Organization of office interior

Smart VS handsome?

The practical task of arranging an office is optimization space, creating the most productive and comfortable jobs and budget savings.

And the aesthetic, image role is assigned to the office interior: with tastefully decorated office – this is an advance of respect from partners, customers and a nice addition to the characteristics of a potential employer for new employees.

Office furniture

The historical heritage of the “bossy” cabinet of the Soviet period formed a stereotype of “cabinet” furniture, how about bulky, the same type and faceless.

However, manufacturers of modern office furniture demonstrate impressive collections of inexpensive, functional, competently engineered and stylish at the same time furniture.

Minimum congestion – maximum functionality

The greatest value in the whole world has acquired information from the speed of its assimilation, processing and transmission depends on the effectiveness business. High productivity of these processes becomes the main task when designing an office.

High technology tends to make shapes easier and smaller sizes, so everything is high-tech, thin, lightweight. This also applies to furniture: in trend today light and elegant furniture.

The bulkiness no longer looks respectable, even if the mobile device is approaching the tablet in size, and the TV takes up half a wall – they remain thin and light.

What characteristics distinguish office furniture “last generation “?

Furniture industry experts report high-quality furniture:

  • It is easily mounted and dismantled when moving;
  • Doors and drawers open easily, silently, all mechanisms work silently, imperceptible accessories and a coupler are used last generation;
  • Designed by engineers, in accordance with its purpose and ergonomic laws;
  • Designed for installation in complex, non-standard layout, lack of work space, installation on uneven the floor. The modularity of the elements allows for installation several jobs on a single frame and much more.

Image role of office interior

In today’s competitive world, the look of a professional has great importance: it is no coincidence in the requirements of most vacancies indicate a “presentable appearance.”

High tech is good, but first impression formed in the first seven seconds, therefore a representative office, decorated in a single style, forms the image and reputation enterprises, like a good suit – the image of the head.

The first impression cannot be made twice, but it’s very spoiling easy. To avoid this, it is better to provide in the budget for arrangement of office image, representative “articles”.

Upholstered furniture in the office: need or sophistication?

A delicate moment in the design of the office is the choice of upholstered furniture. Too “home” sofa or too soft chair with frivolous upholstery patterns can distract an employee or client from official mood – it is better to avoid such furniture.

Any upholstered furniture in the office will be actively used.

How to ensure that upholstered furniture in the office does not look for a long time “tired”?

  1. give preference to a sofa or armchair with upholstery made of material, resistant to fading, moisture, dirt and mechanical abrasion;
  2. choose furniture with quality filler to soft seat elements did not sell out over time;
  3. find out what materials the furniture frame is made of, which fittings used, specify restrictions on operation, established by the manufacturer.

In the design of the office upholstered furniture is better to rely on the style of the interior as a whole and the direction of activity enterprises.

In a bank office or government agency, upholstered furniture is appropriate classic interior traditions. And if the company is engaged design, art, show business, service in the beauty industry – You can safely choose spectacular and even extravagant furniture.

12 Organization of office interior Organization of office interior

Where to put something?

Office shelving

In addition to furniture for staff and upholstered furniture, for quick and functional arrangement of storage facilities used racks. IN office metal shelving is useful for placing heavy items, such as a small mobile safe. Anticorrosive the coating will protect the shelves from scratches if put on the shelves something very heavy and bulky.

Tall racks with lots of shelves are very roomy, but still it’s recommended to leave a gap of about 10 cm. between top shelf and ceiling.

Not a fake, but a replica!

High-quality office furniture, like any brand, can copy using cheap and unsafe for humans materials.

The choice of office furniture supplier with positive many years of experience and good reputation on the market.

A reliable, responsible manufacturer will provide the necessary documents confirming the safety of their products for health person declarations and certificates of conformity.

Types of Office Spaces

Cabinet type office

  • We return to the stereotype of “nomenclature” traditions with long corridors and cabinets along them. In the office cabinet type privacy serves as isolation. It is justified when The main task of the employee is the reception of visitors and individual Work. The cabinet format is best suited for the specifics of work government agency.

Open space

  • In contrast to the traditional view, an open office or open-space is a space of impressive dimensions, where At the same time a large number of employees are accommodated. Workers places are separated from each other by partitions or only by computer monitors.

The open-space format is the result of an increase in the cost of office rent in conditions of space deficit – on the one hand, and on the other – adaptation to the requirements of a dynamically developing business, where teamwork, mobility, flexibility and transparency.

Combined Office

  • Mixed office or combi office combines the benefits open space with the advantages of isolation of office areas special purpose. Team spirit and high dynamics open-space does not interfere with the concentrated work of specialists, in need of privacy.

Premises with office equipment intended for collective use are usually located at the center of such office and separated by transparent partitions from personal rooms and group rooms.

Office areas

The reception

  • An elegant interior solution will be the design of the reception and Head office in a single style. At the same time, the reception is a full-fledged workplace, and its representative functions should not infringe on the employee in the comfort of the workplace.

The meeting room

  • The choice of office furniture in the meeting area or room for meetings depends on the style of negotiation and image tasks company.

If the format of your business involves a laid-back style negotiation – for a meeting room you can choose more modern and less formal style. For companies where during Strict regulations and a dress code are respected – in traditional style furniture would be appropriate “democratic classics.”

Head office

  • The interior of the office of the head declares the status of his owner, characterizes the style of his leadership and personal preferences, because in his office the head does not only representative questions: he thinks intently, makes decisions and rests alone with himself.

The interior of the office reflects not only the welfare of the company and personal taste of the owner, he illustrates the corporate identity, company culture and mission. These criteria should be considered when choosing style for cabinet design.

Even if the leader extols lush classics, the cabinet does not should amaze subordinates with luxurious decoration – it can cause disapproval on their part, on the part of partners and visitors who notice a sharp contrast between the luxury in the office the head and the modest, budget setting of the rest of the office premises.

The leader can surround himself with status things in objects personal use, interior trifles, office equipment, etc., and The interior of the cabinet is maintained in the tradition of neoclassicism.

Demonstrate status, without affecting anyone’s feelings, modern super-quality materials, high-quality mechanisms and high technology. They will easily find a place in the progressive office a leader who prefers minimalism, urbanism, modern interior styles and advanced technology.

Zoning office spaces with partitions

  • Mobility is another valuable quality for the modern: person, business, office. Moving to a new room, change format, specifics of work or number of employees Optimize with mobile office partitions. In conditions space or budget deficits for equipment cabinet, partition quickly solves the problem of zoning space.

Office partitions do not violate stylistic unity modern office, they are perceived organically, look presentable.

Turnkey Series

  • In the turnkey series for specialized office areas the specifics of the work of employees in this zone.

For example, an office manager, archivist or accountant will appreciate a convenient organization of places of storage of documents and office, with the possibility independently complete the workplace with additional modules or accessories, so that “everything is at hand.” The manager will be productive in team work mode and multi-functional workplace. These and other features are considered by furniture industry experts. when developing turnkey solutions for the office.

At work, a person spends most of his life, and from design office depends largely on whether a person will live at work or exist-

The material was prepared with the participation of company specialists. DEFO

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