How to make sliding gates yourself: Step-by-step instruction


Sliding gates every year more and more displace their outdated competitors because they really have the highest quality indicators. In addition, they look stylish and combined with any type of fence (the main thing is that it is direct), and a wide variety of materials allows you to select the most optimal practical properties.


  • What are the benefits of self-made?
  • Stages of preparatory work
  • Materials and Tools
  • Do-it-yourself sliding gates: step-by-step instructions

The only drawback of the sliding gates is their high cost, which used to have a pretty serious effect on their popularity. Today, prices have become more affordable, and especially cheap desired design will cost those who decide to make it by yourself.

Why is it profitable to make sliding gates with your own hands?


To make sliding gates with your own hands – this means not only save on wages for workers, but also make sure of the quality used material, accessories and automation. Really reliable components even large companies to their customers offer extremely rarely. Typically, the customer does not understand such trifles, as a result receives the cheapest parts for a high price.

Such sliding gates serve at best a couple of years, and then require serious repair or replacement of work items. Wherein many manufacturers do not provide long-term warranties, and troubleshooting rests entirely with the customer. Exactly so it’s better to spend some time on your own and do sliding gates independently. It’s actually not so difficult as it seems at first glance.

Stages of preparatory work

At the beginning of each successful construction lies competent planning. In the manufacture of sliding gates do-it-yourself is better total perform the following preparatory work with increased attention to every little thing:


Experts recommend making sliding gates at least wide 4 meters, so that they can easily pass not only the car, but also freight transport. It’s enough to measure 2 meters in height. However, for extra centimeters you will not have to pay extra fabulous amounts to manufacturers, so with self-production gates you can easily increase their size to the desired. For this you just need to figure out which cars will drive into territory, and build on their size.

Choosing the type of sliding gate

Sliding gates can be suspended, cantilevered or rail. For domestic needs, that is, for installation on a summer cottage a plot or in the courtyard of a private house is best suited exactly cantilever. They are the easiest to make, and in use they most comfortable. They consist of the console blocks themselves, the frame, end rollers and their catcher supporting brackets and guide rails.

Selection of materials and tools

To make console sliding gates yourself, You will need the following set of tools and materials:

  • Welding machine;
  • Shovels and bayonet shovels;
  • Hand drill;
  • Protective construction glasses;
  • Cutting wheel with a diameter of 125 mm;
  • Bulgarian;
  • Self-tapping screws, fittings;
  • Crushed stone, sand, cement.

You will also need all the components of the sliding gates indicated on picture: otkatnye_vorota_svoimi_rukami_03

The material for the canvas itself is easy to choose. If you want achieve perfect value for money then best stay on corrugated board. This is metal pressed into sheets which is characterized by a relatively light weight, long life service, resistant to external factors, easy care and attractive appearance. The color of this material there is a whole lot, because you can color the sheet with a suitable paint of any necessary shade.


Before making sliding gates, it is necessary to make for They have a solid foundation. It is a simple columnar construction. To install it you need:

  • Make markings for the pit, taking as its basis the free zone sash movements.
  • In accordance with the measurements, dig a trench in depth not less than 1 m.
  • In the trench, install a mortgage element from the channel width about 20 cm and welded pieces of reinforcement (1 cm each length).


  • On the other side of the channel (bottom) also weld pieces reinforcement equal in length to the depth of the pit.
  • Fill the pit with concrete and leave to solidify completely – minimum for 7 days. The solution can be prepared from fine gravel, sand and cement. However, it should not cover the entire structure – pieces 1 cm fittings should remain at the top.

If we are talking about automatic sliding gates, then immediately after laying the foundation, you need to make wiring cables.

How to make sliding gates yourself: step by step instruction

As long as the foundation reaches the desired level of strength, it should to make the main canvas. It should start with frame, which is also sometimes called the frame. For this use steel pipes of the appropriate size. Before starting work they must be cleaned of dirt, rust and deposits with solvent or gasoline.

Prepared pipes are connected in square or rectangular frame, depending on the shape of the gate. This is easy to do with welding machine. Also at this stage it is recommended to process pipes with a primer to protect them from corrosion. After that you can paint the frame in the selected color and wait for it to dry. otkatnye_vorota_svoimi_rukami_05

Next, the manufacture of sliding gates with their own hands takes place at the following plan:

  • The frame is sheathed with corrugated board or other material selected for cloth (steel, wood, etc.). It is attached to the frame with screws
  • Roll the frame onto the carriages and align the structure
  • Attach frame to embedded element
  • Weld roller trolleys
  • Fasten casters and install catchers
  • Check the gate leaf movement and tighten it in free movement nuts
  • Install end roller

During the installation of sliding gates, it is important to constantly check construction level the presence of distortions. If after manufacturing and installation of sliding gates will want to complement their automatic system, then just attach it to the right place gear rack and install electric drive, following attached to him instructions.

Tips for installing sliding gates provided by the site

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