TV living room furniture from Mr. Doors: embodiment of style and functionality

Each house has televisions: old and new, large and small, modern and a bit dated. Every year developers of technology surprise with new technologies, functionality and diagonal size. When buying a new LCD TV, for sure each of you must wonder: in which part of the apartment or at home and, most importantly, on what furniture to put this beauty? Agree on old furniture of the 80s, the modern attribute will look ridiculous, and no one can guarantee you that this “design” will not collapse with a new expensive purchase.



However, there is a solution. Not only digital strides forward technology, but also interior solutions. Along with market launch home cinemas appeared and TV units – interior solutions in mainly for living rooms, since this is exactly the place in the house where the whole family is going to, so that after the working day and during Sunday lunch could not only chat, but also see TV. The most amazing thing is that now choose the interior for technology is much more complicated than the technology itself. That’s why we give you some advice.

Mr. Doors is a large selection of bright, stylish, functional TV furniture and more!



So that TV units do not get out of the general interior and do not break the general style of the interior, take as seriously as possible the choice of color scheme and form. They must go beyond just the general appearance of your interior, but also to the dimensions of the TV itself: the larger the appliance, the smaller the stand should be under it.

Note that you should have enough free spaces to fit tuners, consoles, remotes.


Any piece of furniture should meet your wishes, but when choosing a TV unit for the living room, the appearance your technique. Mostly TVs of leading manufacturers are issued in one (black or gray) color scale with which most harmonious glass furniture with metal inserts. But there is also wooden furniture that will only emphasize your interior.

Do not be afraid to experiment with color, material and the texture of furniture under the TV – it can become bright and stylish living room element!



Take your time, browse the catalogs of furniture companies, seek advice from sales offices, look for interior solutions, already existing on the Internet. And then you definitely don’t you can make a mistake. Enjoy the shopping!

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