How to make a vacuum pump

How to make a vacuum pump Table of contents:

  • 1 Varieties of pumps
  • 2 Manufacture
  • 3 Plate manufacture
  • 4 water ring vacuum pump
  • 5 A car pump is turning—
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Vacuum pumps appeared long ago and were used before exclusively for industrial purposes. Now they have found application and in everyday life. Using these devices you can pump vaporous and gaseous non-aggressive substances. Factory the product costs a lot, so many lean owners make them independently, using available funds and materials.

To properly assemble a vacuum pump, you need to know The principle of its work, which is based on creating a vacuum. All similar devices are divided into physicochemical and mechanical.

Varieties of pumps

Vane pumpVane pump

  1. Water ring. Pressure reduction in such pumps occurs when grabbing water with a paddle wheel. Centrifugal force makes liquid “scatter” on the walls of the chamber. Disadvantage of this mechanism and at the same time its obligatory element is need for constant access to water.
  2. Rotary vane. In a closed chamber rotates eccentric rotor, in the grooves of which a pair is mounted plates. Moving towards the walls, these plates capture a small portion of the gas coming from the suction pipe and move it to the pumped hole.
  3. Four-chamber rotary vane. If in the groove of the rotor one through plate is inserted, then we have two cameras, but setting four, we will get the same number of cameras. Operating principle such a pump is described above.
  4. Without centrifugal plate. Rotary pump can efficiently work without centrifugal plates. Moving partition should limit the amount of gas and its movement during operation centered rotor. This limiting obstacle should move forward and change position while rotating clown
  5. Pumps whose operating principle is based on the movement of the membrane. TO a crank construction joins the rod, which translates reciprocating movements onto it. Body It is recommended to take from an unnecessary device.


Detail of the vacuum pumpVacuum pump detail It is recommended to start manufacturing this product with a rotary node for which we need cylindrical washers from certain plastics. To improve the shape and To create a smooth surface, the rotor assembly can be sanded.

Now let’s get down to the difficult job of making cavities. On the The first step is to make a template and mark out the grooves. On the sides of the cavity you can to process with the usual bench saw. Remove unnecessary particles material in the inner part can be made a hole in diameter equal to the width of the cut.

To make the landing chamber as smooth as possible from the inside, you need file it, then sand it with emery paper.

Plate making

Strips of plastic are needed to get good plates. High Quality. The cavities of our workpiece must be carefully process and use lubricants to prevent friction liquids.

There is a little secret that can simplify fixing hose – to the thread located at the inlet and outlet, need to attach the fitting. If you used this method, then it will be necessary to control the operation without the drive turned on. Not forget about quality seals that prevent leakage at joints. How to make a vacuum pump different ways we will tell below.

Water ring vacuum pump

Water ringWater ring

For this home-made device we need a cylindrical housing in which it is necessary to place the shaft mounted on it impeller having small blades. Must take care about the uninterrupted supply of water to the unit, which will rotate our the blades. Centrifugal force will force the liquid to rush to the walls, in this case, a vacuum is formed in the center.

A car pump is turning—

Remaking a car pumpRemaking a car pump

For the manufacture of a vacuum pump suitable automobile or its bicycle modifications. The first step of our process involves the promotion of the selected pump, the cuff is rotated 180 degrees and its reverse assembly. Turning over the coupling allows pulling air from a certain capacity.

In the second stage, we need to mount between the pump and hose check valve.

In the end, we told you some simple ways manufacturing a vacuum pump. Now everyone can do it simple device by yourself using our recommendations.


An example of manufacturing a vacuum pump:

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