Luxurious shrub roses: 50 exquisite gardens with royal landscape (photo)

It is difficult for anyone who has ever seen blooming bush roses to resist the temptation to plant them in his garden

It’s hard for anyone who has ever seen blooming bush roses resist the temptation to plant them in your garden

The leading primaries of any kind of landscape design were bush roses remain. Photos of designer landscapes are full of everyone possible colors and varieties. These beauties invariably remain not only flower queens in gardens and flower shops due to beauty, but also because of the ease of care. They are so loved and florists and other people that they became a source of inspiration for many creative works, including the idea of ​​preserving their pristine beauty in the form of bushes of beads.


  • What distinguishes bush roses
  • Varieties of spray roses for the landscape
  • Rules of landing and care
  • Shrub roses and landscape options
  • Arches and Secrets

A rose with dignity will serve as a decoration for your garden

Rose with dignity will decorate your garden

A hedge of tea-colored bush roses

Tea bush hedges

Many ladies liked the tender creatures, and they pleasure receive as a gift non-official long Dutch varieties, and a sweet and delicate bouquet of spray roses. But you can create such a rose garden in your own garden or in the country, having beaten the territory flowering rose bushes, creating fancy arches, shading corners different varieties and combining roses with other plants. For example, any colors and varieties of roses are “friends” with white chrysanthemums, these ladies universal and can find a common language both in gardens and in ikebane.

Due to its beauty and versatility, the rose will fit into almost any landscape design

Due to its beauty and versatility, the rose will fit in almost any landscape design

Numerous photos of flower arrangements clearly demonstrate that resourceful florists use them even in wedding bouquets, combining with a variety of materials – fabric, beads, etc. And indeed, almost all wedding designers say that a small bouquet of brides from spray roses and white chrysanthemums in their hands a young girl looks more harmonious than strict scarlet buds with long stems.

White climbing roses look very beautiful in old-fashioned exterior styles

Climbing white roses look very beautiful in old styles exterior decoration

Consider the features, varieties and rules of care.

What distinguishes bush roses

  1. A variety of flower shapes – from classic to terry tea hybrids.
  2. Long flowering period from May to late autumn.
  3. Rapid growth – only during the summer the bush can grow up to 2 m.
  4. Resistance to temperature extremes and unpretentiousness in care.
  5. Unusual and strong aroma of flowers.
  6. Large selection of colors: from cream to lilac and even striped. Especially beautiful look white varieties in wedding bouquets.
  7. Successful alternation of growth and death of flowers – the bush never ceases to bloom and delight with beauty.
  8. They can be grown even in a homely atmosphere in the usual potted.

The variety of varieties and colors of roses never ceases to amaze

The variety of varieties and colors of roses never ceases to amaze

Shrub roses are very beloved and widely used by landscape designers.

Shrub roses are very loved and widely used by landscape designers

The choice of a particular rose variety depends on the design goals for landscaping. Many people every two to three years completely change the position of bushes and landscape details plot or spend on this background lush wedding and other celebrations. Indeed, such moments in open space in the realm of white, red and other living roses, they stay much longer memory than a holiday indoors and the most unusual bouquets of beads. From time immemorial, nature has fascinated people and will continue take your own, displacing all technical innovations, this is confirmed numerous photos of the best celebrations of all past years.

Wild – bloom once a year in small neat flowers. The easiest to care – they don’t need to be cut at all and to form. Loved by everyone, as they give the illusion of being on pristine nature. They cover fences, walls of houses, arbors, used as a hedge.

  • Braided – actively used in braiding wedding arches.

Forged arch with red roses

Forged arch with red roses

  • Groundcover – you can’t grow such roses in a pot, it’s bush crawling on the ground with a carpet of flowers, they also adorn arbors. Their flowers are small, bright with a slightly noticeable terry. The brightest of these varieties are roses with the names Hansaland, Elmshorn and Robusta They are distinguished by an early flowering period and are easy to care for.

Кустовые розы фото. Роза "Elmshorn"

Роза “Elmshorn”

Почвопокровная роза "Robusta"

Почвопокровная роза “Robusta”

  • Hybrid tea – most often used in bouquets, sometimes like a home bush rose in a pot, they are softer than classic types of roses and are perfectly arranged in compositions with other colors, having magnificent heads, for example, with chrysanthemums.
  • English – this grade for unpretentiousness in leaving and almost all gardeners love beauty. From them it is possible to form as a strictly shaped bush, – for this you need to strongly cut the branches, and sprawling almost mini-tree like beautiful wicker samples from beads – then it is almost not necessary to cut it. A photo similar landscapes show us options for gardens from Alice’s Wonderland “to the illusion of a park of kings with braided arbors. The names of the most popular varieties are Graham Thomas and Abraham. Darby

Нежно-желтая английская роза "Graham Thomas"

Нежно-желтая английская роза “Graham Thomas”

Шикарные бутоны сорта "Abraham Darby"

Шикарные бутоны сорта “Abraham Darby”

  • Canadian are the strongest roses capable withstand frost to -40 °. They are not taken for wedding bouquets and are not grown in pots in apartments, but they are simply indispensable in cottages and in gardens in cold regions.

