Partner 37 1 chainsaw – one of the most popular household class models

In recent years, the demand for household tools has increased budget level with improved technical and operational opportunities. Claimed consumer requirements in full corresponds to the Partner 371 household chainsaw.

The performance of this model is enhanced by the use of quality materials, increasing durability parts and assemblies operating in large static and variable loads.

Partner 371 chainsaw - one of the most popular consumer class modelsPhoto: Partner 371 chainsaw


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  • 3 Specifications
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  • 6 Advantages and disadvantages
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Field of practical application

The tool is designed to perform small in volume works directly related to cleaning sites from old trees, harvesting winter stocks of firewood, longitudinal, transverse and diagonal sawing of wood and wood-shaving building materials.

Despite belonging to the household class, the tool has accessories typical for semi-professional saws categories. In the basic version it is:

  • two-stage air purification scheme;
  • the presence of a quick start system;
  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • inertial brake emergency stop.


Partner 371

On the basis of a chainsaw, developed technically developed Partner P371XT Chrome version. The upgraded saw is different the presence of a vibration damper and a booster pump, increased power up to 2.2 hp

The detailed instructions included in the factory kit recommendations for preparing the tool for independent work maintenance, selection of search algorithms and elimination of possible bounce.

The spare parts available in the assortment allow the owner to perform saw repair with relatively low material costs.


Small-sized wide-function saw Partner 371 weighing 4.7 kg for a number of characteristics is not inferior to the best models semi-professional category. Tool driven economical and easy to maintain carburetor power unit with a cylinder volume of 37 cm3 and a power of 1.9 hp

The fuel mixture is prepared from gasoline with dosed engine oil for high speed two-stroke ICE. Battery life extended due to increase the volume of the fuel tank to 370 ml.

Model Partner 371
Manufacturer Partner
Production (assembly) USA
Brand homeland Sweden
Saw class Household
Horsepower (kW) 1.9 (1.4)
Engine displacement, cm3 37
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links 56
Fuel tank volume, l 0.37
Oil tank volume, l 0.2
Tire length cm (inches) 40 (16)
Noise level, dB (A) 104.3
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 4.7
Instruction manual Download

Carb adjustment

The standard carburetor has a wide range of settings that output engine for optimum power and fuel-efficient fuel consumption Work mode. Additional adjustments may be required when external effects, including load and temperature factors.


As part of the work unit, a removable 16-inch guide rail and a saw chain with a tension mechanism. Cooling and lubrication Headsets implemented through an automatic system, equipped with variable displacement pump and oil 200 ml tank.

Oil is supplied to the work area in a metered amount, in depending on engine speed, the advantages of this design in significant savings in consumables.

Emergency stop mechanism blocks the circuit when discarded tool or in the event of another traumatic situation. The inertia brake is applied by moving the protective devices forward. The function of locking the broken circuit is assigned on the built-in catcher.

Partner 371

Advantages and disadvantages

According to experts and users, the design and the working capabilities of the tool meet the requirements of existing regulatory documents:

  • thanks to the use of a balanced crankshaft engine shaft, lack of vibration damper on operator comfort almost no effect.
  • productivity of complex sawing operations is increased due to convenient shape and modern design of the case, moderate weight, excellent balance, smooth chain running and ergonomic shape convenient for reliable grip handles.

The most frequently cited shortcomings are moderate wear resistance of guide rails and chains, lack of visual control of the level of fuel and oil in the internal tanks.


In connection with the launch of the modified P371XT chainsaw Chrome, Production Model Partner 371 stopped. Last the fixed cost is at the level of 6000 rubles.


In the domestic market of budgetary chainsaw household appliances class products, identical in capacity and cost, are presented models – Champion 240-16, CubCadet CC 1936 and AL-KO BKS 3835.

Owner reviews

Thanks to cheap parts, Partner 371 was me restored literally from the state of scrap metal. Design simple, with proper assembly to get the proper result not difficult. I work on sawing firewood for the second year without significant problems. Nikolay

I operate a seasoned Partner with a 14-inch tire already on the rest of the resource. For many years of operation it was only bad and good, but the overall impression of this model positive. The condition of the tool is still operational if thoroughly refuses, I will take the Chrome model with a 16 inch tire and built-in vibration damper. Arkady Vasilievich

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