Oleo mac 936 chainsaw – Italian model last decade

Owners of country houses and summer cottages are provided the opportunity to replenish a set of home tools with development Italian brand Oleo Mac. In the best case, this is a household Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw.

Excellent technical and operational properties of this model determined by the high quality of the materials used, application modern production and assembly technologies.

Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw - Italian model of the last decadePhoto: Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw


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  • 2 Performance
  • 3 Specifications
  • 4 Headset
  • 5 Advantages and disadvantages
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Range of application

The experience of a comprehensive operation of previous developments, technical know-how and world engineering achievements.

In the private sector, universal in many regards the Oleo Mac 936 chainsaw with equal success applies:

  • for harvesting wood fuel;
  • structural cutting of building wood;
  • for the formation of woody plant landscape the interior;
  • for a wide range of chores related to sawing up various types of wood materials.

Operational properties

The tool differs from similar models with flexible traction parameters and consumable savings, uncomplicated service and comfortable working conditions.

This contributes to the stock of torque of the power unit, economical and easy to adjust carburetor, minimum level vibration and noise background. Work safety implemented emergency stop mechanism design that blocks chain movement in case of unusual situations.

The advantages of this model are a high level of maintainability. Using parts and consumables, the owner of the saw may restore its performance with minimal cost material resources.

Avoid mistakes when preparing the tool for work, timely carry out routine maintenance and promptly eliminate possible failures and malfunctions, help attached to complete instructions.

Oleo Mac 936


Saw Oleo Mac 936 weighing 4 kg is characterized by compact dimensions of the case, not excluding convenient access to adjusting units and fuel filler neck and oil reservoirs.

The model is equipped with reliable and durable in operation. two-stroke ICE of air cooling, displacement of 35.2 cm3 and 2.2 hp For the operation of the carburetor drive is used a mixture of high-octane gasoline and special engine oil. Fuel enters the carburetor from the internal 400 ml tank.

  • Loaded parts and components of the power unit are made of special forged steel.
  • Piston group improved through installation additional compression ring.
  • A quick start guarantees a manual starter in combination with primer pump and electronic ignition system.
Model Oleo Mac 936
Manufacturer Oleo Mac
Production (assembly) Italy
Brand homeland Italy
Saw class Household
Horsepower (kW) 2.2 (1.6)
Engine displacement, cm3 35,2
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Fuel tank volume, l 0.4
Oil tank volume, l 0.22
Tire length cm (inches) 35 (14) / 40 (16)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 4.0
Instruction manual Download


Components of a cutting headset – made from wear-resistant alloy 16 (14) inch guide rail, chain with driven by sprocket wheel and tensioning mechanism.

To cool the circuit, automatic lubrication is provided. Chain oil is supplied to the metering pump from the built-in housing. oil tank with a volume of 220 ml and further through the oil line to the working area. The emergency brake is applied when the upper shield is slightly moved to side of the tire.

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive feedback from owners and operators confirmation of the high quality of the tool itself, its performance and durability.

The saw for all characteristics meets the requirements and recommendations of current standards.

Comfortable work characteristic of the tool professional level contribute to:

  • effective operation of the vibration damper;
  • excellent tool balancing;
  • ergonomic shape of handles and controls.

The tool can be operated without any restrictions when Extremely high and low air temperatures.

According to users, specific to the budget assortment There are no flaws in the design of the Oleo Mack model 936 saw.

Video: saw 936 at work


To date, this model is not available for sale. The average cost of this model in the used version is 6-8 thousand rubles.


In a wide range of the same in cost and power brand chainsaw drives, models have identical characteristics ECHO CS-353ES-14, Makita EA3203S40B, Husqvarna 135.

Owner reviews

Oleo Mack has already worked pretty well back in 2009. A wide selection of spare parts allowed bring the tool in normal technical condition. For 16 inch bus power is enough with a substantial margin, consumption fuel over a long service life increased slightly. Igor Mikhailovich

After a short rental a chainsaw Oleo Mac with a 14-inch headset without refueling and of rest demolished three old apple trees and several powerful bushes under the root hazel. Another fuel tank was spent on sawing trunks. If a new tool comes on sale, I’ll take it without the slightest fluctuations. Ruslan

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