How to make a shoe rack with your own hands

Making a shoe shelf yourselfTable of contents:

  • 1 Modern shelf
  • 2 Selection of the main material
  • 3 Tools and materials
  • 4 Step-by-step instructions for making wood
  • 5 Installation of wood and metal planks
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Each person’s wardrobe is undoubtedly great. Among all things shoes occupy an important place. It is located separately from all other items of clothing. In most cases, shoes for amenities stored in the hallway or hallway. That she served for a long time, it must be handled with care and stored correctly. For the latter is best suited to a separate shelf. It can be bought at shop or do it yourself. This article will show you how to make a shelf for shoes with your own hands.

Modern shelf

Modern shelf

Today in furniture stores there is a huge number of shelves of various shapes and designs. Choose a model yourself sometimes not easy. Dimensions are calculated first designs:

  • height;
  • length;
  • width.

It is also worth considering the number of shelves or cells and their height. To do this, you need to review all the shoes for their size. Besides Moreover, the design can be supplemented with a pedestal, bench or other decorative finish. The shelf may have a corner, round, rectangular shape, be rotating.

A simple but at the same time durable shelf can be made from improvised materials, such as wood or fiberboard.

Selection of the main material

Selection of the main material

The durability and practicality of the shoe shelf will depend on material from which it is made. So today there are practically no restrictions on the choice. Among the most common materials can be identified:

  • plywood;
  • wood;
  • Chipboard;
  • laminate;
  • Reiki
  • profile;
  • box;
  • pipes;
  • metal.

The most common is the tree. Also need to buy varnish or paint. Thanks to this, the shelf will repel moisture and mud. This also applies to chipboard. Experts advise for wet shoes provide a lower shelf, which will serve for drying. Metal products also need additional protection, since moisture may form corrosion. For To create a protective layer, you can use paint residues. The made shelf can be installed in the hallway.

Thanks to the protective layer, the tree will not be exposed swelling and, as a consequence, deformation. It will increase product service life for several years.

Tools and materials

Tools and materials

To make a shelf at home, you do not need much time and forces. In most cases, it all depends on the design, so specifying a standard set will be somewhat problematic. Picking up be sure to include the tools in the list:

  • electric drill;
  • screwdriver;
  • hacksaw (for metal or wood);
  • a ruler;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • fasteners;
  • a chisel;
  • sanding machine or sandpaper.

When planning to make a shelf of wood and metal, carefully pick up paints and varnishes. It is desirable that the finished shelf It was combined with the interior of the room.

Step-by-step instructions for making wood

Step-by-step instructions for making wood

The most relevant and easiest option is a shoe rack from wood. For its installation, it is enough to take a few boards, which remained after repair finishing work. As already mentioned, in First of all, you need to determine the dimensions, functionality and product design. After selecting all tools and fasteners you can begin to assemble:

  1. From the prepared lumber, you need to cut everything elements in a given quantity: support bars, transverse crossbars, side racks.
  2. To prevent personal injury, all prepared parts processed fine sandpaper.
  3. With the help of screws and a screwdriver, the frame is fastened and installation of shelves.
  4. The finished product is varnished or painted.

An old cabinet or shelf can serve as the basis for manufacturing shelves for shoes. In this case, the entire procedure is significantly simplified.

Installation of wood and metal planks

Installation of wood and metal planks

No less simple option that you can perform independently, is a combination of wood and metal planks. You can use both ordinary boards and fiberboard sheets, but the thickness should not exceed 1.5 cm. Planks should have a cylindrical 2 cm in diameter. Stainless is ideal steel that is not afraid of moisture. Do not forget about fasteners.

For convenience, it is better to sketch the future product on paper. This will help to avoid errors or defects. From wood side and back walls are cut out. All edges should be smooth. For convenience, a grinding machine or emery is used. paper. Before fastening all prepared elements, it is necessary mark up. Nails can serve as fasteners, self-tapping screws.

It is best to place such a shelf on the floor. To big on the mass of the structure was kept on the wall in the corridor to fix.

So, creating a shelf for storing shoes yourself is enough just. It is necessary to have a desire, and also to allocate a little time. Having shown imagination, you can get not only the necessary thing, but also an original element of decor that can harmoniously fit into hallway interior.

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From the provided videos, you will learn about two simple methods for making shoe racks for shoes:

A photo

Below is a plethora of photos with different ideas for making DIY shoe racks:

Shod shelf for shoesForged shelf for shoes

CompactCompact design

Little shelfSmall shelf

Tier shelfMulti-tier shelf

Shoe shelf from the palletShoe shelf from pallet

From cardboardFrom cardboard

Shelf in the stepsShelf in the steps

With ottomanWith ottoman

Folding shelfCollapsible shelf

Universal designUniversal design

Sliding shelfSliding shelf

Special nightstandSpecial bedside table

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