Stihl ms 440 chainsaw – pros top quality level

Chainsaw Stihl MS 440 in the ranking of quality and productive forestry equipment takes one from leading places.

Designed for professional felling of large trees tool diameter is characterized by increased power reliability of component systems and assemblies, modern comfort and job security.

Innovative technologies were introduced into its design, which allowed bring the product to the level of maximum efficiency and profitability.

Stihl MS 440 chainsaw - pros of the highest quality levelPhoto: Stihl MS 440 chainsaw


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  • 2 Design Features
  • 3 Specifications
  • 4 Headset
  • 5 Information support
  • 6 Advantages and disadvantages
  • 7 Price
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  • 9 Owner Reviews

Operational capabilities

Saw Calm MS 440 in its corporate range is one of the most powerful and reliable in operation, which determines its suitability for application in difficult and extreme conditions.

Superior tool comfort balancing, minimal vibration and background noise. Ergonomic handle configuration for reliable capture concentrated in one place controls allow the operator to pay more attention to the workflow.

Design features

According to users, the model compares favorably with similar analogues:

  • large stock of engine torque and stability revolutions in all operating modes;
  • convenient access to adjusting and tuning points;
  • increased headset resource;
  • the most advanced automatic system in its category chain lubrication and cooling;
  • effective operation of the tool emergency stop mechanism, minimizing the consequences of emergency situations.

A reliable starter with a device is included in the standard package. quick start ElastoStart, easy-to-use side tensioner chains, carburetor heating circuit, random lock start.

Branded parts are presented in a large assortment, allowing you to restore the worn engine or replaceable saw equipment by almost 100%.

Stihl MS 440


Despite the wide functionality, the dimensions of the saw compared to previous models have not changed. Dry tool weighing 6.3 kg can claim to be compact.

  • Model Calm MS 440 is powered by high speed 70.7 cm3 two-stroke carburetor engine and power 5.4 h.p.
  • The power unit operates on a high-octane fuel mixture gasoline and engine oil for two stroke ICE. Fuel goes to carburetor from an internal tank with a volume of 780 ml.
  • Correctly adjusted carburetor with compensator and internal primer ensures stable operation of the engine with minimal dependence on external factors.

Traction characteristics are supplemented by a reserve of torque, allowing in the process of work to compensate for sharp changes operational loads.

Model Stihl MS 440
Manufacturer Stihl
Production (assembly) Germany
Brand homeland Germany
Saw class Professional
Horsepower (kW) 5.4 (4.0)
Engine displacement, cm3 70.7
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1,6
Number of links, pcs 72
Fuel tank volume, l 0.78
Oil tank volume, l 0.28
Tire length cm (inches) 50 (20)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 6.3
Instruction manual Download


The saw is equipped with a branded tire length of 500 mm and wear-resistant Rapid Micro 72-link chain with standard 3/8 inch pitch. Length tires allows you to cut wood trunks with a diameter in one go up to 40 cm. For productive sawing hard and frozen wood recommended reinforced chain 36 Rapid Super Comfort.

The chain is lubricated and cooled with oil, which is fed into working area from a 275 ml tank built into the tank body. The use of an automatic metering pump reduces chain consumption lubricants an average of 50%. Side chain tensioner reduces maintenance time.

Considering working conditions, increased efficiency and reliability emergency brake. Chain lock activated by light movement guard in the direction of the tire.

Information Support

Get skills to prepare the tool for work, current servicing, troubleshooting and novice sawn failure the instructions for the standard kit will help operation. There are also recommendations for selection and features application of consumables.

Advantages and disadvantages

Working and operating parameters of the saw are at a high quality level. The design of the tool fully meets recommendations and requirements of applicable regulatory documents and industry standards.

The advantages of this model:

  • moderate cost for its class;
  • convenient for everyday work combination of machine design, comfort and high performance;
  • the most reliable fuel system in its category;
  • diaphragm type carburetor with integrated fuel pump, provides easy engine start, stability of the saw horizontal, vertical and diagonal positions;
  • the presence of a compensator supporting the operation of the engine on economy modes for a long time;
  • the device stabilizes the operating speed of the power unit by proper level even with reduced performance of contaminated air intake filter.

Numerous reviews by owners and operators are not contain information about the presence of any technical and manufacturing flaws.


The cost of this model in Moscow, St. Petersburg and central regions of the country established in the range of 39600-40000 rubles. Price a technically sound tool in the used category, with enough a large supply of working resources is 50-60% of the cost new product.


Stihl MS 440 chainsaw has few competitive prototypes. For the most part, these are branded developments of leading European and Asian manufacturers. In the domestic market professional chainsaw equipment presented Popular models identical in application – Hyundai X 560, BOSCH GKE 40 BCE, MAKITA EA3502S40B and FORTE FGS5800 Profesional. If you need something less professional and cheaper something you can pay attention to Stihl ms 180 from the same company

Owner reviews

The indisputable advantages of chainsaws of a calm brand made sure after a year and a half of part-time work at logging. Specifically model Stihl MS 440 is demanding on the quality of consumables and service, but does not fail even in the most difficult conditions work. I got a three-year-old machine that remembered the best of times prescription, which even in 22 degree frost started with second or third attempt. The only drawback is the weight. Weight fuel and oil tool is about 8 kg Leonid

I have a small sawmill business, two saws on the farm Calm model 362, another MS 440 Series instrument held in reserve. The quality of Calm chainsaws and consumables has every reason to become a reference. Convinced of the need to abandon cheap fuel and lubricant surrogates. The cost of quality fuels and branded oils are fully compensated. Old the equipment worked out all the resources completely, but after the current The repair is still in working condition. Valery Stepanovich

Last fall alone, the value brought from Belarus Chainsaw Calm paid off almost half. Main job – logging and cleaning of land from old trees. A tool worthy in all respects. The pluses are the easy launch, possibility of single-cutting thick trunks at ¾ passport power, economical consumption of chain oil. At first the saw seemed hard enough, but after two weeks of practice everything came in the norm. One sharpening of the company chain is enough for sawing 10 and more cubes of different wood. Sergei

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