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  • 6 The partition in the room is not a dream – it is a reality!
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During repair or when buying a new apartment, many people come the idea of ​​redevelopment. This can be done to increase the area of ​​individual rooms or, conversely, the separation of one large two small rooms. In any case, make your partition hands is quite possible, for this you need to follow some tips and tricks that will be discussed in this article.

Important Partition Rules

Before you plan to do a redevelopment, it’s important find out which wall is the carrier. This wall is not it’s worth demolishing and generally performing any actions with it, otherwise you can pay a heavy fine for this. Therefore you have to be content only with what is permitted by law. In particular, You can install partitions in the room. Let’s start we will understand what a partition is.

Types of interior partitionsTypes of interior partitions

The partition is a thin wall. In some cases, she completely shares the room, and sometimes fences only partially some part of the room. In finished form, its thickness will reach an average of up to 12 cm. This standard sets used building material. For example, if the partition made of brick, then its size is 6 × 12 × 24 cm. Plus a layer of plaster – a wall of 10 cm comes out. But there are also non-standard solutions. For example, a partition can be much thicker, as a result, it is used as shelves, but here the choice is yours.

Measure twice – cut once

Marking on the floor, ceiling and wallMarkings on the floor ceiling and wall

The success of the future design will largely depend on the exact measurements. An important rule that applies to any kind of partitions – compliance with an angle of 90 ° C. If this is not achieved, then the furniture will not fit snugly against the wall, and there will be no view. For the correct measurement, select the reference point. By this the place will be the beginning of a new partition. Then to the required the distance is drawn a line or border of the septum, it is noted where it will be it ends.

Mounting the frameFrame mounting

To achieve an accurate vertical, a plumb line or building level. This operation is best done together.

Before you begin to build a partition, check all computational measurements, in principle – measure twice, once cut off. It should be noted that this procedure is performed independently. from the selected material for the partition.

Fast and reliable way

Installation of drywall partitionsInstallation of drywall partitions

Plasterboard partition is considered the simplest, moreover, inexpensive option. In this case, it’s important to know how to do the partition in the room is correct. What is such partition. The basis is laid on the profile of which is made frame according to previously performed calculations. If the room is elevated humidity, then for cladding you can use GKLV.

For the manufacture of such partitions, drywall 12 is used. mm

It is recommended for greater reliability to lay sheets in two layer on both sides. This approach will make the design much stronger!

Visual installation diagramClear wiring diagram

If you plan to hang something on the future wall, for example, a shelf or a TV, then in the frame you need to advance make changes to enhance. Advantage and lack of material lies in its pliability. It can be easily carried out the right amount of sockets and lights. At will in the partition you can make a niche, for example, for a decorative vase.

If you plan to insert doors, then you need a doorway to strengthen. You can use wooden bars.

Well and most importantly, do not forget to make sound and sound insulation. To do this, place a mineral cotton wool.

Fancy glass partitions

Patterned glassPatterned glass

Due to the wide variety of building materials, there are a great opportunity to create a magnificent interior in your apartment. Very often used as an element of decor glass partitions. Glass in combination with others building materials can create shine and chic in the interior. The main the problem of this material is its fragility. Although more the extent it will depend on:

  • thickness;
  • material quality;
  • size, etc.

As a rule, you will have to order a glass partition in company, however, you can cope with the installation yourself. Upon purchase, you will receive a set of mounts. Although the installation will require considerable effort from you, beauty and harmony the result will completely block it.

Miracle transformer partition!

Transformer partitionTransformer partition

Another, so to speak, innovative solution: use in as partitions, sliding or transforming screens. One of their advantages are ease of use, as they take up little space. Most often you can see sliding partitions made of wood, as well as decorated glass and other materials. This system resembles the principle coupe. There are two methods for installing them:

  1. Overhead mounting.
  2. Mounting with rails.

As for the second option, the partition moves along special guide tires. She can move by two ways:

  1. The canvas of the partition moves along the wall. Thus, a whole moving wall is made.
  2. In this case, you have to work hard. Before installation a special niche is made. At the time of movement partitions, the canvas is completely hidden. Depending on the niche designs, the partition can be seen and vice versa. In any In this case, you can install the transformer partition yourself, without help of specialists.

The partition in the room is not a dream – it is a reality!

Division into zonesDivision into zones

We examined only some types of partitions that may decorate the interior of the apartment. In many ways, you will have one or another partition, it is up to you. Always consider the features your interior, as well as your personal preferences. Maybe you already passed this repair stage and enjoy the comfort by installing one or another partition. If so, write to us about your ideas. Share your experiences and your observations. We are waiting for your comments!


An example of the manufacture of drywall partitions:

A photo

Glass partition

A photo

Glass partition

Cabinet as a partitionCabinet as partitions


Partition with rail guidesPartition with rail guides

An interesting variant of the partitionInteresting option partitions

Tinted glassTinted glass

From drywallDrywall

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