Roller blinds on plastic windows (38 photos): aesthetics and functionality

In the open state - this is a full-fledged window curtain, which both allows you to effectively protect the room from the penetration of sunlight, and acts as a separate decorative element

In the open state – this is a full-fledged window curtain, which how to effectively protect the room from penetration sunlight, and acts as a separate decorative element

Roller blinds (often called “Roman blinds”, there is another name – a roll type curtain) – this cloth web mounted on a metal working shaft. Thanks to the lifting mechanism, the shaft rotates, folding the curtain in a roll that allows you to quickly remove the drapery. Besides, roller blinds go well with ordinary curtains.


  • Roller blinds: note the advantages
  • Disadvantages of roller blinds
  • Types of roller blinds
  • Installation of roller blinds

Roller blinds: note the advantages

Roller blinds that are installed on plastic windows, covered with a special composition with dust and moisture repellent, and protects from burnout. Besides Moreover, they have other advantages:

  • compactness – folding up a roll, they occupy a minimum places leaving the window sill completely free. Besides, there is an opportunity to install furniture in the immediate proximity to the window

One of the main advantages of roller blinds is their compactness.

One of the main advantages of roller blinds is their compactness

  • a variety of choices – you can choose roller blinds almost any style and interior (with the exception of the classic and Empire, there they will look like an absolutely alien body). They are can be made of linen, silk, cotton, PVC cloth or polyester. They can be monophonic, with a printed pattern (in the children’s room will especially look curtains with photo print), in the form of curtains with tassels and fringe, “wood-like” and “under the bamboo.” You can choose roller blinds specifically for room, for example, with high humidity, for zoning apartments or elements, for example, such curtains are ideal Suitable for bay window. There are special heat insulating curtains and with a special anti-reflective coating

Effective curtains with an original print

Spectacular curtains in the bedroom with an original print

  • different permeability – depending on the material, roll Curtains can block 15 to 100 percent of sunlight. Therefore, the curtain can be used both as a tulle and as blackout curtains. – depending, of course, on the choice of fabric. For maximum blackouts use black-out fabric: guides completely hide the gap between the glazing bead and fabric, thereby preventing even slight penetration of light

Curtains with high light transmission

High light curtains

Dense curtains, almost impervious to sunlight

Dense curtains, almost impervious to sunlight

Disadvantages of roller blinds

  • insufficient durability – above all, rotating a mechanism that has low strength. Aiming as much as possible reduce the cost of the product, manufacturers use low-quality plastic that breaks easily, deforms and erases
  • the fabric has an unpleasant property – to absorb the smell, therefore, for Kitchens should choose curtains with special impregnation, because roller blinds do not wash
  • when installed on a window frame or inside a window opening the curtains cannot open the window. The disadvantage is eliminated if you install the curtains on the sash profile

Bright roller blinds with an individual pattern will fit into almost any interior

Bright, custom-designed roller blinds in almost any interior

Roller blinds made of high-density materials - a popular element of decor for a children's room

Roller blinds for children from high density materials – popular decor element

Repeating floral motifs in the design of the room

Repeating floral motifs in the design of the room

An example of the successful use of roller blinds in the bathroom

An example of the successful use of roller blinds in the bathroom

Delicate curtains with floral patterns in a lavender-pink interior

Delicate floral curtains in lavender pink the interior

Types of roller blinds

  • mini – free-hanging roller blinds, their most economical view. Their main advantage is the ability to install almost to any windows (openings). However, they can be installed without drilling (and therefore – leakage) window profile. The driving mechanism is the shaft on which the fabric is wound. Control carried out using a chain. When installed on inclined or opening sashes will require a warning system sagging

Mini - free-hanging roller blinds

Mini – free-hanging roller blinds

Compact and easy-to-use mini-curtains

Compact and easy-to-use mini-curtains

  • cassette blinds – in this case the roll is hidden in aluminum box, and the movement of the fabric occurs along the guides, so the fabric does not sag and is reliably protected. Cassette roll curtains are installed exclusively on plastic windows and have two systems – UNI 1 (cheaper) and UNI 2. UNI 2 system can be mounted on any type of plastic windows, UNI 1 – only on those that have a deep glazing bead (narrow rail mounted on glass edges) – more than 16 mm. The disadvantage of the UNI 1 system – at high temperatures when lowering or raising the fabric may occur distortions and delays, which, however, are non-critical

Cassette blinds

Cassette blinds

  • “lovolight” – a system of roll wallpaper designed especially for large window openings. With this designs mounted decorative boxes, it is possible install a motorization unit, including with a remote management. Very convenient for installation in offices, homes or on display windows when there is a need to completely close the window opening

Система "ловолайт" предназначена для больших оконных проемов

Система “ловолайт” предназначена для больших оконных проемов

day-night – double roller blinds of cassette type with spring management. The design allows the use of two different types fabrics, so you can choose fabrics with different degrees light transmission – separately for daytime use, separately – for the night. The window can be closed from two directions – from the bottom or from above. Especially in demand for installation on the ground floors or when neighboring houses are too close. Конструкция "день- ночь" – двойные рулонные шторы кассетного типа с пружинным управлением

Конструкция “день- ночь” – двойные рулонные шторы кассетноготипа с пружинным управлением

Installation of roller blinds

Another factor that undoubtedly influenced the popularity of rolled curtains – ease of installation. Not necessary purchase and install massive cornices, installation is possible spend on your own, even with a minimum of skills. Especially simple in installation Mini roller blinds that can be installed in three methods:

  • for self-tapping screws – the most reliable way, but we must consider that if suddenly you decide to remove the curtains, then the profile will remain well noticeable holes

Installation of rolled curtains on self-tapping screws

Installation of rolled curtains on self-tapping screws

  • spring bracket – avoids damage to the frame or profile. This installation method is applicable exclusively to opening flaps. Spring bracket made of aluminum or plastic, just hung on the sash when it is in open position, pressing down a sealant. When the sash is closed no window details are injured, nothing sticks out

Spring bracket design

Spring bracket design

Два вида рулонных штор "день-ночь" на пружинном кронштейне

Два вида рулонных штор “день-ночь” на пружинном кронштейне

  • masking tape – universal mounting option, suitable as for deaf and opening sashes. In fasteners on an adhesive layer is applied to the back wall. Profile surface degrease, remove the protective tape, apply and tightly pressed to the profile. The disadvantage of this method is not enough reliable fixation, which weakens over time

Fastening the web using adhesive tape

Fastening the web using tape

Advice! Roller blinds are available on the right or left opening. When choosing curtains, please note that the chain should be located on the side opposite the window handle. For blinds you can install curtains with any placement chains.

When mounting on self-tapping screws, it is important to choose their size correctly – it must be less than the glazing bead depth, otherwise damage the glass. If the glazing bead is very thin, then use special spacers that are installed between glazing bead and box.

Advice! When mounting the box must be installed strictly horizontally, then there will be no distortions, the fabric will wrap smoothly and the mechanism will wear out evenly.

Free, smooth running of the canvas and the ability to fix the curtain in any position – the main signs of proper installation.

Details – how to properly measure and install roll curtains look at the video.

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