How to repair a mosquito net

How to repair a mosquito net Table of contents:

  • 1 Common Breakdowns
  • 2 How to eliminate a breakthrough
  • 3 Replacing the blade
  • 4 Handle Repair
  • 5 Repair of the corner of the grid frame
  • 6 Replacing the Z-profile
  • 7 videos

As you know, all living things love light. There’s no exception for midges, mosquitoes, flies and more. To protect your home from invasion insects on opening sash windows and doors taken install mosquito nets. However, during operation, they may damage and breakdowns take on a very different nature. In this In the article we will consider the most common damage, as well as You will learn how to repair a mosquito net.

Common breakdowns

Pets and the netPets and grid

Generally speaking, mosquito nets become unusable for three reasons:

  1. Time.
  2. External factors.
  3. Internal “aggressors”.

There is another reason – poor quality equipment and Incorrect installation. For example, if you do not live on the first floor, if installed incorrectly, the risk of falling nets with great heights. Plastic may be damaged as a result. elements and bend frame profile. Also can not do without breakthrough grid. In short, after the fall, the mosquito net is for sure will need repair, but in the worst case, a complete replacement.

So, how to determine that the grid needs to be repaired?

  1. If there are curvature of the frame of the frame.
  2. Waves appeared on the canvas.
  3. The mounts are out of order.
  4. The canvas broke through.
  5. The product does not have its original appearance.

The most common damage is a breakthrough of the canvas. Especially in if you have pets at home. Claws, teeth, beak and the like can easily damage the net. how the consequence, through breakouts in the apartment uninvited guests will fly into in the form of mosquitoes and midges.

Also, the cause of the breakdown may be careless mesh operation, sudden changes in temperature and wear fittings, and also due to the effects of rainfall. In most cases the problem is solved in one call to a suitable company in which You can buy a new mosquito net. However, in order to save you can fix the damage yourself.

How to eliminate a breakthrough

How to eliminate a breakthrough

If there is a small breakthrough on the mosquito net, then don’t immediately spend money and buy a completely new canvas. Consider A simple method to eliminate this kind of breakdown. Work will be look like this:

Cutting the canvasCloth cutting

  • This will require a small piece of suitable mesh, which could block the breakthrough. You can use an old mosquito grid, if any.

Ready patchesReady patches

  • So, cut a suitable piece of mesh with a margin, from all sides 2.5 cm.
  • After you need a curved needle and a strong thread, preferably the same color as the canvas. You can also use thin fishing line, which is almost not visible. note to the fact that you can use a regular straight needle. Curved is necessary in case you have access to only one side of the grid.

BentCurved needle

  • Now close the hole with a cut off mesh. Most convenient if you will be able to remove it from the window. Next stays in small stitches to sew a patch on a grid. Stitch the stitches moderately, otherwise there is the probability that the mesh is deformed.

Final resultFinal result

So it’s very simple and quick to eliminate a small breakthrough in the grid. The only negative of this method is aesthetics. Therefore to It’s better to be creative about eliminating a breakthrough. For instance, cut a patch in the shape of a butterfly in a contrasting color or something another. You can connect imagination, and from the outside it will seem that the way it should be.

Web Replacement

Replacing the blade

However, there are times when installing latki can not do. IN in this case, you have to completely replace the mosquito cloth the grid. To do this, work should be done in the following order:

  1. To release the mesh around the perimeter at the junction should remove the cord.
  2. Eliminate the old canvas.
  3. A new mesh should be put in place.
  4. Tighten the grid should be phased. Can start with a short side. Putting the net in the gutter, the blunt side of a ballpoint pen or screwdrivers squeeze the cord back. Make sure not to there were no folds.

Tension of a clothWeb tension

  1. Next, fasten the grid on the second long side with the same method.
  2. The most crucial stage is pulling the third and fourth sides of the grid. It may need to be redone here, as the mesh can easily bend. Her tension should be systematic.
  3. Upon completion of the work around the perimeter neatly sharp and thin With a knife, cut off the rest of the grid flush with the profile.

This work can be done with your own hands, most importantly, do not be afraid experiment.

Handle Repair


After a while, the handles on the mosquito net become brittle or due to inaccurate operation, they can break. Without them remove the grid will be problematic. How to be in this situation? For example, you can use a simple method for which you a small piece of steel wire Ø 2-3 mm is required. Out of him make a small hook shown in the photo:

Making a hookMaking a hook

With this hook you can easily install and remove the mesh from your place. So, with one hand pull the hook under the net, and with the other hold and at the same time press on the remaining pieces of the pens. So, you can install the grid on your seat.

Hook in actionHook in action

This method is in case you buy new pens in this the moment is impossible. But on the other hand, this technology is enough dangerous, because with inaccurate movement, the grid can fly down. There is also another option that does not require going to such risks. You can make a flexible handle out of small pieces of leather. Skin cut off with a strip up to 2 cm wide and up to 10 cm long. in half. The result is a 5 cm strap. Skin ends screw the screw to the place of the last fastening. So you have there will be two loops that will help to remove and install mosquito net on the seat.

Mesh frame corner repair

Repair of the corner of the mesh frame

Due to a fall or poor-quality components in mesh construction can break corners. Alternatively, you need buy a new corner and carry out its full replacement. For this remove all traces of the broken corner from aluminum profile.

New plastic cornerNew plastic a corner

The new one is carefully hammered into the profile with rubber or wooden with a hammer. For the stand, you can use a wooden block, in In this case, any hammer is suitable. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the corners are mostly plastic and can also break still at the stage of their installation.

Corner replacementCorner Replacement

If the corners just loosened, and you see that they could still to serve, the mesh frame can simply be strengthened. To do this, you can cut small corners from tin by rounding sharp corners and screw them on top of existing corners. You can also buy small furniture corners.

Corner reinforcementCorner reinforcement

An important requirement is that they be thin, otherwise, at the corners, the grid will loosen against the window.

Z-profile replacement

Replacing the Z-profile

On a plastic window, z-mounts with an external side. A mosquito net is installed in it. Repair may be very simple, for example, buy a new one and install it in its place. Also, such fasteners can be made independently from tin. Important give it the necessary shape. When the workpiece is done, you can fix it with a self-tapping screw to the window.

So, as we have reviewed, there are many reasons why which can break the mosquito net. On the one hand, always you can buy a new part to replace it, but on the other hand, some details can be done by yourself. To help also We suggest watching a video on this topic.


This video shows how to make repairs. mosquito net:

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