LED lines – types, methods application

LED lineLED lineLED ruler

LEDs form a separate type of lighting structures. it the so-called LED bar – a device used to backlight and additional lighting.

This lighting device is a single module with LEDs, the length of which is different. Different views LEDs used in such devices. All designs this type of high protection can be used outside premises in any weather. Therefore, LED lines with success are applied at creation of outdoor advertizing, in architectural backlight when lighting pools. LED lines - types, methods of applicationLED lines - types, methods of application

Installation of the line is carried out without difficulty, as a rule self adhesive base. If the need arises, the design is easily cut into several parts. To this end, on marks are marked with it.


  1. LED Line Mounting Locations
  2. Types of LED Rulers
  3. Improved LED ruler options

LED Line Mounting Locations

LEDLEDLED backlight

The demand for this type of lighting devices in recent time has increased markedly. Today you can see the LED line in:

  • Warehouses
  • shopping centers and shops,
  • night clubs
  • exhibition halls
  • premises of unitary enterprises,
  • public transport,
  • garages and underground parking.

With the help of these lighting designs are also realized some ideas for decorative lighting. Using LED rulers allows you to beautifully illuminate work surfaces, spaces of cupboards and niches, ceilings and even the floor. RGB application controller provides attractive light dynamic effects.

RGD-controller of the LED lineRGD-controller of the LED lineRGD LED Controller

Types of LED Rulers

Devices of this type are:

  • Flexible. Used in interior design, manufacturing outdoor advertising structures, landscape lighting, car tuning.
  • Tough. Used to create a bright high-quality backlight stands, shop windows.
  • With increased resource (on aluminum boards). Such rulers equipped with a much more efficient heat sink system, so they working life is higher.

flexible LED lineflexible LED line

flexible LED ruler effective use of the latter type of devices for

LED lines - types, methods of applicationLED lines - types, methods of application

jewelry highlighting. Linear mounted LEDs emit narrow beams, creating a very beautiful diamond glow effect. Before the advent of LED technology to achieve something like this failed. LEDs only capable of illuminating all kinds of stones so beautifully, gold, silver, diamonds. Even ordinary jewelry looks amazing with such a backlight.

LED line - windshield lightingLED line - windshield lightingLED ruler – windscreen illumination

Improved LED ruler options

Easy to replace with linear LED lights fluorescent lamps, which are slowly losing ground. Lack of ripple low frequency provides healthier light, and low power consumption gives pronounced savings financial resources. Therefore, today in many rooms with permanent residence of people installed powerful LED rulers.

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