Husqvarna 1 37 chainsaw – a legend of the past decades

Discontinued Husqvarna 137 household chainsaw currently competes with modern, similar in power and designation models of leading manufacturers. Cause such success in a successful tool design, profitability, reliability of component systems and assemblies, duration operational resource.

When creating the project, valuable experience was involved. versatile application of previous developments, reviews service technicians and ordinary users.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw - a legend of the last decadePhoto: Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

As a result of modernization, effective measures:

  • to increase the cost-effectiveness of content;
  • improving the comfort of work safety;
  • extension of the overhaul life of the engine and components systems.


  • 1 operational advantages
  • 2 Device
  • 3 Estimated parameters and scope
  • 4 Specifications
  • 5 carb adjustment
  • 6 Headset
  • 7 Benefits of a Chainsaw
  • 8 Disadvantages and malfunctions
  • 9 Price
  • 10 Analogs
  • 11 Owner Reviews

Operational advantages

The popularity of this model is largely based on affordable cost, simple maintenance, comfortable work and high maintainability.

Using the spare parts available in the assortment, the owner can do it yourself do a full repair of the product with minimal material costs and time.

The instruction manual supplied with the kit contains useful information about the features of preparing the tool for the first and previous launches, service sequences, search technologies and self-elimination of possible malfunctions.

The detailed description given in the description allows you to clarify installation sequence during repair work increased complexity.

Application of spare parts from the company repair fund provides the owner with the opportunity to restore workers the characteristics of worn parts and assemblies for almost everything 100%.

Husqvarna 137


Husqvarna Saw 137 combines elements of the classic engineering design with modern technical and technological solutions. The design is a block in which is a two-stroke ICE with an air purifier, kinematics clutches, containers with fuel mixture and oil for cutting lubrication chains.

Guide bar and cutting chain are interchangeable equipment, therefore, after the exhaustion of the resource are replaced identical counterparts. The design of the connection node is not excludes the use of tools with accessories of other brands 13 and 15 inches long.

The advantages of this model:

  • Affordable price
  • light weight and compact overall dimensions;
  • excellent balance;
  • convenient access to adjusting and adjusting elements construction;
  • no special equipment adjustment carburetor;
  • economical and durable high-speed engine internal combustion with a large margin of torque.

Estimated parameters and scope

Slow accumulation of fatigue contributes to a high center tool weight, narrow configuration and flat bottom of the body. Evidence of high reliability, power and versatility the model is the estimate obtained during the survey users.

For a 10-point scale, the average was 8.3.

The characteristics of the tool determine its use in a wide range of chores, including:

  • logging;
  • preparation for the installation of building wood;
  • the formation of crowns of decorative and fruit trees;
  • independent production of wooden objects of internal design and landscape design.

The saw successfully copes with a single start, standard, longitudinal and diagonal cutting of hardwood, with a diameter of up to 30 see. Compact design provides the ability to work in inaccessible places, which is especially appreciated in construction technology.


The Husqvarna chainsaw model 137 is equipped with a compact, carbureted engine with a working volume of 36.3 cm3, developing on operating mode power 2.2 hp

The engine runs on a metered gasoline-oil mixture, which enters the best in its category float chamber Walbro carburetor from an integrated 410 ml tank.


Confident start of the power unit in the winter contributes to convenient manual starter, electronic ignition system and competent carb setting. Version of the basic chainsaw 137e series equipped with an easy start system.

Operator comfort is enhanced through the use of effective vibration absorber, low noise background, comfortable grip and access to the air intake.

Model Husqvarna 137
Manufacturer Husqvarna
Production (assembly) Sweden
Brand homeland Sweden
Saw class Semi-professional
Horsepower (kW) 2.18 (1.6)
Engine displacement, cm3 36.3
Chain pitch, inches 0.325
Chain thickness mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 64
Fuel tank volume, l 0.41
Oil tank volume, l 0.2
Tire length cm (inches) 38 (15)
Warranty, years 1
Weight, kg 4.6
Instruction manual Download
Detail Download

Carb adjustment

Factory setting of fuel equipment displays the engine on Optimum power and efficiency operating modes.

