Video about pouring concrete floor with your own hands

Concrete floor can be poured as at the initial stage construction, before the erection of walls, and at the final stage, after masonry walls, arrangement of the roof. This does not affect quality. pouring the floor, but leads to a difference in the technologies used construction.

Garage Concrete Floor

Often concrete floors are poured into garages. How to do it, you can see in the following video. Presented here manufacturing process of concrete reinforced floor, negotiated floor alignment and beacon installation techniques, attention is paid leveling concrete floor using a long rule:

Overlap of the first floor: concrete floor

Here is a technique for constructing a ground floor ceiling without reinforcement by the method of “flooring on the ground.” Material will be useful those who are thinking about building a house. Fill technology do-it-yourself concrete floor is not quite ordinary – liquid is used concrete, which allows you to do without installing beacons:

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