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Chic cottage with a spacious terrace

Chic cottage with a spacious terrace

Cottages came to us from England, and these were one-story houses, built to live in a small family. Quite often them the attic was equipped under the attic, which allowed increase living space. The total area of ​​such a house was 100 sq. m. Modern cottages are significantly different from classic.

They are a residential building that can be erected. both within the city and beyond. Cottage Size reaches 3 00 square meters. m, willow mandatory to him for comfort summed up communication. The building is often adjacent equipped and ennobled house territory. About what functional cottage houses still differ – read Further.


  • Wall materials
  • Roof
  • Layout
  • Interior

A small pool in the courtyard of a country house

Small pool in the courtyard of the country house

Finishing the facade with artificial stone will give the building a certain charm

Decoration of the facade with artificial stone will give the building a certain charm

Lovely country house modular type

Beautiful Modular Country House

Large panoramic windows are a decoration of the house

Large panoramic windows are a great idea for a country house

Modern beautiful cottage: materials for the walls (photo options)

Advice! As a rule, before choosing a finished building or to start work on his project, it is worth considering the material component, as well as what the disadvantages and advantages depend on data of premises. With proper use and construction the cottage will serve you for a long time.

Modern two-story house

Modern two-story house


This material is a classic for this building. Wooden cottages vary depending on wood processing and they certain features are inherent. Consider them in the table below:

Variety pros Minuses
Log and chopped The cheapest of all possible materials, especially in forest areas. The use of columnar foundation provides low thermal conductivity. Moisture penetration unlikely inward Fire hazardous. The shortest service life. Bottom part needs rain protection
From timber A simpler and therefore faster process construction. Less raw material is used. Dear. Less aesthetic
From the rounded bar Beautiful facade. Durability. Security High price. The complex and long construction process works

On a note! The main advantage of all wooden houses is it is environmental safety.


Brick houses turn out to be somewhat expensive, but at the same time they quite durable. Of course, this is subject to the rules installation. An important role in this case must be given to the foundation, as in case of violation of the norms the building may crack.

Brick houses have a lot of advantages

Brick houses have a lot of advantages

Unusual house on the slope

Unusual hillside house

Advice! The larger the building, the wider and deeper it should be foundation and reinforcement must be applied when fill.

For masonry, a variety of methods and different types are used. brick, which makes the house more attractive.

In particular, cement mortar is used, which includes yourself:

  • cement grade 200-300;
  • sand;
  • water.

Important! Despite all the advantages, brick buildings have one big drawback – they are very cold in the winter. Therefore, for the arrangement of housing, it is necessary to use additional thermal insulation. It is intended for internal or exterior decoration.

Foam concrete

A more modern material for residential buildings is foam concrete. It provides many benefits, and the main one is providing reliable thermal insulation, while it is fireproof. Well and of course not forget about the financial side – it is much lower than that of a brick. But against the background of all the advantages, it has one big drawback: foam blocks are short-lived, over time they lose their strength and other properties.

Houses from foam blocks are built quickly enough

Houses from foam blocks are built quickly enough

Roofs of modern cottages – subtleties of choice

One of the main elements in the development of objects. Roofs differ in their geometry:

  • Sloping – a flat surface resting on the walls, which are erected with different heights. This is the cheapest option, but while underneath it is impossible to equip the attic.
  • Gable is the most common option. She consists of two planes resting on a pediment in the form isosceles triangle. Differs in esthetic design and provides a significant area under the attic.

Gable roof - the most common type

Gable roof – the most common type

A small cozy house with panoramic windows

Small cozy house with panoramic windows

  • Hip – assembled from four planes in quantity walls. It is convenient in places where strong winds often rise, but in this case, the attic under it is smaller than with gable.
  • Tent – designed for square buildings. Because composed of four identical planes – isosceles sides triangle, which vertices converge at one point. She is very resistant to weather changes and precipitation.
  • Mnogoshchiptsovaya – designed to cover buildings, resembles a broken polygon. She has a very complicated structure, but at the same time such a roof looks very attractive.

  • Polyline – designed to equip the attic. She consists of two slopes, which are planes with large kink angle and rely on pediments. Provides maximum useful area of ​​the attic.
  • Dome and conical roofs are used extremely rarely. They are created for a more aesthetic look and installed on buildings with ring-shaped walling, are distinguished by the complexity of the structure, complexity of laying, etc.
  • Combined – consist of several roofing constructions.