The need for additional correction arises in the translation tool for summer or winter operating modes, while decreasing traction characteristics or changes in the octane rating of the fuel.

  • Guided by instructions, a carburetor can adjust by yourself. For this, after warming up the engine it is necessary to tighten the quality screw to the stop and unscrew it by 4.5 turnover.
  • If the circuit moves with the engine running, it is necessary use the services of a service center.
  • If the engine is not adjusted when the fuel equipment is adjusted starts up or starts up and stalls, make sure gas in the supply tank, spark plug serviceability, cleanliness air intake filter.
  • Engine stalls when loaded – lean may cause mixtures due to clogging of the main nozzle.

Traction and engine stability heavily dependent on the quality of fuel and engine oil. Old or long-term stored gas in a plastic canister can provoke a number of characteristic failures and malfunctions.


Replacement equipment consists of a 15-inch guide rail and 0.325 inch chain driven by sprocket. Customization chain tension is made by a special device.

The chain is cooled and lubricated by a dosed oil supply into the working area. Oil is supplied to the pump inlet from the internal 200 ml tank.

Replacing a worn tire-chain kit is not technically difficult. In order to independently remove the chain drive sprocket you must use the factory supplied universal key.

The use of recommended chain oils has a positive effect. on the efficiency and durability of removable equipment in whole.


Chainsaw Benefits

  • despite the budget cost, the design of the tool on many parameters identical to semi-professional models class
  • the saw differs from prototypes in the optimal ratio power, weight and overall dimensions;
  • the tool is characterized by modern ergonomics of the case, handles, placement of the main and auxiliary elements management;
  • for the manufacture of critical parts and systems used high-quality and durable materials;
  • engine durability increased application of special processing technologies and application of durable wear resistant coatings;
  • reliable and high-speed emergency brake virtually eliminates operator injuries when chain breaks, back strike or other non-standard situations.

Disadvantages and malfunctions

Judging by the reviews of independent experts and users, structural, operational and other design flaws Saws are missing.

Failures and malfunctions are mostly initiated illiterate maintenance, gross errors in the process, improper use of the tool.


The 137 series chainsaw is discontinued. Alternative may serve as an identical Husqvarne 236 model with a capacity of 1.9 h.p. worth from 9000 rubles.

In the used equipment market, the cost of the base model is long time is kept high. The tool is in good condition technical condition, you can buy at least 5500-6000 rubles.


A wide range is presented in one power range household chainsaw equipment of other leading brands. On the the domestic market presents several competitive trademark models – Stihl ms 180, household chainsaws Partner P350S, Champion 55-18.


Owner reviews

I am the owner of a used 137 model with four years of experience. I won’t say bad, the chainsaw is reliable in every way, productive and versatile. There are no problems with spare parts, tires and chains for any money. I earn gas from neighbors and acquaintances a dump of relatively small trees and sawing firewood. The car low-cost in operation, expensive oils, but with chain lubrication save a little. By the end of the life of each chain, I fill a homogeneous by density a mixture of diesel oil with spindle. Zhenya

Compared in practice the work of Calm 180 and Husqvarna model 137. Despite the small remaining resources, both cars deserve highest marks. In my opinion, Husqvarna is more Squat, grip comfortable and reliable. Engine with stable traction in summer and winter, but sensitive to fuel quality and accurate dosage of engine oil. I would love to buy a new device, but this model is no longer for sale. Advised to purchase the following 236th model, but I’m afraid to buy a fake, especially since My acquaintance’s practice is not uncommon. Vasiliy Viktorovich

I heard a lot of good things about survivability and reliability of chainsaws Husqvarne’s 137 model, so when you purchase it improved version 137e there was no doubt. The car pleased a little weight, efficient vibration compensator and lung system launch. After about 20 hours of operation, a leak began oil pump area, equipment under warranty, had to be taken to the service. It turns out that it was necessary to tighten the fasteners only. In all the rest saw flawless, for 5 years of operation not a single serious rejection. Valery Nikolaevich

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