How to make shelves in the bath with your own hands

How to make shelves in the bath Table of contents:

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In order to steam up in the bath with comfort and benefit, it is necessary install shelves in compliance with certain standards. Flooring material you also need to choose wisely. In this article we will tell how make shelves in the bath with your own hands, give a step-by-step guide, and also drawings, photos and video instructions.

Shelf Material

Edged boardEdged board

The atmosphere in the steam room is characterized by high temperature and humidity, not every material can withstand such a combination. Traditionally for bath flooring used wood. Suitable wood grade must have certain properties:

  • low thermal conductivity guaranteeing comfort for humans flooring temperature;
  • moisture resistance;
  • minimum amount of resin in the wood structure.

Experienced craftsmen recommend linden, aspen, maple, poplar, abashi. Conifers tolerate moisture well, but with at a high temperature, resin begins to protrude on their surface. it can cause burns, therefore excellent pine or spruce wood it is better to use for furniture in the rest room or washing.

Linden – when heated, a special aroma and healing evaporation. The tree dries quickly, does not crack, easy being processed. In a hot and humid atmosphere, the material changes color. from light to dark.

Aspen is a common choice for regiments thanks to a combination of durability and low price. Boards keep their size when racing temperatures and are not deformed. According to pagan beliefs, aspen relieves negativity and heals mental trauma. Externally the material is stored for a long time, and the inside of the boards is exposed rotting.

Abashi – expensive African wood has beautiful yellowish or cream shade, retains its appearance high quality for a long period of time. Has a low thermal conductivity, flexible and durable material is convenient flooring. The high price of foreign wood makes it available only for a limited circle of people.

Maple – shows excellent resistance to moisture and heat.


Custom shelf layoutNon-standard shelf arrangement

The number of tiers in the steam room you choose yourself, if there will be few people going to the bath, 1-2 tiers are enough. Three tiers can be placed in a high room, between the upper deck and the ceiling should remain at least a meter. Shelves are located along walls with no windows. Beds place:

  • stepwise along one wall;
  • perpendicular to adjacent walls;
  • parallel to each other on opposite walls, top row leans back for convenience.


The dimensions of the shelves depend on the tier: the top is executed in width 90 cm, middle and lower – 80 cm. Length can range from 150 to 180 cm, it depends on the size of the steam room.

The height of the shelves should be comfortable for the seated person – the upper shelf is mounted at a height of 120 cm, comfortable the height of the middle flooring is 70–80 cm, the bottom is fixed at 40 cm.


Making the frameFrame manufacturing

Before you make shelves, bars and boards designed for them, carefully sanded and processed with special antiseptic on a natural basis. The shelf frame is built from bars, support racks make a cross section of 50 × 70 mm.

  1. The position of the rear pillars is marked on the wall, they are fixed to surface with screws.
  2. The horizontal beams forming the frame to which will be attached flooring from boards, screwed ends to opposite walls. The transverse parts, equal to the width of the shelf, are attached to the walls throughout length. Between the wall and the adjacent longitudinal bar, it is necessary attach small workpieces with a thickness of 10 cm so that there is a gap to drain water. The horizontal plane of the beams is checked level.
  3. The rear beam is attached with self-tapping screws to the uprights.
  4. Front uprights mounted in parallel back, rubber is placed under the ends. Correct installation should be checked with a level.
  5. The front beam connects to the uprights.
  6. Grooves are cut in the beams for fastening the cross members, on 60 cm apart.
  7. The crossbars are laid in grooves and fixed with screws.
  8. For reliability, the uprights are connected in the middle. bars.
  9. The length of the boards used is equal to the length of the shelf, width – 120 mm, thickness – 22 mm. They are screwed to the floor frame back the sides or heads of the screws are recessed into the tree. Places screwing in is coated with special mastic to prevent burns. A 1-2 cm gap is left between the slats for drainage water.

Wood screwsWood screws

Using screws instead of nails allows you to reliably fix the structure and leaves it possible to disassemble the shelves for drying or replacing an item.

This is how the shelves for the bath are made, if you are going to make several tiers, then they are performed according to a similar scheme: going frame for the top and the base for the lower shelf is attached to it.


Watch the video for a detailed description of the assembly steam room shelf:

A photo

This selection of photographs and drawings will help you more clearly. submit the order of work:

We begin to make a frameworkWe start to make the frame

Making the bottom rowMaking the bottom a number of

Frame deviceFrame device

Impregnation of woodWood impregnation

Fitting and fasteningFitting and fixing

The flooring is readyThe flooring is ready

FinishingFinal finish

Work completedWork completed


On our proposed drawings indicate the size of the shelves and design features:

Drawing support shelfShelf support drawing

Location of the regimentsRegiment location

Drawing of a three-tier shelfThree-tier drawing shelf


Option drawing shelf in the bathShelf drawing option to the bath

Top and bottom shelfUpper and lower shelf

Arrangement of regiments and shopsArrangement of regiments and benches

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