works:

And if you purchased cullet, you may have questions processes such as wall preparation, glue selection:

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