How to sheathe gable siding

How to sheathe gable siding Table of contents:

  • 1 Material properties
  • 2 Tools for the job
  • 3 Mounting Methods
  • 4 Stages of work
  • 5 videos

To warm the attic and cladding of the pediment more and more siding is used. This method of decoration has long been received spread but the material from which they are made has changed this kind of finish. Previously, such a clapboard work, she demanded annual care and protection against moisture and insects. Replace wooden boards came metal and vinyl. This cladding option has excellent characteristics, allowing him to occupy a leading position position among products intended for covering the outer part building. This article will talk about how to sheathe. gable.

Material properties

  • resistant to sunlight;
  • does not burn;
  • maintains an aesthetic appearance for a long time;
  • can be installed in any climate, not afraid of high and low temperatures;
  • light weight does not load the structure.

Siding PropertiesSiding properties

The use of various materials in the manufacture of siding leads to some features in its characteristics.

Metal is made of galvanized steel sheets. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of cladding colors. Material durable and retains its qualities for decades. Layered The structure provides protection against:

  • ultraviolet light
  • temperature changes
  • atmospheric influences.

Sheathing of the gable of the house is made possible by simplicity mounting panels. Do not use steel panels for buildings with dilapidated rafters. High thermal conductivity of the metal requires insulation design.

Vinyl siding on the pedimentVinyl siding on pediment

Vinyl siding is most widely used due to affordable cost. The material is not afraid of corrosion and insects, not burns out under the sun, is not deformed and is made in various color options. It can imitate logs, bricks, natural a rock. The pediment of this material looks elegant and well maintained.

The weight of vinyl panels is lower than metal, so they are lighter lift and mount. PVC panels retain heat better. Flexibility material and the ability to restore shape is also positive affects when used for sheathing.

Tools for work

Installation toolMounting tool

  • roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • level;
  • hammer;
  • stationery knife or scissors;
  • stapler.

Mounting Methods

Installation on a metal frameInstallation on metal carcass

Work requires reliable forests. They can be made independently from timber and boards. Gable surface Inspect and, if necessary, replace damaged items.

Sheathing is performed in several ways. Securely lock Siding allows a special metal frame made of profiles. In addition, it provides space for placement of insulation and provides ventilation. For work aluminum is used profile with a long service life and low weight. Guides are attached in increments of 50 cm. This method requires significant cash costs and additional time for frame device.

Frameless installationFrameless mounting

You can fix the trim panels directly to the boards. Third way – to make a crate of wooden bars and fasten to it casing.

Consider how to sheathe a pediment siding, fixed on to the crate. For the device of the lathing, a wooden beam 50 × 50 is suitable mm It should have low humidity, otherwise after the tree dries the skin structure is deformed. The base is packed all over surfaces with a step of 40 cm. So that the bars are in one plane, you need to set the level and stretch the rope all the way the length of the pediment. It will indicate the plane of the crate. Vertical the bars can be nailed or screwed with screws.

Work stages

Installation of siding on the pedimentInstallation of siding on gable

The first is the starting bar. She is exhibiting horizontally and sequentially attached to each lathing beam. All marking of siding for cutting is more convenient to perform on the ground, and lift the finished panels up. To make work faster prepare two templates – for the left and right sides – and on them cut off the corner piece. For cutting material use grinder, construction knife or scissors. Large amount of trim requires buying material with a margin of 10-15%.

Gable sheathing schemeGable sheathing scheme

If there is a window in the middle of the surface to be trimmed, then more measurements and cuts will be required. The perimeter of the window is necessary set up a special profile.

The trimmed side of the panels is tucked into the installed gable ramp profile of the inner corner. It will give a design neat look. Make sure that the side parts are symmetrical, and do not forget about thermal gaps.

The closure of ordinary siding is due to the castle connections. When fixing the panel, the screw is twisted strictly in the center of the perforation, but not to the end, a gap of 1 mm This allows the material to move horizontally when thermal expansion.

For each panel there are up to 6 self-tapping screws made of galvanized metal, which avoids the appearance of them rust.

The scheme of the correct installation of panelsScheme of the right panel mounting

If the attic is sheathed, then laying will be required for the sheathing vapor barrier and insulation – polyurethane foam, felt, mineral cotton wool.

It’s easy to figure out how to properly clad a pediment watch a video teaching the intricacies of editing, then everything will become more clear.


See how you can sheathe gable siding alone:

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