LED Underwater Lights – Features and benefits

Underwater LED backlightUnderwater LED backlightUnderwater LED backlight

A separate direction in architectural and landscape lighting steel underwater LED lights – low voltage devices made using special LED technology.

Areas of use

Underwater lighting is used for:

  • fountains
  • pools
  • artificial ponds
  • waterfalls
  • ice figures and other objects of the aquatic environment.

water backlightwater backlightwater backlight LED lights in the poolLED lights in the poolLED backlight in the pool

Placement options for underwater LED lights can to be different. They are placed under water or on its surface, at pond, on soft ground. Instruments are also available that can swim on the surface of the pond, creating a beautiful decorative the effect of light highlighting of the water surface.

Performance Features

Housings of waterproof luminaires are made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, which provides them with high durability, reliability, long service life. Tightness execution allows you to install underwater lights to a depth up to two meters. The power cable is also connected to the device with using waterproof entry. On some fixtures installation of two pressure glands is provided, one of which Used to connect the garland.

Features of the performance of underwater LED backlightFeatures of the performance of underwater LED backlightFeatures of the underwater LED backlight

Mounting mechanism in underwater LED fixtures depends on the place of their intended use. If the device will be mounted on the wall of a reservoir, for it is done surface mount. Luminaires for the bottom can be mounted on swivel brackets or built into special boxes. Floating lights are placed on special floats that allows them to move freely along the reservoir.

underwater LED backlight mounting mechanismunderwater LED backlight mounting mechanismunderwater LED backlight mounting mechanism

If underwater LED lights are equipped with focusing lenses with different scattering angles, then their scope expands. Thanks to such devices, you can organize accented illumination of ascending streams of fountains or flood lighting of decorative water objects.

illumination of fountainsillumination of fountainsFantan lights

LED Technology Benefits

Many underwater LED lights superior to all other types of lighting. LED lights:

Benefits of LED TechnologyBenefits of LED TechnologyLED Technology Benefits

  • Are safe.
  • Economical in operation.
  • Durable
  • Produce better light.
  • Allow you to create unique light dynamic effects.

With minimal energy consumption, LED underwater lights can work at high and low temperatures. In their design there are no elements and substances harmful to human health.

Using underwater LED-backlight, you can create original light-dynamic compositions and bewitching show programs. Its use in landscaping, in private areas allows attract attention to the object, effectively highlight it, emphasize originality.

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