Installation of electrical wiring in the house: rules,

Installation or replacement of electrical wiring in a private houseInstallation or replacement of electrical wiring in a private houseInstallation or replacement of electrical wiring in a private house

Regardless of whether you carry out repair and construction work yourself or hire a contractor, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the rules and principles of implementation installation work. This applies to absolutely all stages of repair and electrical communications are no exception.

The first thing you need to know about the electrical network in your home is that the installation begins with input from the support, and here you need to clearly Understand which cable needs to be laid. For this it is necessary to calculate the maximum load that can arise during the operation of the network. From the total amount obtained in the calculation process, using the table, select section of the necessary wire. Mostly indicators of total load for the private sector do not exceed 15 kW, and therefore quite enough aluminum wire with a wire cross section of 25 mm for aluminum and 16 mm on copper. For air input, they mainly use SIP wire – two-core or four-core,

aerial cable wiring for a private homeaerial cable wiring for a private homecable aerial wiring for a private home

and for underground input you can use cable; VVG, AVVG or armored VbBShv.

underground cable wiring for a private houseunderground cable wiring for a private houseunderground cable wiring for a private house

Basic rules for electrical work in a private house

After the line is brought to the metering node, you can proceed with the installation of internal wiring. And in order to to do everything right, you need to stick to a few simple rules:

  • All communication must be divided into groups. Wherein each of them should be equipped with its own security system (circuit breakers). Additionally, it is necessary to lay protective grounding.

grounding in a private housegrounding in a private housegrounding in a private house

The lighting group is carried out with a wire with a cross section of 1.5 mm. and equipped with automatic machines at 10 A. For a group of outlets used 2.5 mm wire. and automatic machine 16 A.

  • Washing machines, water heaters, electric ovens and others high energy consumers need equip with separate ground wires and automation.
  • All lighting and outlet groups must be provided. three-wire wiring. The third grounding conductor, which is reliable protect a person from electric shock. Also necessary remember that the RCD works effectively in the presence of grounding.

ouzoouzoouzo in the house

The entire security group (machines) are installed in electric shield. The switchboard must be mounted in easily accessible place. When arranging it, you should remember that that automatic machines are one of the most important elements in power networks and save on them simply blasphemy. Better to pay a little more money and get a guarantee of reliable protection. The most reliable circuit breakers are under such brands as; ABB, Legrand, Schneider Electric.

electric shield in an accessible placeelectric shield in an accessible placeelectric shield in an accessible place

Some experts recommend installing automatic relay that protects against voltage surges (relay voltage).

voltage monitoring relayvoltage monitoring relayvoltage monitoring relay

In the private sector, because of lightning, you can lose at the same time all electrical equipment. To avoid household disaster, wisely install overvoltage relay (impulse relay).

overvoltage relayovervoltage relayovervoltage relay

The effect of these devices is that when in the event of an emergency, they instantly triggered and thereby thereby prevents the unpredictable consequences to which ignition also applies.

It is also accepted to connect additional autonomous sources energy. This scheme is implemented using diesel or gasoline generator and automatic emergency system inclusion of an additional power source (ABP). Switching automatic between the city line and the generator or manual cutout.

A couple more recommendations that will be needed in the process work:

  • Depending on the material the building is made of, Selects the wiring method.
  • All connections should only be in special boxes, which should be available for maintenance.
  • It is highly recommended that you comply with all safety and lay wires in special non-combustible insulating materials (cable channel, corrugation, metal pipes, etc.).

wiring in the corrugationwiring in the corrugationcorrugation wiring

If your achievements in handling the electric grid end in a trivial replacement of a light bulb in a lighting device, it’s not worth it take risks when replacing all wiring in the house, it is better to ask for help to a qualified specialist – electrician.

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