Lower connection of heating radiators

Lower connection of heating radiators Table of contents:

  • 1 Features of the bottom connection
  • 1.1 Connection with side outlets
  • 1.2 Connection with an adapter
  • 1.3 Bottom connection with flow extension
  • 1.4 Connecting batteries with bottom connection
  • 1.4.1 Benefits
  • 1.4.2 Disadvantages
  • 2 Standards for the location of radiators
  • 3 Installation of heating system with bottom connection
  • 4 videos

What to do when the heating system spoils the view of the room? If still cast iron batteries can be hidden behind the screen or instead of them to establish more modern – bimetallic or steel, how to be with pipes? Some people cover them with curtains and curtains, and others make the lower connection of radiators, as a result Why strapping the batteries is almost invisible.

Features bottom connection

Open bottom connectionBottom connection open type

Three connection methods:

  1. Connect ordinary radiators through the bottom holes.
  2. With a set of accessories from below steel or bimetal heating batteries.
  3. Get batteries that are designed for this. connectivity.

Now consider the ways, pros and cons of various methods bottom connection.

Side outlet connection

Two way bottom connectionTwo-way bottom connection

The connection itself is not very difficult. Pipes located below – above the floor or hidden in the floor. On the wall a radiator is attached, and a pipeline is supplied to the lower holes. So that the battery can be removed without stopping the heating process, it is necessary to install stop valves on both sides. To the top the hole (no matter which side) is installed air vent.

Connection using an adapter

Connection diagramConnection diagram Sometimes not the ability to connect an ordinary radiator, leading to it pipeline on both sides. In this case, you can use adapter. It is screwed into the bottom hole, and to the top from a stainless steel pipe is supplied to it. To the pipe adapter itself heating are connected from below.

You will receive more information about this type of connection, after watching the video attached at the end of the article.

Bottom connection with flow extension

Flow ExtenderFlow extension

The lower connection can be made using a flow extension. The device is screwed into the bottom hole and has no branches to the top. Coolant circulation occurs due to water passing through the tube in the middle of the radiator leaves it at the end of the heater, rises, squeezing the cold water through the outlet located in the device.

For gravity systems this type of connection is not suitable.

Connecting batteries with bottom lead

Pipe liner in the wallPiping in the wall

Now dwell on a more efficient and most acceptable with aesthetic point of view of the lower connection method – from the bottom, simultaneously describing its advantages and disadvantages.


Flow direction adapterDirection adapter flow

  • It is possible to install a flow direction adapter.
  • Both pipes directly from the battery go to the floor or wall (or pipes located above the floor).
  • Buying radiators with a lower connection, no need to worry about acquiring a suitable temperature controller, since it’s already there installed.


Need to bleed the batteryNeed to bleed battery air

  • Each battery must have an air vent.
  • Warming is less uniform and not so effective.
  • Cannot be used for gravity heating system.
  • It is necessary to constantly use a circulation pump.

Norms for the location of radiators

Complied with the standards for the location of radiatorsCompliance radiator locations

Regardless of the selected method of connecting the radiator, it should be at some distance from:

  • walls – 5 cm;
  • floor – 10 cm (deviation in any direction is allowed no more than 2 cm);
  • windowsill – 10 cm (minimum distance of 5 is allowed cm).

When purchasing a mount, it is important to consider the thickness of the installed thermal insulation with a reflective layer (if any). In this case you will need hooks-clamps of a slightly longer length.

Installation of a heating system with bottom connection

Connection is made using special fittingsConnection made using special fittings

Installation is carried out depending on the selected circuit. the pipeline. It can be stacked:

  1. In the floor.
  2. In the wall.
  3. Between the floor and the battery.

The location does not affect the efficiency of the heating system. pipes – they are hidden on the basis of aesthetic considerations.

It is important to install the batteries first, calculating their number for each room, and then bring pipes to them.

If you follow the guidelines described in this article, then you should not have difficulty installing heating systems with bottom connection.

You can share your best practices by leaving a comment at the end articles – for us it is very important that the material in the article is as complete and accessible as possible for any person to understand, accustomed to do all kinds of work with your own hands.


See how sectional connections can be made radiators below:

This video talks about the benefits of a lower heatsink. connection:

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