How to make a niche in the bedroom

How to make a niche in the bedroom Table of contents:

  • 1 Advantages and types of drywall niches
  • 2 A few ideas for decoration and decoration
  • 3 Niche installation
  • 4 Decoration
  • 5 videos
  • 6 Photos

To create an original interior, it is important to use non-standard solutions, for example, niches or grooves in the walls. More often all they are mounted in the bedroom for an unusual design of the head beds, but actually with the help of niches you can solve a lot problems. For installation of the structure, an aluminum profile is used. and drywall are common building materials that often used in decorating. In this article we let’s figure out how to make a niche in the bedroom above the bed by doing all stages on their own.

Advantages and types of drywall niches

PlasterboardDrywall Niche

In most cases, plasterboard niches in the decor of the bedroom are additional item. So in the wall at the head of the bed you can put frames with photographs, figurines, small things (watches, phone, rings), paintings and more. It is worth noting that for This goal involves the entire wall. In the lateral parts may accommodate an aquarium or an internal bookcase. Among advantages of niches:

  • affordable price;
  • ease of installation;
  • environmental friendliness (drywall is environmentally friendly material);
  • spectacularity (with proper work and thoughtful the decor will be a beautiful design).

Decorative niche for TVDecorative niche under TV

Drywall niches can be of two types: deep and decorative. Deep niches designed for double and single bed. This design can be supplemented. shelves and decorative lighting. At the bottom you can equip a place to store things (e.g. bed linen).

Decorative niches are designed to create shelves for TV, home theater and tuners. Besides of this, with the help of a small niche and a mirror, you can visually expand space, but you can use other materials to creating original decor: murals, textiles, glass, textured plaster.

Niches can be vertical, horizontal, functional, decorative as well as floor.

A few ideas for decoration and decoration

Niche above the bed, complemented by shelves with lightingNiche above the bed, complete with illuminated shelves

A niche in the bedroom is in most cases built over the bed, at the same time, it can be located both on the entire wall, and on one parts (half), which will divide the room into 2 zones (berth + dressing room). For greater effect, you can complement with transparent shelves and backlight.

To highlight the depth of a niche, it is worth using several colors with bright accents. The design can be varied: one a large niche or several small different sizes that placed in any order.

The most efficient niche with backlight will look in the evening time. To do this, you can use spotlights and tapes with LEDs.

Niche mounting

Assemble the frame from the profileAssemble the frame from profile

Do-it-yourself installation of a niche is quite simple. Is being done it is in 3 stages. The first stage is the development of design, marking is applied, and the frame is also assembled from aluminum profile. All elements are fastened with a punch. and dowels. If the shape of the niche is non-standard, then this is in advance to calculate. First, horizontal profiles are fixed on the floor and to the ceiling, and then vertical ones are attached to them. To give The rigidity of the entire structure uses an additional profile.

Sheathed with drywallSheathed with drywall

At the second stage, it is necessary to sheathe the entire structure. To cut the necessary element from drywall, you can use electric jigsaw or a special knife. When placing backlighting should lay in advance all the wiring inside the structure, so that it is invisible. At the final stage, prepared the design must be completely putty. Do not forget apply a special sickle tape to the joints, which strengthens, and at the corners fix special alignment corners. Fasteners (hats) are also thoroughly putty screws). After complete drying, proceed to decorating prepared surfaces, but not before forget to rub them well with sandpaper to remove roughness and smoothness of the surface. To finishing the materials lay well on the surface, it stands first primer.

At each stage, the building level is used to It turned out to be a perfectly smooth wall with niches.


Decorate with wallpaperTrimmed with wallpaper

To develop an original design of a bedroom with a niche it is necessary estimate various options. For an unusual effect You can use several materials and techniques. Among the finishes materials used to equip niches:

  • wallpaper;
  • paint;
  • decorative plaster;
  • plastic;
  • tree;
  • artificial stone, mirrors and glass.

Wall muralPhotowall-paper

Paint can be applied immediately to the prepared surface, wallpaper is also glued. When choosing a plaster, you should familiarize yourself with instructions on the packaging. Plastic, wood and other decorative materials must be fixed using special glue or liquid nails. Niche perimeter can be additionally decorated stucco products, which are also fixed on liquid nails.

When using spotlights, prepared niches and all wires are laid during installation of the structure, and after decorations are inserted and fixed. LED strip different colors can be stacked on the lower inner part of each niches or along the entire length at the bottom.

For a TV with glass shelvesFor tv with glass shelves

Glass shelves will create an airy design. Shelves can be located a few pieces in each niche.

There are many options for designing niches in the bedroom, but if it is one a large niche, it’s worth ordering a photo panel that will serve original decoration of the room. It should be remembered that modern drywall niche is a unique multifunctional design that fits into any interior.


An example of a niche manufacture is shown in the video material:

A photo

NicheNiche system

Decorated with wallpaperDecorated with wallpaper

For the bedFor the bed

With shelves opposite the bedWith shelves opposite the beds

Functional niche with backlight and shelvesFunctional niche with shelves and shelves

Drywall NichesDrywall Niches

Contemporary StyleContemporary style

In the form of an archIn the form of an arch

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