Small Bathroom Design: How to Use space and 80+ functionally thought-out interiors

Stylish interior of a small bathroom in the loft style

Stylish interior of a small loft style bathroom

If you got a bathroom with an area of ​​only 3 square meters. m, then at When choosing a design, you’ve probably looked through many options and different photos. To make it beautiful and comfortable, you have to pay attention to all elements of the arrangement. Of course, harder than doing everything perfectly in a spacious room, but still perhaps.


  • Storage of things
  • Large home appliances
  • Which bath to choose?
  • Shower stall
  • Toilet bowls
  • What to do with the washbasin?
  • Decor
  • Accents
  • Materials


When properly planned, even a small bathroom can become comfortable

Beautiful interior of a hygienic room with an area of ​​3 square meters.

Beautiful interior of a hygienic room of 3 square meters. m

Brickwork in the design of the bathroom

Brickwork in the design of the bathroom

The first step in interior planning is to inspect what we got to work. Because only ergonomic design will be to please. So, the questions you need to answer before you begin planning:

  • Is the bathroom separate or combined?
  • Is the bathroom used for storage or everything is in another place?
  • Does the washing machine stand here or in the kitchen?
  • Do you prefer to take a shower or bath?
  • Do you need a boiler or is it better without it?

Shower cubicle located behind the partition

Shower cubicle located behind the partition

After answering these questions on hand a list of the main structural elements and it’s time to move on to the specifics.

Storage of things An interesting design of a bathroom of 3 square meters in high-tech style

Interesting 3 sqm bathroom design m. in high-tech style

Let’s start by storing things. Why? If you look at the photo cool bathrooms, you can immediately see one thing in common: a minimum of things on open surfaces. The smaller, the better, in any style. because it is necessary to provide where to place cans and bottles so that they do not blocked the beauty. If you don’t think about it right away, then it turns out that there is nowhere to put them.

What things are there in the bathroom and for how many people? These are shampoos balms, gels, women’s cosmetics, children’s toys. Plus household chemistry for washing and cleaning, plus brooms, scoops, mops and rags, and bucket for mopping if you use it.

Tip! American cleaning companies recommend for cleaning to buy a lot of napkins and rags at once. So that in the process set aside stained and take clean. And wash everything together in end of cleaning. It saves a lot of time and effort on a constant running around to the washbasin.

These things are many, they are relatively small, but bright. because visually take a lot of space in the bathroom and look like a mess, like do not lay out. So that the design of the bathroom is not lost behind them, even before choosing a finish and even plumbing, think about how to make these badly needed things less noticeable.

Count how many things each family member has in their daily use, and what is needed only occasionally to understand how many lockers and shelves you need. And count the household chemistry and cleaning products. How much space do you need for them? If you keep something else in the bathroom, such as tools, Christmas decorations etc., then you need to consider them too.

Classic style in the interior of the bathroom

Classic style in the interior of the bathroom

For compact storage of these tools, there are several options. Boxes, organizers, cabinets, open shelves. But the experience of designers suggests that it is better to combine. So, if every family member own box or organizer, then maintaining order in them is much simpler. Because even if things are randomly dumped into a box, then it looks neater than a battery of jars and cones.

Large home appliances

The washing machine, installed under the countertop, fits perfectly into the interior

The washing machine installed under the countertop is excellent fit into the interior

Designing a bathroom with a washing machine and toilet is already a challenge not easy. But it will be greatly complicated by the need to put a boiler or gas column. Disguise them and will not work in any way. But there is ways to minimize damage from these monsters. So that they took up less space, they are recommended to be hung over a toilet bowl or for a door so that they are not so striking.

Horizontal boiler mounted in a niche

Niche horizontal boiler

Also, consult an experienced plumber. Maybe your the boiler model is suitable for horizontal installation and so will less noticeable. Take a look at chrome options water heaters. In combination with other metallic elements he will not be so striking.

Sliding doors will help to hide large household appliances

Sliding doors will help to hide large household appliances

The next step: a washing machine and a laundry basket. Stereotype about a top-loading car lasted a long time, but for a small The bathroom is more suitable for side loading machines. Because on her on top you can put something or the machine itself under something hide.

