Transform: Modern Ways to Change space. Fashion on glass partitions

Light and weightless glass partitions compare favorably with capital counterparts, providing freedom of transformation space. Such modern designs allow you to create stylish interior and, if necessary, change it.


Features of transformable glass partitions

Why do many people prefer glass partitions? there is several undeniable advantages:

  • With this design, you can limit the space or divide it into zones, but at the same time its integrity will not be violated, it will visually remain one.
  • Similar designs have excellent sound insulation. characteristics and protect from dust.
  • Installation of the partition does not require effort, it is carried out fast and relatively simple. In addition, during installation practically no building debris is formed.
  • Glass is an environmentally friendly material, using which can create a favorable atmosphere and optimal indoor microclimate.
  • All designs are mobile, easy to move and transform, which allows you to transform the interior at any time premises and change its borders and shapes.
  • The mechanism that provides instant transformation of the structure, allows you to move the glass cloth in seconds restricting a zone or completely opening it. Such an advantage will be able to fully appreciate the leaders of companies conducting negotiations with customers and general meetings of all employees.
  • Glass transmits light, so the partition will not affect on lighting and even amplifies it due to the refraction effect and reflection of the rays.
  • Using this construction, you can create harmonious, modern and stylish design.
  • Simplicity and maximum operating comfort. The canvas is reliable is fixed, and its unhindered movements are ensured modern mechanism. In addition, all manipulations are absolutely are silent.
  • Glass allows you to visually expand the space, save a sense of freedom that modern people lack so much.


Configuration options

The glass transformable partition is a web fixed in high-strength construction and moved with using special tracks (usually they are placed under the ceiling, which ensures the reliability of the mechanism). Opening method different from using ordinary doors, as move in the same plane from side to side, not open up. But the operation is extremely simple and does not require special skills, it’s very easy to get used to it.

The configuration may have some features. Allocate several of its main varieties:

  1. Single-roller partitions without parking – the easiest and affordable option. The canvas moves on the track on one video clip and does not hide in a niche.
  2. Two-roller partitions with parking. Track navigation carried out using two rollers, and the canvas itself is hidden in niche, which makes it closed from prying eyes and allows save space.
  3. Sliders are sashes (their total number may reach five), not related, independent of each other and moving in parallel planes. This option allows create a fairly large canvas from individual elements and divide or limit the vast area of ​​the room.

Areas of use

Transformable glass partitions got wide application in various fields and areas of interior decoration. Most often they are used to equip trading floors, cafes and restaurants, office and industrial premises. Full-fledged insulation in them is optional, and sometimes inappropriate, so glass often the best choice: it limits one or another zone and provides sound insulation, but at the same time retains visibility site (sometimes it is useful or necessary to control workers processes). Such designs are used for window dressing. shops, offices, company departments.


Glass partitions can be used for decoration interiors of summer cafes, cottages and houses, especially seasoned in contemporary styles such as hi-tech. But a similar design can organically fit into the design of the apartment. Conditional Weightless partitions are becoming more relevant, which is associated with A popular option for planning studio apartments. Via Designs can be divided into a kitchen combined with a living room and dining area. In the bedroom you can create a relaxation area, in living room – make a television zone. Also appears the ability to delimit any room that is a walk-through.

Consider in detail and clearly all areas of application transformable glass partitions by examining webinar.

If you have made a decision and opted for transformable glass partitions then the company GlavStekloStroy will provide a wide range of designs and will carry out installation work efficiently and on time. Change space, keeping it free.

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