Three-phase voltage stabilizer: circuit RCD

three phase voltage regulatorthree phase voltage regulatorthree phase voltage regulator

In three-phase, as well as single-phase electrical networks voltage drops associated with a sharp change in the load on supply transformer substation. In a three-phase network takes place a factor such as phase imbalance or a neutral break with 4 wires connection diagram. Therefore, to protect equipment and ensure normal operation of consumers without a three-phase stabilizer voltage is extremely difficult to manage. Also recommended install the stabilizer after the diesel or gas generator, as in the event of a sudden change in load, the mains voltage may vary significantly.

Three-phase voltage stabilizer: advantages and limitations

Three-phase stabilizers, like single-phase, can work on different principle of action: seven-phase, relay and servo action. There are pulse stabilizers, but they are extremely expensive and can be used in a very narrow segment market. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of three-phase stabilizer.

The three-phase stabilizer of the relay principle of operation consists of multi-winding transformer, which when switching relay, or semiconductor keys of the windings can both increase and lower the voltage by a predetermined value. Slight flaw stabilizer of this type of step regulation, but considering number of steps, stabilization accuracy will be at least 5 volts relative to the reference voltage. This disadvantage is compensated. the service life of the device and its reliability.

The servo-drive voltage regulator of the three-phase network is equipped with the so-called autotransformer. The principle of action is that, the program control unit commands the servo, moving special contacts on the transformer, seeking necessary voltage. The main advantage of an autotransformer is a smooth compensation of network deviations. But wear autotransformer is much faster than relay or semiconductor.

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Three Phase Stabilizer Functions

Modern three-phase stabilizers thanks microprocessor control can simultaneously perform following functions:

  • consumer protection against overvoltage in the network in the event of an accident and voltage exceeding the permissible limits within which stabilization is not possible. Then the device will simply turn off consumer;
  • phase imbalance protection;
  • if one of the phases disappears, the consumer switches to 2 others, distributing the load between them;
  • also has phase short circuit protection. Moreover, in In some cases, this protection is triggered before the batch machine.

Depending on the rated power, three-phase stabilizers can be issued in floor, rack or modular execution with the possibility of scalable power. Most popular now steel relay voltage regulators due to its reliability, relatively low cost per unit of power.

If necessary, the consumer can purchase a three-phase wide range stabilizer temperature range and at high humidity.

Three-phase voltage stabilizerThree-phase voltage stabilizerThree Phase Voltage Regulator

When choosing a voltage stabilizer, in order to save money, it is worth roughly calculating the existing load, and prospects its increase, in order to choose the stabilizer with the necessary by stock. Since in case of excess power consumption buying a new device. If you find it difficult to estimate prospects of increasing your home’s electricity consumption then a good solution would be to purchase a block stabilizer designs. With the possibility of subsequent capacity increase. It is also necessary to consider the factor that any stabilizer voltage is not able to work out impulse surges stresses caused by atmospheric phenomena (lightning). Therefore for providing a country house with a safe energy supply system take an integrated approach well. Regarding the choice specific manufacturer, then there is already a question of personal choice everyone.

It is not recommended to buy cheap Chinese appliances manufacturers, since very often declared capacity and the number of stabilization steps does not correspond to the real one.

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