Lighting in the bathroom: choose the best light scenario

The successful use of symmetrical fixtures in the working area of ​​the bathroom

Successful use of symmetrical luminaires in the working area bathroom

Despite the relatively small sizes of standard bathrooms rooms, plan and implement bathroom lighting need extremely responsible. Consider the location of the lighting devices still under repair to immediately bring electric cable and do not further damage the wall decoration and the ceiling. How to optimally plan the lighting system and which factors affect her choice – read on.


  • Why is proper lighting so important?
  • Bathroom Lighting: Types
  • Bathroom Lighting Security
  • Choosing the right fixtures
  • Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Why is proper lighting so important?

Choose beautiful fixtures that match the style of the interior A bathroom is not a solution. It is necessary to provide functional bathroom lighting – pay attention to the location light sources, their power and other features.

Exquisite black chandelier in the bathroom

Exquisite vintage black bathroom chandelier

The ideal option is when both natural and artificial lighting is implemented in the bathroom.

The ideal option is when implemented in the bathroom and natural and artificial lighting

What problems threaten your bathroom if the lighting system set up incorrectly?

  • The lack of a powerful light source near mirrors will make uncomfortable or even impossible to hold many hygienic and cosmetic procedures.
  • The inability to control the light intensity will not You can fully relax while taking a bath.
  • In poor lighting, the bathroom may resemble a public a bathroom or hospital room.

Small white lamps in the bathroom

Small white fixtures in the bathroom

The bathroom is a rather specific room, where instead of furniture there is an abundance of plumbing. Most finishing materials are waterproof, and these are mostly smooth glossy surfaces (glass, tile, metal). For additional decor often there is simply no place, but using the right lighting, you can make the room cozy and truly “home”.

Bathroom Lighting: Types

1. The main lighting. Most often these are light sources, located on the ceiling. If you are a supporter of the classics, and yours the bathroom is not large, you can hang one compact chandelier in the center of the room or a little closer to the door.

The most popular is spot lighting, which is beautiful Combines with modern false ceilings. Such a decision позволяет равномерно освещать всю площадь комнаты.Spotlights in the bathroom create soft light.

Точечное освещение в bath создает мягкий свет

The gentle glow from the small lights on the ceiling will create a feeling of coziness and warmth.

The gentle glow from the small lights on the ceiling will create feeling of cosiness and warmth

2. Work lighting. The mirror in the bathroom above the washbasin – obligatory element, and this zone needs to be illuminated the most qualitatively. It is desirable that the light fall on both sides, for this use two lamps located symmetrically a little higher eye level.

Stylish lights in the form of white candles

Stylish lights in the form of white candles

Tip! Convenient lights on flexible brackets, which allow you to adjust the direction of the light flow.

Lighting the working area of ​​the bathroom

Soft lighting for the bathroom

3. Bottom lighting. Used to create an atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. Recessed lights or LED strips make up pedestals and niches, bathtub sides, decorative screens and other interior elements

The lower lighting will give originality and originality to your bathroom

The lower lighting will give originality and originality to your ванной

The main task is to find the best option, where will attend all three types of lighting, perfectly harmonizing with each other friend and with the overall design of the room.

Soft bathroom lighting

Soft bathroom lighting

Bathroom Lighting Security

To find out how specific a lighting fixture is suitable for use in the bathroom, you need to find on it enclosure IP marking and read the indicator. First digit markings indicate the level of protection against dust (maximum 6 – absolute protection), the second – moisture protection level (maximum indicator 8 – allows you to completely immerse the product under water on a long time), the third is the level of impact resistance (maximum indicator 10 – anti-vandal protection).

Lighting by unusual lamps in a rustic style

Rustic lighting

Choosing the right fixtures

To design a bathroom, you will need lamps of various markings, because some of them will be far from the jets and spray of water, while others are in close proximity to them. Conditionally the entire bathroom space can be divided into four zones.

Zone 4. This is a distance of at least 3 m from the bathtub or sink, where Only condensation or steam can affect the luminaire. Here Suitable products with a rating of IP 011 and higher.

Hanging lights in the bathroom give a feeling of lightness and airiness.

Hanging lights in the bathroom add a touch of lightness. and airiness

Zone 3. The territory of this zone is from 0.5 to 3 m from the edges of the bath or washbasin. We mount fixtures with IP 242 and higher here.

Stylish fixtures in the bathroom will transform the look of the interior

Stylish fixtures in the bathroom will transform the look of the interior

Zone 2. The ceiling and the upper part of the walls above the bathroom, where sometimes not only splashes, but also water flows. Choose appliances here with IP 452 and higher with a capacity of no more than 24 watts.

Spotlight inside the shower

Spot lighting inside the shower

Zone 1. These are walls directly next to the washbasin, bathtub and inside the shower. Here the lamp with IP 674 rating of 12 watts.

Safe luminaires in the area of ​​water ingress

Safe fixtures in the area of ​​water ingress

To determine the size of the fixtures, just evaluate area of ​​the bathroom. Usually for this room choose the most compact luminaires that are located in the plane of walls or the ceiling. However, curly sconces look beautiful in the working area, corresponding to the style of the interior, and in a spacious the bathroom can be hung and a sufficiently voluminous chandelier.

Useful! Glass sliding curtains for a bathroom – varieties, installation principles, color and texture, Pros and cons of glass curtains.

A balanced light scenario in the bathroom guarantees owners the coziness and a sense of comfort from being in the bathroom.

A balanced light scenario in the bathroom guarantees homeliness cosiness and comfort from staying in the bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

If you connect imagination, you can create in the bathroom unique mood with the help of light alone. Use LED lamps and ribbons of various colors (some of them able to change the color of the glow as with manual switching, and automatically – over time). Complement small glass shelves, the interior space of niches and lockers – it’s not only stylish, but also extremely practical option.

LED lighting in the bathroom

LED lighting in the bathroom

The use of LED lighting will help create an outstanding, original bathroom design.

Using LED lighting will help create outstanding, original bathroom design

LED strips are convenient in that they are quite flexible and can be used to decorate curly interior details – sides of the sink or bath, contours of mirrors. These tapes create weightlessness effect of objects in space. Looks gorgeous shower illumination – the light source is located in the shower head, as a result, the flow of water becomes colored.

We offer you to view a selection of elegant and modern systems lighting, among which you are sure to find the right one option specifically for your bathroom design:

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