Spiral staircase (50 photos): spectacular interior solutions

Metal Spiral Staircase

Futuristic metal spiral staircase

In which interiors are spiral staircases appropriate? What are they made of? and what you need to know before installing such a ladder in your home? The answers are in our review!

Perhaps one of the most practical and aesthetic stairs are screw. They save space in small spaces and serve as a true decoration for spacious apartments. They are so universal that can be applied in almost any style. Today we will tell you what they are made of, what you need to consider when installation and what visual techniques you can apply using this element of the interior.


  • What is a spiral staircase?
  • What are spiral staircases?
  • Technical features of installation
  • Materials
  • Spiral staircase in the interior

What is a spiral staircase?

The spiral staircase has a complex shape and from the very first seconds attracts attention. You can not confuse it with other designs. It consists of wedge-shaped running steps, which are located under a certain radius, as well as railings and supporting elements.

Spiral staircase with wooden steps

Spiral staircase with wooden steps

Black spiral staircase with white steps

Black spiral staircase with white steps

As a support for screw lifting can serve:

  • Central pillar;
  • Bearing wall;
  • Rack;
  • Bowstrings;
  • Spiral braids;
  • Bolts.


Blue spiral staircase

What are spiral staircases?

In total, four types of spiral staircases are known. Each of them has its features and installation details.

Industrial style metal staircase

• The wide end of the running stage must be at least 40 centimeters (most often equal to 41-50 cm.), and narrow – 10 centimeters. • The diameter of the supporting part is often 20-50 millimeters.

Massive staircase

Massive staircase with stone steps

• The sizes of screw lifts can be completely different – narrow and wide. They depend on the area of ​​the room. But worth remember that the screw structure takes about 2-2.2 meters area. • The height between the steps should be at least 18-20 centimeters.

Unusual spiral staircase

Unusual spiral staircase made of wood

Tip. Equip the stairs with comfortable handrail to avoid injuries. Keep the correct height steps and calculate the correct width of the tread. If the house has young children, do closed staircase options.

Bright spiral staircase in a modern style

2. Railing: • metal; • glued hardwood; •a combination of wood and metal.

Beautiful staircase

A beautiful staircase in black contrasts perfectly with white a sofa

3. Steps: • metal; • plastic; • glass; • array of valuable species of wood (ash, oak, beech).

As fasteners between these elements can serve coupling fastening, welding or bolts.


Mediterranean style white staircase

Spiral staircase in the interior

Such stairs are popular today, not only because they save square meters, but also distinguished by grace, wealth design decisions and can even visually change the space. For example, if you want to create a pleasant light atmosphere, then bet on glass steps to be complemented metal balusters and wooden railing. Such an option Great for interiors in a contemporary style.

Staircase in a modern style

Modern style staircase

A shod spiral staircase from metal will certainly become decoration of a country house. Especially if it is executed in classic style.

Forged stairs

Forged staircase

Wooden stairs with minimal decor will be fine look in eco-style, and glass and metal stairs Perfectly fit into the hi-tech style.

Staircase in a stylish interior

Green staircase in a stylish interior

Swirling lifts of a private house are most often performed it is an aesthetic function. A console is often placed near them. interesting design with vibrant colors. The apartment has such stairs save space and can be arranged under them additional storage places.

Stylish staircase

Stylish staircase in elegant style

Beautiful wooden staircase

Beautiful wooden staircase

This design can also act as an art object – interesting color, unusual shape, with intricate decor or LED backlight.

Beautiful staircase in the interior

Beautiful wrought iron staircase in oriental style.

Unusual spiral staircase

Unusual spiral staircase that strikes with its length

Tip. If the staircase is dark, then visually it seems bigger, but if it contrasts with white the background of the walls, it already acts as an active element of the interior. It is worth supporting the composition with a few decorative details (pillows, curtains, accessories) and the space will be transformed to unrecognizable.

Staircase of unusual design

Staircase of unusual design in the Italian interior

Do it yourself spiral staircase or to order – not important. The main thing is that all technical points and the stairs fit your interior well. Then in it A pleasant and stylish atmosphere will reign.

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