Sliding interior doors (63 photos): comfort and functionality

Sliding interior doors - a practical solution for a modern apartment

Sliding interior doors – a practical solution for modern apartment

Sliding doors came to Europe from the eastern outskirts of Asia. IN Japan and China use such door designs from the ancient times. This is due to the peculiarity of oriental designs, and saving space and materials. Paper-tightened wooden frames fit perfectly into the housing of these peoples and were used everywhere. Today ergonomics and a variety of sliding Doors are valued worldwide, and are periodically used in various interiors.


  • Advantages of Sliding Structures
  • Kinds
  • Material and style
  • Hardware and installation
  • Care

Creative Designer Sliding Doors

Creative Designer Sliding Doors

The bright shade of the door dilutes the gray plain interior

A bright shade of the door dilutes the gray plain interior

Mobile structures can be used with any form of opening

Mobile designs can be used with any opening forms

The bright red door echoes the color of the sofa cushions

Bright red door echoes the color of sofa cushions

Advantages of Sliding interior doors

The main advantage of sliding interior doors is their ergonomics. They are highly comfortable in operation, are made of various materials, do not require door frame installation. All these qualities are well suited for small spaces, but also in spacious rooms sliding Designs are not without zest.

Mobile interior designs have enhanced operating comfort

Mobile interior designs have an increased comfortable operation

Such a door will surely attract the attention of your guests.

Such a door will surely attract the attention of your guests.

Elegant glass sliding door between the bathroom and the bedroom

Elegant glass sliding door between the bathroom and the bedroom

Strict wooden structure

Strict wooden structure

Mobile partition between rooms

Mobile partition between rooms


What do manufacturers offer us and how to coordinate their choice with interior design and dimensions of the apartment or house. Let’s start off with, that all interior doors of a similar design are divided into parallel-sliding and folding-folding. That is, by the method closing and opening. Then comes the distribution of models by type, in which there are:

  • one-door sliding door Designed for a narrow doorway;

Creative single-leaf sliding door

Creative single leaf sliding door

  • double doors can close overall openings such as arches, the interior fits easily and are practical in operation;

Double doors in a round aperture

Double-leaf doors in a round opening

  • folding interior doors folding accordion vertical blinds, perfect for bathroom rooms, pantry or narrow corridor, but, with appropriate design, can be placed in the office, and in the living room;

Foldable accordion saves space in a small room

Foldable accordion saves space in a small room

  • “pencil case” is a solid design sliding doors with high soundproofing properties, it conveniently hides in the wall and does not violate the integrity of the style;

Раздвижная дверь-"пенал" - дверное полотно входит в стену

Sliding door – “pencil case” – the door leaf enters the wall

  • “sliding door” interior doors occupy a leading position in consumer demand, can move along the wall, and hide in it, applicable to any living room in the house;

Sliding doors - a modern practical solution for the living room

Sliding doors – a modern practical solution for the living room

  • sliding partitions are an effective element zoning of the room, especially if it is small-sized, in one-room apartment, they allow you to separate the bedroom from the work cabinet.

A moving partition will allow you to hide or open certain areas of the room

Moving partition allows you to hide or open individual room areas

An important point in the design of such doors is the material from which they are made.

Material and style

The material of the door affects both its performance and sets a certain direction to the style of the interior. Door-shaped not experiment, because only a flat rectangle able to freely “walk” along the wall. Yes, and the main the task of the sliding door is to save space. We decided combine a review of material and style to visually determine where and what to put.

Classics ennobles the room, gives it respectability and aristocracy. The best material for sliding doors in Classical style stands tree. Strict lines proportionality of the picture, emphasized simplicity, multiplied by Natural wood pattern, look exquisite and prestigious. Natural wood can be replaced with veneer or combined with другими материалами.Classical dining room

Классическая столовая

In high-tech, everything is the opposite of classic. Metal and glass, shine and innovative elements of decor, and mandatory ergonomics – so sliding doors look in this style. Plastic and aluminum profiles, solid and with frosted glass inserts – such doors perfectly in harmony with high-tech household appliances and complement the original style decor.

Hi-tech style

Hi-tech style

Art Nouveau is characterized by smooth lines, a smooth surface and palette of marine and floral colors. For modern frame and canvas Sliding door, choose wood or plastic, the main thing is to save stylish and functional essence of the room.

Advice! If the door leaf is made made of glass, choose a triplex that is resistant to damage, or strained glass. However, for a children’s room such a model is not will do. For the child, you must choose a safe material and устойчивую конструкцию, лучше всего “пенал”.For a child, it is advisable to choose a model made of environmentally friendly materials

Для детской целесообразно подобрать модель, выполненную изenvironmentally friendly materials

Fans of luxury and pomposity should pay attention to Baroque sliding doors. Stained glass, carving, complex ornament – here are the signs of such doors. Often they are performed in white, with gilded frame trim. To enhance the effect, select model “pencil case”, this will make it possible to arrange the door portal arched elements.

Baroque door - a masterpiece in your room

Baroque door – a masterpiece in your room

Wenge sliding interior doors look very stylish. They are “enter” into most styles, and feel great in rustic, and African, and classic, and even in art deco and hi-tech, if located competently and competently.

The color of wenge is suitable for Provence, African, eco and other styles.

Wenge color is suitable for Provence, African, eco and other

Elegance and sophistication accompanies sliding doors in their familiar Japanese shoji style. However, they will not deter odors and sounds, therefore, are not suitable for baths, kitchens and toilets.

Shoji-style door structure - transparent and airy

Shoji-style door structure – transparent and airy

A special case is sliding glass interior doors without frames, with hinges on casters on which glass is hung the canvas. In such models, increased sound insulation. In addition, they can be made of multi-colored glass, which, of course, interesting for the interior.

Glass sliding door

Glass sliding door


Since the design of interior sliding doors assumes the presence of guide rails and rollers, then care behind them consists of several important procedures.

  • Guide rails should be regularly cleaned of them dirt particles. Pay particular attention to the bottom rail.
  • Lubricate door rollers and door locks as needed.
  • Remove dirt from roller carriages.
  • Clean the door leaf in the usual way, which is also used for swing models – a damp cloth for wooden and plastic surfaces, special composition for glass cloth.
  • Use aluminum wax for aluminum door parts, which will protect them from oxidation.

If you follow these simple rules, then your sliding door will serve you for a long time.

Baby blue partition

Baby blue partition

Folding sliding door

Folding door

Modern glass sliding door

Contemporary glass sliding door

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