How to make a wooden gate

How to make a wooden gate Table of contents:

  • 1 Benefits of Using Wood
  • 2 Preparatory work
  • 3 Installation
  • 3.1 Wireframe
  • 3.2 Finish
  • 3.3 Attaching hinges and securing sashes
  • 3.4 surface treatment
  • 3.5 Safe deadbolts
  • 4 videos
  • 5 photos
  • 6 Schemes

Arrangement of a reliable garage provides not only safety vehicle, but also prevents entry into the transport means of intruders. Every car owner wants to have own garage, as in big cities there are a lot of cars spend the night in the open air, being exposed to harmful influences environment and being an object of increased attention from scammers. For the owners of country houses and cottages, the task of erecting named building is one of the first lines in the list priority activities. But excessively high cost manufacture of this design in some cases repels all desire to realize what was intended. Significantly reduce costs during the construction of the garage will allow the use of wood and manufacture of some structural elements with one’s own hand. An integral part of any construction of this type is the gate. For their high-quality construction it is necessary to familiarize yourself with how make a wooden gate on your own without labor specialists.

Benefits of Using Wood

The benefits of using wood

The main advantages of this material are:

  • Affordability and reasonable price. Buy wood products the desired grade and size required can be easily hardware store or specialized company. Price politics in comparison with metal is much lower.
  • Easy handling and installation. Without much work, anyone will be able to do the preparation of the named material with his own hands. Whereas the processing of metal products will require the use of expensive equipment: angle grinder, welding equipment, etc.
  • Durability and reliability. With regular scheduled care wooden entrance structure can last a long time time. In comparison with metal, a wooden surface is not subject to rust, however, requires periodic processing by special compounds. If one of the sides of the blade is damaged, replace the old ones. real new boards in a matter of hours.

Depending on the tastes and preferences of each host, you can make any of the types of gates: rollback type or option with lifting device.

The simplest and most universal type are swing goal. The manufacturing technology of this element is intuitive and does not require special construction skills from the master.

The main task is to take into account all the subtleties and important features, and also carry out quality measurements and wood processing.

Preparatory work

Preparatory work

Before preparing the required material and tool, draw up a diagram of the future structure and accurately calculate its place placement. Having finished with these points, it is worth starting to measure entrance opening. To increase visibility, it will be superfluous use the available sketch and adjust all the values ​​to your option.

Tool for workTool for work

Drawing up a detailed sketch will allow you to better navigate by the number of consumables and components. Construction erection involves the use and preparation of the following tools and materials:

  • timber or metal profile 50 × 50 mm;
  • wooden boards having a width of 100 mm and a thickness of 25 mm;
  • metal hinges;
  • hacksaw;
  • roulette;
  • Bulgarian;
  • building level;
  • steel corners;
  • drill with a set of drills and bits;
  • chisel;
  • sandpaper;
  • primer;
  • processing compounds;
  • set of brushes.

In the manufacture of wooden garage doors must be in advance special supports are prepared. If they are not ready, then for them manufacturing will require two wooden beams or logs.

Installing a wooden garage doorGate installation wooden garage

We prepare pits for them with a depth of at least 1.2–1.5 m. the construction of any supporting structure is a simple rule than the deeper the poles are located, the more stable and reliable they will be stand the gate. We cut the workpieces to the required height, taking into account parts of the support, which will be in the ground. For increase strength is not out of place will further strengthen the foundation of future supporting pillars, falling asleep on the bottom of the recesses crushed stone fractions of 5 × 20 and rammed the resulting substrate.

To prevent premature destruction of wooden supports it is necessary to process the places that will be underground, special water-repellent mastic or resin.

PillarPillar Installation

Next, install the poles, fix on the building level vertical position and fill the recesses with concrete or cement a mixture. In addition, to give greater practicality and aesthetics you can overlay concrete areas with large stone or a brick.



Having completed all the preparatory procedures, we proceed to making the design itself.



In accordance with the dimensions of the input opening, we cut the wooden timber to the required values ​​and lay out on an even place in such a way so that you get a rectangle or square depending on type of gate.

Check the horizontality and verticality of the laid out bars, after which we drill holes in the corner joints and fasten the structure with screws or pins. The corners will be useful and the center of the frame additionally reinforce respectively with steel corners and cross beams. The ends of the last products are trimmed. at an angle of 45º, placed crosswise and fixed self-tapping screws.

As the basis for the future frame, you can use metal profile pipes, however, for manufacturing it will be required welding equipment.



The next event – manufacturing and surface treatment cladding elements. Depending on the selected material and Sash sizes, cut the required number of boards. Usually, pine is used for lining, since wooden products from it has a small specific gravity and the greatest protection against the harmful effects of environmental factors.

The cladding board is placed close to each other and fixed with screws to the frame. Upon completion, all irregularities trimmed and machined with a grinder or small sandpaper.

To increase tightness and support the temperature in the garage the edges of the wings can be sheathed insulation.

Hinges and sash fastening

Installing the hinges and securing the wings

Having prepared the gate leaves, proceed to the installation of metal hinges. In case of attachment to the frame structure, hinged parts are welded directly to the frame, and in the mounting option to wooden bases – on supporting poles. For determining optimal location is needed from the top and bottom the boundaries of the support to retreat a distance equal to ¼ the total height of the columns and outline a place. Then fix the hinges on the poles and hang sash.

Surface treatment

Surface treatment

The gates are almost ready, it remains only to primer and cover the surface with antiseptics. Giving the necessary time for drying, proceed to the placement of accessories: handles, locks and deadbolt. To give a noble appearance to the gate, you can subsequently decorate with various forged elements.

Reliable Deadbolts


They can be as L-shaped metal rods, located on the wings. For their functioning it is necessary place two small piece of pipe with a diameter that provides free movement of the rod, and also on each leaf to make a pad for fixing the handle fasteners in a raised state.

Hinges for a wooden fenceHinges for wooden fence

The procedure for erecting a wooden gate with your own hands is a simple event and accessible to the realization of each person. As with any construction work, to achieve all set goals, you must clearly follow the advice of specialists, make accurate measurements and use quality material. Implementation of all these items in conjunction with the planned periodic care will ensure the reliable functioning of the entrance gate for many years.


in the provided videos, you can find out about others the intricacies of making wooden gates:

A photo

The photo shows various options for a wooden gate:

Wooden gateWooden gate

In the countryIn the country

On pillars of brick supportOn the pillars of the support of bricks


With beautiful fittingsWith beautiful fittings

With forging elementsWith forging elements

With a peakWith a visor

With a metal frameWith metal frame

With metalWith metal

With the windowsWith windows

With original canopiesWith original canopies

Simple wooden gateSimple wooden goal

Swing wooden gateSwing wooden goal

Gate and gate made of woodGates and gate made of wood

Old constructionOld construction

Gate from the boardsGate from the boards

With Curved Shape AwningsWith curve awnings forms


The scheme will help you in developing your own gate from tree:

Drawing of a wooden gateWooden drawing the gate

Design scheme of wooden gatesScheme wooden gate designs

Fence MountFence mount

Gate and foundationGate and foundation

Two-leaf gateGate of two sash

Deadbolt schemeDeadbolt Scheme

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