How to make a fake window

How to make a fake window Table of contents:

  • 1 Purpose of false windows
  • 2 Drawn windows
  • 3 murals
  • 4 Window in the frame
  • 5 Window fake on the ceiling
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False window - winter forestFalse Window – Winter Forest Art interior design did not arise by chance. Ever since time immemorial man decorated his home: these were rock inscriptions, hieroglyphs and even the design of crypts. Everyone understood the meaning of cozy and correctly planned space, but could not always create him on his own. In our time, a huge amount TV shows, magazines, and online forums on design the interior. A wide variety of techniques and techniques have become available. people without special education.

The apartment is no longer limited to frames in the form of walls, it went out far beyond their borders, and techniques that help with using little tricks to change the space beyond recognition and increase it visually.

One of these tricks is false windows (sometimes called windows fake).

Assigning False Windows

In interior design, you can hardly do without such windows, if:

  • Stylized fake windowStylized False Window it is necessary to combine two narrow window blocks, between which a very small gap;
  • the dimensions of the room are too small and it must be visually to increase;
  • there are dark nooks in the room that you can additionally illuminate if you add a false window and highlight in him;
  • it is necessary to fill niches, especially in the working area, so as not to created a feeling of closed space

The appearance and design of such a window is limited exclusively by the imagination of the author. Therefore there is a huge the number of their varieties. What is a fake window known almost everyone, but few know how to do it. Equipment implementation depends on the type and purpose for which this technique is used.

Painted windows

Over the nightstandOver the nightstand

Drawings sometimes look so realistic that it’s impossible not to to believe that it’s real, with a view of “that beautiful rivulet” and even with a window sill and carved window shutters. Especially now, when 3D drawings that can be applied became so popular on almost any material.

Many designers advise how to make such a fake window: if you possess certain artistic skills, it’s not will be work for you, if not – you can always hire an artist who will help make your dreams come true. The choice this window will add a special charm to your interior, revive it and will make the space even more comfortable.


London styleLondon style Sometimes such a design trick unfairly considered obsolete and unfashionable. Technology stepped far ahead, and now silk is presented in the market, in the form of murals or eco-friendly paper wallpapers to suit your needs the most demanding customer.

Before you make such a fake window, you need to draw sketch of the wall where it will be located, and take measurements (on what distance from the floor, other walls, etc.), pick a picture or select it from the catalog of the manufacturer of such wallpapers. Cost will depend on the material and complexity. manufacture, but the price of such wallpaper is quite high, therefore, who can’t live long in one interior and re-sticks the wallpaper, like only the soul will require it, this option may not be pocket.

Window in the frame

Frame for a false windowWindow frame

In this case, only the landscape is drawn outside the window, and the frame can be real, made from planks or suitable polyurethane moldings. To make the picture even more realistic, you can add a window sill, insert glass into the frame, hang a curtain rod and the same curtains as on real windows.

In the dining roomIn the dining room, manufacturing technology is simple:

  • first, select and mark a place on the wall for the future “window”;
  • Next, select the view from the window – the picture you like (scenery);
  • glue the picture;
  • we fix the frame (the choice of a frame made of wood or moldings as desired, if the frame is wooden – then fastening to the dowel-nails, and if from moldings – then on glue);
  • can additionally attach a window sill and hang cornice;
  • decorate with curtains and the window is ready!

Such a window will not only look great in any interior, but also bring practical benefits – on a false window sill you can put pots with fresh flowers.

Window fake on the ceiling

Starry skyStarry sky

In the false ceilingIn the suspended ceiling This technique has recently gained popularity and is being used. even more often than false windows on the walls. Looks most impressive in framed by a false ceiling when a complete sensation is created transparent and airy roof.

Creating a window on the ceiling is a rather time-consuming process, and not you can always do it yourself.

Before you make a false window on the ceiling, you must mount a suspended ceiling having a niche of the required size. Next, we use any of the methods discussed above: glue in a niche or wallpaper with a pattern, or use mirrors, or hire artist for its design, then we frame the picture, and your window done. Recently, many prefer to combine hanging a ceiling with a photoband, and the use of flickering backlight will create unique mysterious and festive atmosphere.

Only a small part of the techniques for making a fake window in various variations, therefore, as in any business – We wish you good luck in the repair!


This may look like a view from a false window:

A photo

Window imitation

A photo

Window imitation

False window in the bathroomFalse window in the bathroom

How to make a fake window

In the bedroomIn the bedroom

In the officeIn the office

In the hallIn the hall

Paradise beachParadise beach

FalseFalse Window New York

False window - the sky in the autumn forestFalse window – sky in the autumn the forest

Above the fireplaceAbove the fireplace

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