Huter BS-25 chainsaw – small-sized model household class

German-made chainsaw technology attracts buyers of traditional quality materials used, factory assembly and the duration of the working resource. Despite household tool status, Huter BS-25 chainsaw enjoys Demand at the level of semi-professional models.

Tool features designed for full mechanization chores related to the procurement of wood fuel, construction of wooden structures of special and general destination, pruning fruit and ornamental trees.

Huter BS-25 chainsaw - small-sized model of a household classPhoto: Huter BS-25 chainsaw


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Operational capabilities

The performance of this model is sufficient for the transverse, diagonal and longitudinal sawing of wood of different density, diameter up to 250 mm.

Compact in size and easy to maintain Huter BS-25 saw is characterized by:

  • light weight;
  • good balance;
  • reliable capture;
  • quite comfortable noise and vibration levels;
  • increased safety when sawing non-standard and emergency situations.


3.8 kg instrument differs from similar models in convenient case design, small dimensions, tight placement internal components and assemblies providing convenient access to fuel equipment, oil pump and chain tensioner.

  • The saw is driven by an economical carburetor two-stroke ICE of air cooling, with a volume of 25 cm3 and a capacity of 1.1 h.p. The power unit operates on a two-component in proportion 25: 1, a mixture of gasoline and engine oil for two-stroke engines.
  • Quick start of a cold engine at subzero temperatures provides fuel primer pump. Additional amenities creates free access to the air intake of the air purifier, effective vibration damper system.
Model Huter BS-25
Manufacturer Huter
Production (assembly) China
Brand homeland Germany
Saw class Household
Horsepower (kW) 1.1 (0.8)
Engine displacement, cm3 25
Chain pitch, inches 3/8
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 44
Fuel tank volume, l 0.23
Oil tank volume, l 0.21
Tire length cm (inches) 30 (12)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 3.8
Instruction manual Download


The tool is equipped with a standard 12-inch guide rail, 3/8 inch standard chain, chain tensioner and lubrication system. Oil is drawn from the inside using a pump reservoir and in a metered amount is fed into the working area.

The greased chain is not subject to overheating and accelerated wear. The driven tire sprocket bearing is lubricated individually order every 6-8 hours of use.

Sawing safety guaranteed by design chain catcher. Simple in design device eliminates operator injuries due to chain breakage or breakage.

Information support

The instruction manual determines the sequence preparing the tool for work, the time and volume of the current and routine maintenance, search and elimination of detected malfunctions. There is also information about the adjustment features. fuel equipment and cutting chain tension.

The characteristics of the saw Huter BS-25 declared by the manufacturer Confirm numerous positive user reviews, Consistently high consumer demand.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite its moderate power, the tool copes with sawing wood of any species in different directions.

  • The design of a saw combines modern design small housing with easy access to refueling necks, air inlet and adjusting knots.
  • Comfort and safety ensures a low level vibration and noise background, convenient handle configuration, high reliability of the emergency stop mechanism.
  • Cost-effective internal combustion engine and the presence of an automatic system headset lubrication and cooling for optimal flow fuel and lubricants.

According to many users, the instruction needs to be finalized on operation. Low-quality translation, many signatures are not correspond to the content of the illustrations. Incorrect graduation of a measured capacity for preparation of a combustible mixture.


In different regions of the country, the cost of a Huter BS-25 chainsaw varies in the range from 5200 to 6000 rubles. Substantial discount can be obtained during the promotion and seasonal sales.


In the assortment of imported chainsaw equipment in terms of power and identical to the operating parameters – PATRIOT PT 2512, DDE CS2512 and Elitech BP 25 / 12M.

Owner reviews

To study the instructions and prepare the saw Hooter BS 25 took several hours. I used the rest of the day to purchase practical skills. The machine, in principle, is not bad, even without swap easily starts up, which is called half-turn. Without much the tension knocked over an old apple tree and sawed a trunk with a diameter of 200 mm on firewood. Confident engine thrust, revolutions are regulated in a wide range. Anatoly Ivanovich

For the preparation for the work of the new Huter saw in the service pay a little, but now my baby works like a clock. The instruction is somehow slurred, all the necessary information on I had to look for services and work methods on the Internet. Gene

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