One of the good options is to put the machine and the basket under one countertop with washbasin, if possible to line them along one walls. If you have to put the machine separately, then put it out the door, under the boiler, if it hangs there. A laundry basket – from above. It so happens that the angle is used to the full.

The beige color will give a sense of comfort to your interior.

Beige color gives comfort to your interior.

Which bath to choose?

Here it is worth focusing on your own preferences. If without baths with foam your life is not nice, you should not refuse it to increase the space, even by 3 square meters. m. Fortunately, now enough miniature options. Corner, narrowed, shortened or completely non-standard forms.

Beautiful Scandinavian style bathroom

Beautiful Scandinavian style bathroom

In addition, some bathtubs allow the installation of decorative panels or screens behind which shelves for household chemistry. And this is a way not to worry about irrational use of space. Because there are a variety of types retractable designs to help use niches under the bathtub to the maximum.

A white bathtub against a dark background will appear much more spacious.

A white bath against a dark background will appear significantly more spacious

Corner bath is a great option for small rooms

Corner bathtub – great for small rooms

You can protect the rest of the room from water splashes with curtains, turning them into an independent color accent. Or take advantage glass. Better transparent, because visually it does not separate space at all. But remember that all the splashes will be visible on it, which means you have to wash it often. Matte version less demanding care, but the effect of a single space is not will give.

Shower stall

A shower has a lot of advantages over a traditional bathroom

A shower cabin has many advantages over a traditional bath

Firstly, it is environmentally friendly. And economically, because water consumption significantly less. And secondly, what is important in our case, the expense space too. And the choice of booths is not inferior bathtubs. They differ in both form and filling. In some even You can listen to the radio. But remember that expensive models are often larger. But the small bathrooms are 3 sq. m will be better if you win more a bit of space with corner models.

But more important when choosing a pallet height. If there are kids in the house or older people, it is best to choose low pallet models. And not forget to choose the best wall material. As usual for space saving fit transparent sliding doors.

There is also a radical option to expand space – shower Finnish type. When the sink settles right on the floor, the main thing here correctly make the correct drain. To do this, the floor is laid with a slope in direction of the ladder for water. Ideally, for such a design you need warm floor of water type, so that the water dries quickly. But such the design does not take up space at all and even in a small room can be safely moved. Also, with the device it’s convenient to make such a shower niche for storage in which to place выдвижные ящики, на всю высоту.Separation of the color of individual zones in the interior of the bathroom

Разделение цветоm отдельных зон в the interior bath комнаты

Toilet bowls

Saving on finishing materials is one of the main advantages of the combined bathroom

Saving on finishing materials is one of the main advantages combined bathroom

You are lucky if you can plan a 3 sq. Bathroom design. мwithout a toilet. But if this cannot be avoided, then there are ways to place Its as compact as possible. For example, hanging toilets look easier and easier to clean with them. Yes, installation requires a box, which will take part of the area to hide the tank and pipes. But on the resulting protrusion you can put often necessary things or decor. By the way, the corner installation is also suitable for the toilet, although this somewhat unusual.

Red color in the interior of the bathroom combined with the toilet

Red color in the interior of the bathroom, combined with the toilet

A hanging toilet will save some space in your interior

A hanging toilet will save some space in your интерьере

Advice! If your family members do not have any specific plumbing needs, pay attention to miniature options. In terms of functionality, they are not inferior to ordinary ones, but easier to stand in a small room.

Plumbing fixtures with an unusual design in the interior of the loft style

Plumbing fixtures with an unusual design in the interior style loft

What to do with the washbasin?

Washbasins are often cleaned completely, just to save space. Especially if there is a bath. But if you opted for a booth, then you need him. And there are ways to install it without loss area.

In the bathroom 3 sq. M. The washbasin should be compact

The bathroom is 3 square meters. m. the washbasin should be compact

The corner sink is perfect for the interior of a small bathroom

The corner sink is perfect for the interior of a small ванной

A simple option is small corner models. They are enough to wash and brush your teeth, and take up a minimum of space. More complex – a sink with a side drain. Under such constructions, everything the space is free, which means a washing machine will fit there, shelves or cabinet.