Hot Pink Canadian Rose

Hot pink canadian rose

Rules of landing and care

Any rose garden should be placed in well-lit places where the cold north wind does not get. Soil composition must be rich humus, it is also worth tracking so that there is no soil surface groundwater. The selected place is cleaned of debris, removed weeds, then loosen the soil, fertilize, peat and mix until a homogeneous mass is formed.

A climbing rose as a decoration of a suburban area

Climbing rose as a decoration of a suburban area

To plant roses, dig a hole 25-30 cm below the roots of the bush, in width it should be about 20 cm, the roots are lowered there and fill them with layers, pouring each of them with water for proper shrinkage. The same thing needs to be done and if you want to grow spray rose in a pot.

The distance between each bush should be at least 30 cm, permissible for small varieties is 15-20 cm, for climbing varieties – 50-100 cm. the first days you need to water the soil so that it does not have time to dry out. But this must be done carefully so that the root system does not rotted from overflow, then you need to feel the measure. In the process of growth you need to regularly trim the bushes to form the desired shape. IN in winter, branches are laid on the ground and covered.

To preserve a constantly flowering garden, many gardeners suggest alternating rose bushes with primroses and others plants having a different flowering period, for example, with chrysanthemums. When mixed, these two flavors give indescribable combination.

Shrub roses and landscape options

Growing bush roses in itself is very interesting for both beginners and pros.

Growing bush roses in itself is very interesting how beginners and pros

When planting bush varieties for the first time, do not mess immediately with braiding arbors or installing hedges, it costs learn from simpler things.

Simple ways to revitalize the area with live roses:

  • Flower beds – spray roses are located on a plot in beautiful, specially trained places.
  • Borders – bushes, the easiest to care, planted on perimeter. In some cases, it’s just a living frame of the track, others for them form grooves of brick and stone, or set in front of the bush line twisted decorative fences. It looks especially beautiful when holding wedding ceremonies – a flowering alley smoothly brings the newlyweds to a huge a wedding arch twined with climbing varieties of fragrant roses.

Shrub rose is considered the best solution for absolutely any garden or hedge around the garden

Shrub rose is considered the best solution for completely any garden or hedge around the garden

  • Arrangement by a group – the territory is selected, in which will be located only the rose garden. Can be arranged by varieties, but you can color, it turns out a kind of paradise, where You can put ordinary plastic table and chairs. If you cover them openwork tablecloth, covers and put a white umbrella in your garden there will always be a corner in the style of provence, where they loved to relax aristocrats.

These roses are distinguished by their sophisticated appearance, and caring for them is not considered too complicated or specific.

These roses are distinguished by their exquisite appearance, but care for them considered too complex or specific

If everything is in order, and the roses take root well in simple options, you can safely take and form hedges, large arches, braid them with walls and arbors, even realize their the wildest fantasies – to erect living sculptures on frames, covered with roses.

Arches and secrets: romantic garden decoration

Arches are different – their choice dictates the style of the site, it’s not always some oblong arcs, they can be low, high, round, square, etc. The shape is selected in accordance with general landscape concept.

Arch with a swing, braided with a cream rose

Cream Rose Swing Arch

A garden arch is one of the most convenient ways to grow weaving roses.

The garden arch is one of the most convenient ways for growing weaving roses

How to choose:

  1. You need to start with the size. If it’s just decorative element – it can be small, but if there are pass people need to consider the appropriate width and height.
  2. Correlate the overall style and geometry. If in the garden smooth lines prevail, it would not be correct to set asymmetric corner arches, like any rectangular lines with too sharp sharp outlines. Similar items are appropriate in modern styles.
  3. Material selection. Most often choose metal or tree. Metal arches are more practical and interesting in execution – they can be not just cast arches, but forged with many monograms and carved elements. Unlike wooden counterparts, they Do not stain, do not get wet and do not dry out. In addition, they much easier to mount on the ground and are better sustainability. Due to their versatility, they are suitable for everyone. styles, while wooden arches are appropriate in country directions, Provence, rustic style. In modern landscape variations, they fit rarely.

Elegant arch with roses

Chic arch with roses

Arbor, braided with roses, perfect for a romantic style Provence in the landscape

Arbor, braided with roses, perfect for a romantic Provence style landscape

Many landscape designers and simply creative people love to create a sort of “looking glass” effect – to establish cascades of arches, twined with climbing roses: either of the same size, or gradually decreasing. Someone even puts mirrors, and it turns out truly portal through which you can easily get into the books of Lewis Carroll or to visit the “Little Prince” Exupery.

Many people consider roses to be the most beautiful and fragrant flowers that you can admire for a very long time.

Many people consider roses to be the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, which you can enjoy for a very long time

Shrub roses – a dream for a beginner gardener and landscape designer of any level. It is extremely unpretentious in care and very beautiful plants that in the skillful hands of a decorator can turn reality into an extraordinary fairy tale or make unforgettable wedding celebration. But if you don’t have a summer house and a garden, also do not be upset, because you can always grow a bush a rose at home or weave it from beads, and then this fragile Beauty will delight you beyond time.

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