LED strip: varieties


  1. LED Strip DIP LED
  2. LED curtain
  3. 5050/60 RGB LED Strip
  4. LED Strip Mix
  5. RF controllers


varieties of LED stripvarieties of LED stripvarieties of LED strips

Beautiful LED strip DIP LED are used in outdoor advertising, decoration of concert and banquet halls, squares, trees, the design of the facades of buildings. Also side glow tapes used to decorate or designate the dimensions of vehicles funds.

Flexible cross-sectional tape is easy to mount on any surface. The diodes are protected by a semi-matt silicone layer. Thanks uniform distribution of light, a beautiful effect is barely created noticeable flicker or, if desired, rhythmic blinking. Multi-colored side section ribbons create the effect of color transition from one to other. The tape is mounted using a T-shaped mount and double-sided tape.

The viewing angle of such tapes is 90 °; thanks to constructive features, side glow ribbons consume little electricity, depending on the model 4-6 W / m. Cut such the tape can be cut into 5 cm (3 LEDs).

The advantages of this type of product lies in its compact size, light weight, the ability to bend it in any direction, ease of installation, a small amount of heat generated. Last thing means that you can attach the tape to any surface, for example, on a fabric basis. The use of such tapes is absolutely safe.

LED Strip DIP LED - 2LED Strip DIP LED - 2LED Strip DIP LED – 2

LED curtain

LED curtain is a decorative element interiors, windows, facades of buildings, doors, arches, columns; decoration trees. Most often used for outdoor advertising or drawing attention to the showroom.

LED bulbs are attached to the horizontal central core using fasteners. With LED Curtain you can create original compositions by collecting diodes in a cone, beam and other geometric shapes. After installation, you can set range of colors and blinking speed for each thread separately. Modification of RGB means that each thread is capable of issuing immediately several different colors. This model provides connection to several light curtains. Up to 7 pieces. So Thus, the length of the garland can be increased to 14 meters.

Pleasant uniform flashing light creates a special atmosphere peace and comfort. Warm yellow color will attract attention and give good mood. Cool white and blue colors are more suitable for the winter landscape. Green color is pleasing to the eye all year round.

LED Strip DIP LED - 3LED Strip DIP LED - 3LED Strip DIP LED – 3

This type of product is intended for street use and consists of 320 diodes.

The peculiarity of this type of product is its moisture resistance. Thanks to polymer protection and rubber gaskets, precipitation cannot disrupt the functioning of the light the curtain.

5050/60 RGB LED Strip

LED strip 5050/60 class RGBLED strip 5050/60 class RGB5050/60 RGB LED Strip

5050/60 RGB LED strip with frontal glow completely tight and belongs to the OPTIMAL class. In the tape contains 60 smd LEDs per meter measuring 5.0 x 5.0 mm. The tape is mounted using double-sided tape fixed on the back of the product. LED strip 5050 coated on both sides with a layer of silicone, which provides protection from atmospheric precipitation in the form of rain and snow.

The product can be used for decoration of interiors and facades. buildings, shop windows, inscriptions, tree decorations, designations of dimensions Vehicle.

The luminous flux of the 5050 tape is twice as intense due to increase in the number of diodes per square meter compared to other models. Using the controller, you can achieve uniform lighting without obvious signs of flickering light flux. RGB tape equipped with three chips: Blue, Red, Green. The bright diodes of this tape visible from afar.

LED strip with RGB controller designed for decoration of building facades, house interiors, tree decorations and cars. This type of product is great for clearance exhibitions, shop windows, banquets.

RGB tape contains bright high-quality diodes of the three main colors. By mixing using the red control controller, blue and blue, you can achieve uniform lighting and get different gamma. Some models have up to 100 different programmed variations. Simple and convenient choice combinations with a radio remote control will facilitate the choice of type lighting.

Waterproof LED strip used for backlighting pools, as well as they can be mounted on the facades of buildings, as they are protected from atmospheric phenomena.

LED strip 5050/60 class RGB -2LED strip 5050/60 class RGB -2LED strip 5050/60 class RGB -2

Light wave – special tape, control board enables set a separate color for each diode. Thus will the impression of a “running” light that will change its color, moving from one diode to another.

Installation of RGB tape is simple and reliable. The tape is attached to any surface with double-sided tape and T-shaped mounts.

Product Features. These include a large degree freedom of tape, that is, its flexibility. Using LED tube you can create any geometric designs, gird letters on the facade or roof of the building, bend along the contour of the object.

LED Strip Mix


Mix LED strip for even lighting in the range of 3500-6000K.

The LED strip MIX (WHITE) of a frontal luminescence is made using smd diodes and flexible pcb.

Installation of the product is simple and consists in attaching the tape to any surface with double-sided tape. Management and setup carried out by means of the controller.

The controller itself, operating on the principle of latitudinal pulse modulation, equipped with 2 control channels. Thanks to which, you can create your own modes of operation or use the control program stored in the device’s memory.

Leaky LED strips are for use. in the rooms. That is why moisture and dust are not desirable. on the tape backing.

LED Strip MixLED Strip MixLED Strip Mix

Features of the White-MIX model are to expand the border white color. This design feature helps to get shades of cold and warm day color. On one meter 120 superbright diodes are located, which gives a more intense and uniform illumination.

RF controllers

RF controllersRF controllersRF controllers

RF controllers are used to control LED ribbons. The control device allows you to create static and dynamic lighting effects. Using the RF controller, you can establish the most suitable type of lighting for the interior. Changing control settings using the buttons, you set the effect of the glow different groups of diodes.

Controllers use to control RGB LED strips modules, LED rulers: rain, curtain.

A feature of three-channel controllers is their the ability to control monochrome and full color LEDs tapes according to pre-programmed algorithms, including created by users. And also there is a possibility of connections to the computer using the DMX-512 protocol.

RF controllers with RGB function offer enhanced comfort and intuitive interface. They allow you to choose colors and their shades with one touch.

The controllers themselves are controlled by remote controls, transmitting information by infrared radiation. FROM using the remote control, you can set the time interval, switch shades and change colors. Depending on the model, the remote controls may work at a distance of up to 50 meters.

  • Quick advanced color gamut and intensity settings Sveta.
  • The ability to create your own lighting programs.
  • Ability to connect to a PC.
  • The ability to control multiple light tapes at once.

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