How to make grounding in the bathroom the room?

grounding bathgrounding bathgrounding bath

Bathroom – a special room in an apartment or private house. FROM visiting this room begins each person’s day and also ends with a visit to this realm of high humidity and high temperatures. Taking a bath is a procedure that brings relaxation, guaranteeing restoration of strength and giving minutes unforgettable bliss. However, to make this comfort always accompanied by the commission of such water procedures should be on time take care of grounding the bathtub.

How to make grounding in the bathroom?How to make grounding in the bathroom? protective circuit for the bathroomprotective circuit for the bathroom


  1. Bathtub protective circuit
  2. What and how to ground in the bathroom?
  3. Grounding the hydromassage devices in the bathroom

Bathtub protective circuit

A bathtub filled with water or just raw after the procedure, It belongs to the category of a zone of high humidity, and with all this, still surrounded by electrical appliances and outlets, – A source of increased danger to its owners. therefore it is very important to create a protective circuit that can prevent possible trouble.

Not so long ago, grounding was arranged by connecting the bath with plumbing or sewer riser. However currently this is not recommended: very often in apartment buildings riser neighbors replace metal pipes with plastic ones and the meaning of grounding is immediately lost. That is why grounding the bath need with a special grounding bus located on distribution common house shield. In new buildings, grounding is already provided, and as a rule an additional circuit is made grounding in the bathroom. In old Soviet houses in 95 percent there is no grounding, so ground the bathroom does not seem possible. If the house was renovated and the ground conductor was laid on the riser, then there is no reason Refuse additional bathroom protection.

What and how to ground in the bathroom?

potential equalization boxpotential equalization boxpotential equalization box protective shutdown device for the bathroomprotective shutdown device for the bathroomresidual current device for bathroom What and how to ground in the bathroomWhat and how to ground in the bathroomWhat and how to ground in the bathroom

In most bathrooms, even in modern buildings traditional cast-iron bathtubs are installed. Grounding such a bath easy to arrange:

  • a hole is drilled in any bathtub leg;
  • a grounding jumper is inserted into the finished hole;
  • with a bolt and a nut with a washer, the jumper is fixed in the hole legs of the bath.

Modern cast-iron and steel bathtubs are already available equipped with a special device resembling a flower petal, to create reliable grounding. Such a device can be without special hassle to connect the ground conductor (PE – yellow-green colors).

In the case of using electrical equipment for heating the flow water grounding must be provided through a protective device shutdowns. It is also necessary to ground any electrical bathroom equipment, whether storage water heater or washing machine. All grounding conductors are displayed in a common box for grounding, which is called the potential equalization box (PMC). Out of the control box with a cross section of at least 6 squares, the conductor is output to a common grounding bus, which is located on a floor or billboard.

Potential equalization can be done in the TN-C-S grounding system or TN-S. If a modern model of a bathtub is installed in the bathroom acrylic, it also needs to be grounded despite the fact that acrylic is not conducts electric current. Acrylic bath build up static electricity. Moreover, the larger the size of the bath, the larger electricity can build up on its surface. therefore ground the steel frame on which the bowl is located bathtubs.

Grounding the hydromassage devices in the bathroom

ip-44 socketip-44 socketsocket ip-44

If the room has a hot tub, then grounding must be arranged in a special way. Such a bath should only be connected to a special outlet used in in wet rooms – a socket with protection of at least IP-44. Such the outlet is best placed at least 0.5 m above the floor. From the edge of the bathtub, the jacuzzi should be placed at a distance not closer 0.6 m.

potentialpotentialpotential equalization

In addition to directly earthing outlets outside the premises where such a hot tub is located install a special machine – protective shutdown device, or it is also called a differential current switch. is he help prevent unpleasant consequences that may occur when a current leakage occurs in the electrical circuit.

Grounding a bath located in any room of an apartment or private home, you must have at your disposal a stranded the wire is usually yellow-green in cross section 6 mm and PVC insulated. The ground jumper is best positioned behind a decorative bath screen either in the cabinet or on the wall located in the box PMC. By grounding the bath, you can confidently its safety to enjoy any water procedures.

How to make grounding in the bathroom?How to make grounding in the bathroom?

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