How to make gates from corrugated board

How to make gates from corrugated board Table of contents:

  • 1 Design Benefits
  • 2 Types of designs
  • 3 Required tools and accessories
  • 4 Structural structural elements
  • 5 Assembly technology
  • 5.1 Arrangement of the foundation
  • 5.2 Fabrication of the frame
  • 5.3 Final events
  • 6 Important Installation Features
  • 7 videos
  • 8 Photos
  • 9 Scheme

Currently, the assortment of each hardware store replete with a huge amount of materials intended for arrangement and installation of gates. However, most developers prefer to use corrugated board, because it has a number of useful properties: durability, strength, aesthetics and affordable cost. Raw materials are produced in the factory through cold rolled steel sheet method, both sides of which are treated with a protective layer of zinc, which protects the surface from detrimental effects of the environment and premature destruction. In order to become more familiar with submitted material, as well as answer the question of how to make gates from corrugated board yourself, you should understand features of its use and learn assembly technology.

Design Benefits

Design Benefits

The use of this material is determined by a number of determinants merits. Of these, significant are recognized:

  • long period of operation;
  • low specific weight of the structure;
  • a huge selection of colors and textures;
  • there is no need for periodic repair;
  • affordability;
  • ease of installation.

Types of designs

Types of structuresTypes of structures

Of the many options available for making gates highlight two bright representatives:

  1. Hinged – two wings that diverge in opposite apart sides.
  2. Retractable – one canvas moving along the fence.

From the list below, you should stop your gaze at the second as it saves the environment and is not whimsical to the effects of the weather.

In order to build a retractable structure with your own hands you need to correctly calculate the proportions of the counterweight and prepare a solid foundation. Otherwise, the gates may deform and fail.

Required Tools and Accessories

Required Tools and Accessories

Absolutely in any construction event previous step the whole course of work is the selection of the necessary tool. To to make sliding gates you will need:

  • construction level and tape measure;
  • apparatus for welding;
  • a grinder or a special hacksaw;
  • drill with a puncher and a set of bits;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • rubber mallet;
  • riveter;
  • set of wrenches;
  • bayonet shovel;
  • tank for the preparation of concrete or cement mix.

Structural Elements

Structural structural elements

Preliminary design and selection of optimal dimensions future gates, on which the total weight will directly depend Designs are the key to a high-quality and long service life. Components are selected taking into account the total weight, width of the opening and height of facing corrugated board.

In addition, important elements of the rolling structure are console accessories, which include:

  • top safety roller;
  • bottom rollers;
  • trailer roller and beam plug;
  • a pair of catchers;
  • guide rail.

At the same time, an integral part of the gate is a reliable frame, which performs an important supporting function. In its manufacture, as a rule, metal profile pipes are used, the dimensions of which depend on the dimensions of the opening.

If you want to equip the gate with automation, then do not forget purchase in addition to electrical supplies drive, remote controls, beacon, gear racks. Also for fixing corrugated board will require the use of self-tapping screws on metal or exhaust roof rivets at the rate of 15 pcs. on the sheet.

Assembly technology


In order to properly erect sliding gates an approximate design drawing should be made in which calculate the required materials and indicate all the components elements.

Next, it’s worth starting the preparation of places for the base of the gate and supporting pillars. In most cases, they are executed as trenches under the mortgage element and recesses.

To simplify this process, it would be useful to choose as supporting pillars are already available holding the base of the fence.

Foundation arrangement

Arrangement of the foundation

The named item includes the manufacture of a base for supporting pillars and the gates themselves. In the absence of opportunity the use of supports from the fence is to dig two holes not deep below 1.5 m. Then install the pillar in the recess and fix concrete mortar. Gate base provides equipment trenches with a width of 50 cm and a depth of at least 1.5 m.

An important feature is the location of the trench. She must be fitted close to the fence!

The arrangement of the foundation involves the use of a U-shaped metal product or channel, the length of which should coincide with the length of the prepared trench. Together with that to strengthen the base and give it the required strength reinforcement elements. On the inside of the channel beam pieces of metal rods are welded to the depth of the trench, forming some backwater. Channel should be laid so so that its upper edge is flush with road surface, and its ends fit snugly against the supporting pillars.

Installation of support pillarsInstallation of support pillars

On the surface of the channel beam are two roller carts that will carry out the movement of the sash. Not worth it forget about the placement of electrical power cables. how As a rule, all diagrams and drawings are included in the kit on electric drive.

Each time when laying the channel with welded reinforcing bars products check their horizontality through construction level. However, in order to avoid distortions and further deformation gates control their position, which should clearly coincide with slip line of the future sash.

Frame manufacturing

Making the frame

Before you start cutting and welding metal profile, you should determine the dimensions of the inner frame and frame. For making the last component, you must use the profile with a cross section of 60 × 40 and safety partitions 40 × 20.

A guide rail is installed on the lower beam of the frame structure rail, and all elements are fastened by means of a welding machine. Next, using rivets or metal screws, we fix Decking on the frame.

Do not forget about safety when working with metal products. To do this, you should purchase individual protective equipment glasses and gloves. It will be an extraordinary event are preliminary cleaning of the surface of the pipe from rust and other dirt.

Closing events

Final events

On the extreme channel beam, concreted in the foundation, fix the carriages and push them into the opposite side. Then they are put on a frame design with a rolling roller and leveled at the construction level. After necessary to weld a spot on the carriage platform with a channel, once again check verticality, horizontalness, absence of distortions and finally boil around the entire perimeter. Next we fix catchers, upper safety and trailer roller mechanisms.

The fastening of the elements must be carried out so that the end the shutter roller when closing the gate was rolled behind the catcher for removing excess load from it.

Important Installation Features

Neat gates from profiled sheetNeat gate from profiled sheet

Some masters, neglecting the recommendations of professionals on the question of how to properly erect a sliding gate installation of carriages with welded adjusting studs. The use of these devices is due to the ease of use. and their dismantling in case of failure.

A pair of unaccounted millimeters can subsequently lead to that you will need to re-drill the channel beam, carry out fitting to new sizes, etc. It will cost at least a couple days spent and ultimately make you return to the proposed installation method.

In conclusion, I would like to note that during the construction of retractable the gate, first of all, it is worthwhile to understand all the intricacies of installation and study more than one arrangement scheme. Along with this follows calculate the weight of the structure and choose the right components elements. For the implementation of the latter task, it is worthwhile to turn for help to specialists who can not only point to mistakes in drawing up the drawing, but also advise what is required equipment.


The video details the intricacies of assembling a gate from corrugated board:

A photo

The photo shows various options for gates made from professional sheet:

Beautiful gates from corrugated boardBeautiful gate from corrugated board

Sliding gatesSliding gates

Retractable from corrugated boardRecoil from corrugated board

Another rolling optionAnother rolling option

Swing gatesSwing gates

Gate and gateGate and gate

Gates from a beautiful professional sheetGate of the beautiful professional sheet

Beautiful formBeautiful shape

In the countryIn the country

Under the treeUnder the tree

With forging elementsWith forging elements

View from the yardView from the yard

HingedHinged gates

Built-in gate at the gateBuilt-in gate in gate


If you decide to make gates from corrugated board, then provided schemes will help with this:

Design drawing gateDesign drawing the gate

Drawing sliding gatesDrawback drawing the gate

Gate from different anglesGate from different foreshortening

GateGate frame

Gate designGate construction

Sliding Gate SchemeSliding Gate Scheme

Complete swing gatesEquipment swing gates

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