Important little things! If the bathroom needs clothesline, then your way is folding. When folded, it’s just bright plank on the wall, almost imperceptible.

A washbasin located on the bathroom is another great way to save space.

A washbasin located on the bathroom is another great way space saving


Stylish modern interior of a small bathroom

Stylish modern interior of a small bathroom

It’s better to go over to the choice of finishes only when it’s already clear where it stands. The general rules for finishing a small bath are the same as for any small room.

  • Light colors. They visually expand the space and give feeling of cleanliness
  • Glossy surfaces that reflect light. As well as mirrors expand space. But in a small room a mirror it is better to hang one so that the mirror effect does not work corridor.

A mirror in the interior will help to visually increase the space

The mirror in the interior will help to visually increase the space

Glossy silver walls in a modern interior

Glossy silver walls in a modern interior

  • Medium or small decorative elements, so as not to visually overload space. But you shouldn’t grind too much either, so as not to ripple in the eyes. For example, mosaic some decorative elements are a great idea, but to cover the pixel the whole room is not very tiled; eyes get tired.
  • Vertical and horizontal lines. You can use them visually expand the space or raise the ceiling. But here a rule similar to the rules in clothing applies: so that the line visually stretched the silhouette, it should be continuous and not break into pieces. You can create these lines not only with decoration, but also, for example, hang horizontal shelves.

Vertical stripes will make the room visually taller

Vertical stripes make the room visually taller

  • Diagonal is another way to use visual effects. If you lay floor tiles diagonally, then the room is also a bit will expand.


Ceramic sink and bright mosaic will become bright accents of your design

Ceramic sink and bright mosaic will become bright accents your design

In general, it is preferable to choose miniature parts. But here too exceptions are possible. For example, one large, bright element can divert attention from less successful ones. For example, from a boiler. But better Do not get involved with the number of accents, if the place is not enough. Bright rug, towels and soap dispenser may turn out to be quite it is enough if the color schemes of the walls already have bright elements. This is a way to freshen up the interior as you like. Just hang textiles of a different color, change dispensers, sew covers on baskets, if you use them. New impression and low cost.

A bright wall will help highlight a specific area.

A bright wall helps highlight a specific area

So that your interior is not boring, add bright elements to it

So that your interior is not boring – add bright the elements

Dark colors. They can be of great help if use them dosed. For example, darken a niche so that it looked deeper than it really was. Or put a dark tile on the floor so that it contrasts brightly with the white ceiling and enlarges the height of the room. For example, in the design of combined bathroom 3 sq. m darken the niche with the toilet.

White will soften the red-black combination and make the interior more relaxed.

White color will soften the red-black combination and make the interior more calm

3 sqm bathroom design m: materials

The interior of the bathroom must withstand quite complex conditions. Water, temperature changes. Traditional trim ceramic or porcelain tiles. This is a practical option. moisture resistant, not susceptible to mold, easy to clean and pleases with choice colors and textures.

The tile in the interior decoration of the bathroom is the most popular

The tile in the decoration of the interior of the bathroom is the most popular

One of the modern materials is vinyl wallpaper. They are durable resistant to moisture, they can be washed and painted. But even with that in mind they are best glued to the driest parts of the room. Nevertheless vinyl is a good way to make unusual accents because stylistically, they are very different from the usual patterns of tiles. For example, you can play on the contrast of natural textures and delicate flower patterns.

Bathroom design 3 sq. M: vinyl wallpaper in the decoration of the walls of the bathroom

Vinyl wallpaper in the decoration of the walls of the bathroom

For fans of minimalism in the decoration, there are moisture resistant paints. If you prefer simple, smooth surfaces, then Now there are enough suitable materials that are easy to care for. AND often contain antifungal components. And with coloring, you can easily create exactly the color that corresponds to your idea, which is not always possible with using finished materials.

The interior of a small bathroom in the style of boho

Boho style small bathroom interior

And do not forget to take care that the furniture, if it is yes, it was also resistant to moisture. For example, process surfaces with special compounds that can be found in building stores. And also the seams and joints between the furniture that you do not plan to move, it is worth closing with sealant so that there is no water and dust fell.

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