How to make a greenhouse from PVC pipes

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Having your own greenhouse is not only pleasant, but also beneficial, since while the vegetables in the supermarket are expensive, you can already have them on your table from your own plot, growing warm. Craftsmen came up with many ways to build a greenhouse out of every possible materials, but now, with the advent of new technologies, hardly anyone will make such a construction from used windows frames, because you can quickly, cheaply and not hassle to make another, more robust construction. In this article we will look at how to do a greenhouse made of PVC pipes, as well as how to make watering convenient.

PVC greenhouse assembly

From the combined materialsFrom combined materials

The following materials will be required to assemble the greenhouse:

  1. Five-meter board 2 × 6 cm – 4 pcs.
  2. Four-meter board 2 × 6 cm – 2 pcs.
  3. Four-meter board 2 × 4 cm – 14 pcs.
  4. PVC pipe six-meter Ø13 mm – 19 pcs.
  5. Armature three-meter Ø10 mm – 9 pcs.
  6. Durable film 6 × 15.3 m.
  7. Wooden rail – 61 m.
  8. Plastic ties.
  9. Door hinges and handles.
  10. Screws (if the design is not separable, then you can nails).
  11. Metal compounds (you can use those that are purchased for use with drywall).

Before starting work, process all wooden parts antiseptic, then, in a pre-prepared area, install a rectangular frame of boards, preventing its distortion. It’s possible check by pulling the thread diagonally, then fasten the frame, driving in pieces of reinforcement at the corners. On the long side make markings, so that the installed pipes are at a distance from each other about 50 cm. Cut the reinforcement in half and drive it according to the marks on 30 cm to the ground.

In order not to constantly check how much the rod went into land, make a mark on it, and hammer until it becomes flush with the ground. Since the fittings are light and flexible, then hammer it, Especially in compacted soil, it can be problematic. If so happened in your case, then use the pipe as a sleeve, by placing hammered fittings in it. In the end, you should be able to “stockade”. For each rod you need to wear plastic pipes, length which depends on the size of your greenhouse, and secure them special brackets.

Greenhouse made of PVC pipes and plastic filmGreenhouse from PVC pipes and plastic film

Attach the frame boards to the back of the greenhouse to which the film will be attached. Install a door at the front. Now the greenhouse is ready.

Greenhouse made entirely of PVC

General view of the frameGeneral view of the frame

This design is more complex, but it is stronger and more reliable than the one described above, because it turns out a strong skeleton. For work will require a special soldering iron for soldering pipes. If his not available, then this very common device, you can take for a while with friends or relatives.

Since such a pipe connection does not allow disassembly, then a certain sequence will be important to you. So, you have to figure out how to make a greenhouse from PVC pipes by soldering. Let’s consider step by step assembly order, adhering to which can be done without alterations.

Assembly of the frame of the greenhouseGreenhouse frame assembly

  1. Solder to the two long pipes that are the base, tees with an interval of 50 cm, and fasten to the ends of these pipes crosses;
  2. In the place where the doors will be installed, solder two more tee, which will be required for fastening pipes performing the role door frame;
  3. Now you can solder the entire frame from which you need to form an arch;
  4. Fix the resulting arch by soldering 2 transverse pipes the same length;
  5. Measure the resulting doorway, and solder from the pipes a little a smaller door so that it does not wedge in this slightly movable designs.

Assembly of a door from pipesDoor assembly from pipes

It remains to wrap this skeleton with film, and the greenhouse is ready. If in winter you will not clean the greenhouse, then take care of the internal supports so that pipes do not break under the mass of snow.

Watering greenhouse

Shelves can also be made of PVC pipesShelves can also be made of PVC pipes

Another feature of the greenhouse, soldered and PVC pipes is the possibility of using the same pipes for irrigation, and for this not so much is needed. For this modification, install in a convenient place for you in the frame of the frame is a tap through which water will flow inside the pipes. After that, having decided in what places you will need watering with a thin drill (you can use a small nail, holding it in drill chuck), drill a hole in the pipe. Turn on the water and look where the stream hits and whether its pressure is sufficient.

The more holes there are in the design, the less will be pressure at the exit of the nozzle. Therefore do not strive from the very beginning make the holes large, because in this case, with a weak the pressure of the water in the water supply, it may not reach top.

If you do not have a well with a pump, but a common water supply, then consider also the factor that in the summer, when everyone is watering their gardens, the pressure water may be inadequate. So check out this irrigation system under the most extreme conditions, and only then see whether to drill holes, making them larger diameter.

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The finished greenhouse can be seen here:

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