How to paint a metal door

How to paint a metal door Table of contents:

  • 1 Preparation for painting
  • 2 Preparation of the necessary material and tools
  • 3 Features of the formation of the paint layer
  • 4 Woodgrain painting

Any metal doors installed at the entrance to the apartment or garage, eventually lose their original appearance and need the so-called redecorating. Indicated type of repair involves, as you know, updating the protective coating layer, applied during the construction process. Before paint the metal door yourself, preferably get acquainted with the features of the procedures associated with the application protective coating on the surface of metal. In the process familiarization with these procedures is usually necessary face the following questions:

  • the procedure for preparing the surface for painting;
  • the choice of the coloring composition;
  • and finally, the choice of method of applying paint (spray, brush, roller or spray).

These steps, of course, need careful consideration.

Preparation for painting

Old paint is cleaned with metal brushesOld paint is brushed off with metal brushes

Preparation of a metal door for painting includes The following required procedures:

  • They remove the accessories from the doorTake off the door hardware First of all, everything is dismantled from the door structure removable elements (eyes, handles, padlocks, etc.). Wherein surface areas that do not require painting, it is best to glue masking tape.
  • If there are grease stains on the door, remove them. using special solvents (acetone, white spirit or other cleaning compounds).
  • If the door has been previously painted – it must be completely remove the old layer. For these purposes, special formulations are used (so called “washes”) or an ordinary metal brush.
  • If there are places on the door affected by corrosion, it will be possible use special rust removers or emery suitable grain size paper.
  • After thorough cleaning of all surfaces of the door leaf and the frame of the structure is recommended once again to walk on them emery paper, which will provide maximum adhesion (adhesion) of the material doors with paint.
  • Aerosol primerAerosol Primer Before painting a metal door is recommended to degrease its entire a surface that provides reliable coloring, allowing not resort to re-repair for several seasons. For degreasers can be applied specially designed for these goals are compounds or traditional white spirit and kerosene.
  • If any irregularities are found on the metal surface, chips or cracks, it will be necessary to putty them, using ordinary car putty. Having repaired the problem areas, you should walk along him with a fine emery cloth and then wipe thoroughly treated areas with a damp cloth.
  • Immediately before the start of the painting procedures, it is recommended primer the surface of the iron door using special spray primer. This will ensure that a stable base for subsequent application of the dye and noticeably extend the life of the updated product.

Preparation of the necessary material and tool

Spray paintSpray paint

When choosing the type of dye and the method of coloring the iron door it’s most convenient to use a standard aerosol can, which can be charged with a coloring compound for almost any taste. Using this dye application method will provide you wide selection of colors and shades, including the possibility of obtaining protective layer with special effects (metallic or mother of pearl). In addition, it will be possible to paint a metal door use familiar tools such as brush, roller or spray gun.

Can be varnished on topTop can be covered varnish

To fix the applied coloring matter, you can Use a special acrylic spray. Thus, for high-quality painting of your metal door The following materials and tools will be required:

  • sufficient acrylic enamel to treat the entire door surface (2-3 are usually enough for this capacities);
  • acrylic spray can (glossy or matte);
  • some sandpaper and special metal brush required for final cleaning surface;
  • masking tape or film (to cover surfaces, do not needing coloring);
  • a small basin of water, old rags, and any available in a detergent is at your disposal.

Features of the formation of the paint layer

When applying dye to metal surfaces with any of the previously mentioned methods, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Before you start painting the door structure with your hands, you must carefully shake the container with your choice dye, which will ensure the mixing of the latter to the desired consistency.
  2. To avoid smudges when applying a protective coatings should move the spray can or spray gun smoothly from top to bottom, keeping it at a distance of about 25-30 cm from surface (the procedure for working with the roller and brush will be considered by us separately).
  3. In the process, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the protective layer is applied evenly over the entire surface and so that all its patches were well stained.
  4. When painting metal doors with a spray can should be applied in 2-3 layers; and before the formation of each of subsequent layers should wait until complete drying the previous one.
  5. Do not paint on doors located on outdoors, as well as during rain and minus temperatures.
  6. Completing the paint procedure, you must leave the door to dry (approximately 4-6 hours).

Coloring the doorDoor coloring

If you want to give the color of already painted doors more depth and shine you can additionally spray them acrylic varnish, the application procedure of which is no different from reviewed earlier. The drying time of such a varnish is about 1–2 hours.

Painting doors in any of the possible ways should carried out in a ventilated room and using special eye and respiratory protective equipment.

Wood-like painting

If you have an artistic taste, you can paint the doors under a tree using various dyes shades.

To implement this idea, first on a metal surface a so-called base coat is applied, which is better just use yellow oil paint. After this layer is completely dry, you can begin to re- applying dye (preferably from the same manufacturer), but on this time already brown.

The second layer should only be allowed to dry slightly, after which, using a special grater, you should go over this device over the entire painted surface, leaving on it characteristic marks in the form of grooves.

Grater for forming a wood patternGrater for forming a wood pattern

With each pass, the grater will remove part of the second layer paint, exposing the already dried-out lower layer, so that in the end a pattern resembling a cut of wood is formed on the surface. On the the final stage of work, the resulting pattern is closed with a layer protective varnish. The grater fixture can be purchased at department of building tools or make it yourself from a piece of dense rubber.

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