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  1. Indicator screwdriver
  2. How do different models of indicator screwdrivers work?
  3. Battery-free indicator screwdriver
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Indicator screwdriver

In everyday life, we constantly have to contact electrical appliances or with electricity. Needless to talk about that it is not safe for humans. Therefore, in every home there should be the simplest device with which one could easily determine the presence of current in some kind of conductor, outlet or electrical panel. This is necessary when replacing any wire, electrical equipment when troubleshooting electrical circuits. An indicator screwdriver serves these purposes. With her with help you can determine the presence of a “phase” and “zero”, find a break wires, check the operation of the circuit breaker or traffic jams.

checking for zero breakage with an indicator screwdriverchecking for zero breakage with an indicator screwdriverzero break test with indicator screwdriver

Before starting use, make sure that it is working. indicator device. The battery the device is running from allows you to quickly check. To do this, just touch simultaneously metal contact on the handle and sting. Light The indicator should light up. To check the device, do not using a battery, touch the wire energized and metal on the handle. The LED will also light up. if the tool is working.

battery check on indicator screwdriverbattery check on indicator screwdriverbattery check on indicator screwdriver

The screwdriver signals only the presence of phase in the conductor or its lack of. In this case, the indicator light comes on. If the indicator is off, then the wire is either disconnected from the network or on it fed “zero”.

How do different models of indicator screwdrivers work?

The screwdriver consists of a plastic case, a metal sting and conductive contact on the handle. Inside the enclosure limiting resistor, neon indicator light or LED type. Batteries and spring may also be present. to hold them.

types of indicator screwdriverstypes of indicator screwdriversvarieties of indicator screwdrivers

Battery-free indicator screwdriver

The simplest screwdriver, without batteries, works quite simply. The current passes through the sting, then through the limiting resistor and a light indicator, after which it closes on a person. If the metal contact on the handle will not be clamped, then the chain will not closed. So the device will not work. The advantage of this apparatus: low cost, simple design and lack need to replace power. Disadvantages: the LED has a weak backlight level, she can check the voltage only more than 60 V. In addition, it is impossible to determine the presence of a break with such a screwdriver chains.

the simplest indicator screwdrivers without batteriesthe simplest indicator screwdrivers without batteriesthe simplest indicator screwdrivers without batteries

Battery indicator screwdriver

This is a more advanced tool with a bright light bulb. Convenience of work is that to check for current just touch the wire with a sting without touching metal contact on the handle. This indicator can be easily Check for open wires. To do this, hold the metal contact, and with a sting touch the de-energized wire. With the other hand you need to touch the second end of this wire. In the event of a break the indicator will not show anything, but with a whole wire the LED lights up.

battery-poweredbattery-poweredbattery indicator screwdrivers

So you can check any wires. For example, to check extension cord, you must disconnect it from the network and make a metal jumper from a piece of bare wire. Jumper wire insert into one of the sockets of the extension cord to close its wires. Take the extension cord with your hand and hold it with your fingers alone. contact, and the second contact should be touched with a screwdriver metal top. If the wire is whole, then the screwdriver indicator will glow.

sound and light signal indicator screwdriver 2sound and light signal indicator screwdriver 2sound and light signal of indicator screwdriver 2

This model can be used as a wiring indicator, under current. That is, the device allows you to determine live insulated wires on the surface walls or patched shallow into the wall. To search for wires you need to grab the tip of the screwdriver with your hand, and keep its handle along wiring or wall. The light will go on indicate current in the wire or in the wall powered wires. This feature is extremely useful in the case of carrying out repairs when it is necessary to break through the wall, and the location of the hidden wiring in it is unknown.

Display screwdrivers with display

These are newfangled tools that are not only equipped with an LCD display, showing the magnitude of the voltage in the network, but also sound alarm. There is a switch button on the device body operating modes. Enhanced functionality allows you to use device as a simple tester. However for full you need a real tester, but a screwdriver with tester functions doesn’t very convenient for complete measurements. Yes, and its price too big.

LCD indicator screwdriverLCD indicator screwdriverlcd indicator screwdriver

Get indicator probes according to your goals. The most versatile home option is a screwdriver, battery operated. When using batteries periodically enough for a long time.

Indicator screwdriver. Vidio.

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