LED lamps “Armstrong”

Armstrong LED lamp is designed for installation in suspended ceiling system with a step of 60 cm.

As a rule, this lighting device has standard length and width equal to 595 mm. This allows you to mount Armstrong LED luminaires in any suspended ceiling manufacturer. The height of the instruments is only 46 mm, which significantly less than the traditional value.

External design of LED lamp Amstrong

The sealed enclosure does not allow dust and insects to enter. Thanks to the use of quality materials, the lamp has Attractive appearance, light weight, high strength.

LED polycarbonate lampLED polycarbonate lampLED polycarbonate lamp

Polycarbonate is installed on the front side of the structure, which has the ability to transmit 97% of the light without creating an effect blinding. The absence of the latter distinguishes raster lamps from other lighting equipment. If you look at this lamp at an angle of 75 °, you will not see the light source, which confirms the absence of glare.

LED lamp diffuser crushed iceLED lamp diffuser crushed iceLED lamp diffuser crushed ice

More important for you is a higher aesthetics of lighting designs, and not their efficiency and anti-glare effect? Then pay removal on a structure with a front surface of glass “Chipped ice. “This plastic really looks much more attractive, but it can delay not 3-5%, but up to 15% of the light. Cost Armstrong LED luminaires of this type are also higher.

Lighting parameters of the lamp

Let us compare two types of lighting structures of the type Armstrong

  • Power and efficiency. Consuming 120 watts (as stated by the manufacturer, but in reality even higher), The luminescent lamp creates illumination of 640 lux. A similar indicator has a LED lamp with a power only 37 watts. That is, it consumes at least 3.3 times less electricity.

LED lamp transformer and LEDsLED lamp transformer and LEDsLED lamp transformer and LEDs

  • Environmental friendliness. Fluorescent devices lighting should not be disposed of in landfills, as they contain mercury. They must be taken for special disposal, for which should also pay. Lamps with LEDs do not create similar problems, as they are made from safe components.
  • Durability. If in a raster lamp If high-quality LEDs are used, then its minimum life service will be 50 thousand hours of continuous operation. Warranty no less 2 years suggests that a reliable unit has been used in the design nutrition. After installing LED raster lights, you can forget about the monthly replacement of lamps.
  • Safety lighting. Fluorescent devices give a flickering light. Even if it is not visible to the eye, it’s good manifests itself when observed through the camera of a mobile phone. Low-frequency ripple of light causes suppressed in people condition, fatigue, nervousness. Ripple coefficient LED lighting is very low, less installed special norms of values. Therefore, work and rest when Such a light is much more comfortable.

LED lamp AmstrongLED lamp Amstrongled lamp amstrong

Thus, it can be stated that fluorescent lamps do not stand no comparison with LED. If you want to get cheaper, but at the same time very high quality, safe health light, significantly reduce maintenance costs, repair, lamp replacement, then a better choice than LED there are no lamps for today.

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