Types of roofs: 1 - gable; 2 - gable; 3 - hip; 4 - half-hip

Types of roofs: 1 – single-pitched; 2 – twin; 3- hip; 4 – semi-slam

Advice! Choosing a roof is depending on the shape and area your facility, as well as climate features.

In addition to the form, it is necessary to deal with the material that will be the roof is covered. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range. Materials differ in their composition, properties and price, they can be divided into two types – leaf and piece.

Types of roofs: 5 - broken; 6 - domed; 7 - conical; 8 - hipped

Types of roofs: 5 – broken; 6 – dome; 7Cone; 8 – tent


Sheet materials are materials that are produced by dimensional plates. As a rule, they are distinguished by a low price. Thanks ease of installation easier to lay. Consider their features in the table below.

Material Composition Term Design Advantages Minuses
Metal tile Made of galvanized steel with double-sided polymer coating 15 years Externally imitates tiles, has a wide color gamut Availability Low sound insulation
Asbestos cement slate It is made of cement mixed with absorce 20-30 years Flat or wavy. Gray or dyed Availability, fire safety Fragility, toxicity, large mass
Ondulin Made from cellulose fibers with bitumen impregnation up to 20 years Wavy plates Light weight, affordable Not very attractive in appearance
Decking Galvanized or painted steel 15 years Corrugated Accessibility, lightness Lack of sound insulation
Rebate roof Painted metal up to 50 years old Flat sheets Durability Low noise insulation, thermal conductivity, high cost

Modern house on an individual project with a pool

Modern house on an individual project with a pool

Attention! Asbestos cement slate that was mentioned above is environmentally unsafe. Therefore, from him, despite for all the virtues, more and more refuse to European countries.

It is worth noting that all of the above types have one disadvantage – they are not suitable for creating complex roofing constructions.



Coatings that consist of small elements designed for laying the roof are piece. They usually attractive, available for facing complex structures, provide the minimum amount of waste. These include various shingles, the types of which differ in composition, time service and price:

  • Ceramic – attractive, durable, resistant to external factors that can serve up to 150 years, has a fairly high at the same time, she has a lot of weight, so there are difficulties with installation.

Country mansion with a fold roof

Country mansion with a fold roof

  • Cement-sand – more affordable and less durable, lasts up to 100 years, has the same pros and cons as previous option.
  • Shale is very expensive, yet durable. The service life is up to 200 years, environmentally friendly, attractive, durable, resistant to various influences, but she has a heavy weight, so there are installation problems.
  • Bituminous – soft, flexible, elastic, service life is 50 years old, light in weight, affordable and easy to use installation, resistant to external influences.


Advice! It is best suited for cladding roofs shingles due to their elastic properties. But not forget that it will last about 50 years.

The choice of type of coating for the roof depends on the type of its shape and your personal preferences, as well as the expected life.

Layout of the house, villa and cottage: options for their projects hands

Sufficient attention should be paid to comfortable housing layout. First of all, you need to decide how much will be floors. As a rule, they are made one-story or several floors with attic.

Luxurious brick house trimmed with decorative stone

Luxury brick house trimmed with decorative stone

The first floor is most often represented by a day zone, and the second – night. Therefore, it’s advisable to place the following rooms:

  1. living room;
  2. dining room;
  3. the kitchen;
  4. a bathroom for guests;
  5. library
  6. gym;

Layout of a large two-story house

Layout of a large two-story house

The second floor is equipped under the territory of rest and solitude. Here bedrooms are located for both owners and guests. Right there maybe there is a personal account and other premises. pay attention to the fact that according to the rules, each bedroom should adjoin the bathroom room and bathroom. Therefore, they are also placed on the second floor.

Advice! Number and functionality of rooms choose according to your preference. It usually depends on the composition family as well as your social status. Decide on what functions will your cottage perform, will you accept there guests to arrange social or business dinners.

The interior of a beautiful cottage is a matter of taste, not a designer

An important role in modern housing is the arrangement of the interior. It’s good when the chosen style matches your inner to the world. You and your family should feel comfortable in own house. Based on the type of interior, guests will be able to make special conclusions for yourself.

Important! Depending on the style, interior decoration is chosen premises, furniture and accessories. If for rooms different styles, you need to create a smooth transition.

It is also important to take care of the appearance of the facade and improvement territory. And also determine the presence of additional objects in the courtyard. It is necessary that all buildings harmoniously combined with each other and had convenient transitions from one to to another. If you do it all yourself do not it turns out, do not be discouraged, in this case you will be easily helped various specialists involved in the creation of cottages, as well as landscape designers.


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